Rest in Peace Aradune.

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  1. Ajjantis Elder

    Rest in Peace Aradune, thanks for all the joy you brought to me throu this game.

    Ajjantis T'lace
    Druid of Tunare
    Solusek Ro - 1999-2004
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    Repose en paix adventurer.
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    You made a wonderful game, I appreciate everything and wish I could have told you while you were alive.. Thanks for everything Brad "Aradune" McQuaid! I've been playing since mid 1999 and I will always love this game for it's magic and ability to bring people together to achieve a common goal, even if it's just in a video game. I'm still raiding and having fun to this day thanks to your dream! Memento Mori my friends, once this adventure is over who knows what is in store!
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    Nice screenshot Gherig! I was searching for one, but only have a printed picture from 1999.

    Ah the ranger in green plate wielding the paladin two-handed flaming sword. This was a time when not just guides, not just devs, but the designer of the game could be found in game! Not to far off from "Ready Player One"s depiction....

    I ran into him with my Ogre SK on the Nameless server just outside Kaladim in the Butcher Block mountains. Back then players would all gather whenever a GM was discovered and most would try to kill them. I attacked Aradune! He had a dmg shield up that almost killed me and he said to me "Why would you, an ogre SK, attack me?" ... I was stunned and felt kinda bad. I responded "kuzz dem human tasteyest" he responded amidst a swarm of players (50+) "Heads up" tossed me steel vambraces and said "Chew on those until im done, please". You have to understand that back then steel vambraces were extremely high end and cost a fortune. The visual impact alone was of high regard. Ya I know its hard to imagine that reality now, but its true. The rest of the tale was an engaging RP event of sorts that ended with my death at the hands of a dwarven guard, but I digress.

    RIP Brad - Your impact was vast, legacy runs deep and know that you provided comfort and community to so very many people.

    -Saerza, Enchantress of FV
    "...(moment of silence)..."
  5. Cazmac Augur

    I am glad to see they have named a new server after him: Aradune. :)
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    RIP Brad, and my condolences to your family & close friends