Rest in Peace Aradune.

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  1. Jhinx Elder

    Our premise for connection was a game you were integral for creating kind sir, and I would like to thank you for all the fun I have had lo these many years.

    My condolences to your loved ones.
  2. Bonde New Member

    I met with Brad in E3 in London pre release of Luclin. I introduced him to Vodka Redbull. Rest in Peace buddy. <3
  3. Louhi New Member

    Descansa en paz Arandune. Ilumina a los que continuen tus proyectos con tu genio e imaginación.
  4. Kalle New Member

    The greatest visionary in the MMO world is no more. Thanks for all you have done!
    Rest in peace, Aradune!
  5. Liasa New Member

    RIP Brad, thank you for the memories. EQ classic was what made me more sociable and helped me make new friends, in game and in RL. Thank you, again.
  6. Zavana New Member

    Amazing the impact one person has had on millions of us. A mark was made, a memory created and a soul is at rest. Prayers for his family and friends.

  7. lilbubba02 New Member

    RIP Brad. This game has brought so many of us together for 20 years and really getting the MMO experience going. My condolences to your family and friends. You will be missed. Thank you for everything /cry
  8. LastManStanding New Member

  9. Brilhasti Elder

    Awful news :-(

    R.I.P. Brad

  10. Gnarst New Member

    When I heard the news last night, my heart sank. It's a shame so many had to ask who he was. A very sad time, but those of us who remember Brad and have enjoyed Everquest for decades... turn on the theme music as you log in and smile. That was Brad's vision, undying, still here for us to enjoy.

    To the Devs: Please place a permanent NPC/Statue in Plane of Knowledge, so those curious may hear the lore of an age long past.

    May he rest in peace.
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  11. Marton Augur

    Sad news.

    RIP Aradune.
  12. Sancus Augur

    I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly, and he was very kind.

    Rest in peace, and best wishes to his family and loved ones.
  13. Arwyn-RoV Augur

    I met him at the last FanFaire. He took the time to sign my original EQ package and spoke with those of us at the Bristlebane table about the game and what we enjoyed. Very sad news indeed. RIP Aradune.
  14. Labouche New Member

    Thanks for the memories Brad.

    My condolences to your loved ones.
  15. Erastmus New Member

    So sorry to hear that. Thank you for your commitment and the worlds you created, Brad. You will be missed. Rest in Peace.
  16. Raya16 New Member

    I met Brad briefly a number of years ago. He was charming, enthusiastic, and passionate about his projects. His passing is a great loss. My sincere respect and condolences to Brad's family and friends. The void is an ache that's hard to quell.

    As for Brad, I don't suspect that he will be doing a lot of resting. He'll be on to his next project, which will probably be his biggest yet. Thanks, Brad, for all you've done for the gaming world and for all you're going to do.

    Former Vanguard website manager
  17. Mashef Augur

    RIP Brad. This game gave me so much. Condolences to Mr. McQuaid's family.
  18. Ssarok New Member

    Daybreak, I have been a long time player of Everquest and Everquest 2, starting EQ1 when i was 14 years old. I held my tongue when certain things started happening with EQ and moved to EQ2, I've held my thoughts of certain aspects of gaming here, and stuck to Daybreak and EQ franchise. Losing Brad was a huge loss to this community, and to the world. I know that this topic has been brought up time and time again, and many times you will recommend "other locations" of which to play such games. However; With the loss of Brad, I request a new Velious Locked Progression Server by the name of Aradune. Seems fitting as Brad was kinda out of the picture by PoP era. I know that you guys do what you can with a game that is old, and maybe don't have a real way to make it the real "classic" but classic experience i think would be more than fitting for most players. As "other places" don't exactly have the FULL Classic experience either, missing out on UI's and such. Anyway, It's some brain fodder for you to think about, resurrection has always been huge in this game, How about resurrecting the classic feel, and maybe paying tribute to THE CREATOR! Rest In Peace; Brad "Aradune" McQuaid.
  19. Skaw New Member

    Very sad to hear.
  20. Megaen Briteheart New Member

    This news made me really sad. Everquest has been a part of my life for almost 20 years. My EQ friends are as close to me as family, and we have plans to meet up with still more of our guildies and Alliance members. I would not be married to my knight in shining armor if it were not for Everquest. The very REALNESS of this world of Norrath, with all of its communities and personalities, is the most special and unique game I have ever played. When I get totally disappointed and disgusted with all of the pain and grief in the world and don't really care if I continue here, I can log in and find a friend who loves and accepts me the way I am, or hear or see other people helping each other out. And that restores my faith in humanity (and Elf-anity, Ogranity, Shiraninity, Drakanity, etc). Aradune's vision created this world. And I will miss him and his brilliance. RIP Brad McQuaid. Sympathy and prayers for his family.
    Megaen Briteheart
    Captain of the Pirates Revenge
    Bertoxxulous server

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