Rest in Peace Aradune.

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    Pic on google of me, Tye, and fam enjoying game with Sheila and Terra.
    The descriptions of vegas EQ events/parties from long ago still remain :)

    R.I.P. kids are gaming now and I was a kid that found this epic game

    Eddie Money and "Two Gunslingers" dude should be a good time!

    -Tydor FV
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    Thank you Brad, rest in peace - Aradune, may you never run out of Worlds.
    Kind regards
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    In Honor of Brad, Change the AA To Throne of Aradune, and change the chair in the Guild Lobby to a Statue of Him.
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    I was going to post this on the Pantheon website but they want to charge me $5 and insist it come from paypal. I don't feel like messing with that so maybe it will fit here on this thread, I posted this on Facebook so it is designed for non-gamer's:

    I just heard about this although he passed six days ago. It has effected me oddly, I had no personal relationship other then experiencing the worlds he created. Some would
    define them just as games but I think he managed to go beyond that term in many ways. Many who aren't into games particularly online games won't understand, I rate the effect
    of his passing on the same level as someone like John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, or Alfred Hitchcock. There was a lot of people who knew and enjoyed their work, who
    where effected in a personal way by it but had no direct personal relationship with them. Never the less they keenly felt sadness at their passing close to what is felt at
    the loss of a relative, with the difference of a lot of others outside their personal circle feeling the same way. There is also a HUH! That can't be feel! involved such as
    you would get when someone like Jim Morrison passes beyond this plane of existence. Watching several videos of people who where close to him there is no mention of him in ill
    health or struggling with a disease, the statement is he died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 51.

    Everquest wasn't the first game I could get lost in for hours, that would probably go to Legend of Zelda or maybe Oregon Trail (but that could only be played at school).
    It is the first game I recall really connecting with a community, here where thousands of people enjoying something I was all at the same time. Sure there where some games
    on SNES you could play with a friend, we also would watch each other play usually supplying a nice strings of critiques about how badly you where moving pixels around. But
    this, this was a whole new level with none of the bothersome draw backs of interacting as YOU. Instead you where a mighty warrior, a devious thief, a powerful mage,
    a wise cleric, helpful shaman, or connected nature druid. This was not new as D&D rule set and all the similar games offered this escape but Everquest made it so damn
    accessible. You didn't have to ride your bike to your friends house (or beg Mom/Dad for a ride if the weather was nasty) after coordinating on the phones with all the other
    friends required to get a campaign rolling. Just log in and go!

    The guild I was in was called Spirt of the Wolf(SOW), there was a buff with the name spirit of the wolf that the shaman class could cast. What it did was give the target a
    very large passive speed boost. As you had to run everywhere (I don't recall mounts but I am sure they came along in one of the many expansions) this was a very nice thing to
    have. I can't recall if it was a guild rule or just how the spell worked but you couldn't cast it on your self only on other players so with this spirit of charity the guild
    was founded. I was not a Shaman but a Cleric, a Eurudite Cleric at that. There was a tunnel that separated the Barbarian starting zones (Barabarians being one of the 3 or 4
    races that could be Shamans) that was full of Gnolls, Snakes and Darkness. Near the Eurudite starting area was an island that was full of wisps, the thing about these wisps
    was they needed a magic weapon to hurt them or the use of a spell. At the level they where most players didn't have magical weapons or very strong spells so it was a
    challenge. I, as a cleric though could summon an enchanted mace, so with that piece of divinity and a couple of people I had met who where Mages we set of to conquer the
    wisps. After I had gathered ten or so of the wisps light sources I set out for this tunnel.

    Once I got there, gathering fire beetle eyes along the way as well, I began giving away these light sources which where a sought after item as you had to get out of the tunnel
    to get them. This action raised the notice of a couple of people in the SOW guild which resulted in an invite into the guild as an honorary "Shaman". Soon I had a regular
    group there was Garth and Kurg who where shamans, Katrina a warrior, Gwynth a druid, and Leliwyn a bard. I recall hours of us meeting challenge after virtual challenge, the
    whole time discussing and sharing our thoughts. The community was one of the great strengths of the game but it could also be one of the worse parts of the game.

    One night Gwynth happened to be standing in the wrong place at a fairly new spawn for the team, we had set up a rotation with several other groups to allow for equal access
    to Monsters or Beasts (MOBS) at the entrance to a higher level cave. The MOBS in the cave where to much for any of us there but with team work we could handle the MOBS at
    the entrance. Well by standing where she was Gwynth made the entire cave go aggressive resulting in everyone's end game death including the groups waiting their turn. The
    reaction was very brutal and not all that mature which upset Gwynth a great deal, to the point where she left the area. I didn't feel it was right to treat her that way
    so I messaged her then went to group up with her.

    This was how I found out she was actually Katrina's sister in real life, that she had cancer and was using the game as a means to distract her from the symptoms of her
    treatment. That her momentary lapse in attention was because a nurse had come to adjust her IV medication. Well that hit in the feels so I told her that any time she
    wanted we could group and move at her pace through content. She was not a very good player but I could usually use my cleric spells to heal her through any problems and
    really are success in "winning" at the game had become secondary. I could usually get her laughing but when I couldn't I just listened giving the occasional Mmmmhmm,
    until she had vented enough to get the relief she needed.

    When she passed I was invited to attend her funeral in real life, it was very surreal as family and friends of Jennfer (aka Gwynth) would come up addressing me by the
    Everquest game tag I had to tell me how much Jen would talk about are in game adventures. I could tell many didn't understand exactly what she had told them but the
    memories of it brought a smile to my face.

    If Brad McQuaid hadn't been so determined to make Everquest none of this would of happened the way it did. You might not of successfully made the world you envisioned
    and strived to create but you did give thousands up thousands hours of enjoyment and created numerous lasting relationships both in game as well as the "real" world.
    I salute you sir may that creative spark and determination carry you into the next plane of existence!
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    Thankyou Brad for bringing a world within a world to life. May you never be forgotten, as all who are loved never are. May your family and friends feel peace at this sad and difficult time.
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    When the beloved player Ticka passed away, there was a sword put in game and Ticka's real life father (Trilo) who also played (a druid) was allowed to sign onto Ticka and loot that sword (Ticka, Greatblade of the Ravager).

    I like many of the ideas that have been proposed in this forum for a way to honor Brad. I would like to suggest making a replica of Aradune and seating it on the throne in the Lobby.

    The throne AA is already called "Throne of heroes" which Brad certainly was.
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    Now might be a good time to consider bringing back Vanguard:Saga of Heroes. People might play it to experience more of Brad McQuaid's work now that he is gone.
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  9. Ruhtra Lorekeeper

    I was shocked when I heard this news and for never knowing the person, it did sadden me. I've played Everquest on and off since March 2000. I didn't know his history prior to Everquest and to be honest I didn't know where he went after he left. It wasn't until a handful of months ago when I heard he took his vision and had started a new game, and I checked in to see what he was working on. After seeing what he had already pulled together I pledged the Triumvirate's Pledge purely on all the hours of enjoyment I have had and continue to have with Everquest. But what it also and more importantly reminds me is how short life can be. I'm only 3 or so years younger than he is. I can only assume he was doing what he enjoyed the most. Anyway, I hope he rests in peace.
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    That is a different discussion though this thread is to pay respect and remember the effect Brad McQuaid had on the industry, the people who played his creations, and those closest to him.
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    Goodbye, Brad.
  12. Garh New Member

    (couldn't edit first post)

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    Hunt well up there Aradune,

    You have brought so so many people together in this realm I am sure you will continue to bring others together wherever your next quest takes you!!

    Rest in Peace

    Nenya deVichier (Rathe)
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    I'm genuinely saddened by this news.

    I started playing 20 years ago after watching a friend play. I was fascinated by her character running around and killing mobs near the newbie log in Nektolus Forest. It blew my mind that there was an interactive world where you could explore, quest and make new friends.

    At the time I was struggling through a very bad patch; I was suffering from anxiety and going through a breakup. Everquest took my mind off the bad times and instead of moping around I focussed on immersing myself in Norrath on Xegony and meeting new people who I will always remember (Casadine, Fazzl Dazzl to name a few) and being part of an awesome guild. Eventually I moved to Venril Sathir and now to Antonius Bayle.

    Thank you for helping create a world that will always be close to my heart and feels like a second home. God bless your family.

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  15. Cazmac Augur

    I should like to thank DBG for the daily - and indeed in every zone - salutation in memory of Aradune.
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    Sad for Brad to leave us :(
    He will be remembered for ages to come.
  17. Grove Augur

    Players notice the new presence of the memorial stone in East Karana north of the end of the Highpass ramp. It is marked ARADUNE MITHRA OUTRIDER OF KARANA. It is pierced by a flaming sword. Two guards stand near.
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    This just totally blows me away the date I last logged out of EQ2 was on Nov 19th, only to log in today to the message of Brad's passing. I have some really fond memories of Brad from the beta of Everquest as he saved my butt a few times when I died and ended up in a totally different zone, or stuck on a sinking boat going no where. Everquest was my first ever game beta not sure how I even learn about it, as back in the day ( I am 61 years of age now) girls really weren't known to be online gamers or video gamers in general. Everquest holds so many memories of raids, laughter, lack of sleep due to staying up late playing and good fiends made online that still have to this day. I went on to test Vanguard saga and a host of games over the years but Everquest will always hold a special place in my heart because Brad envisioned and created a world that made U feel as if you were home.

    Thank you Brad 4 being a part of my Journey

    Auvani Silverminx Everquest 1 and 2
  20. Groans Augur

    Goodbye Brad, your imagination and creativity gave us many years of friendships and entertainment , thank you.

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