Researching Twincast Aura Rk II

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    I have been messing around with the new spell research recipes for the SoD rk2s. After understanding the labelling/drop issue with the spell tablets, I've managed to make a couple enchanter spells. But I'm completely stumped on lv 84 Twincast Aura Rk II.

    I'm assuming that it uses the following as a base for the recipe:
    -Runic spell tablet (lv 84)
    -Quill of the Coercer (Enchanter spells)
    -Talisman Thickener (Group spell, and the only thickener used in every previous chanter aura)
    -Ink additive of the Nameless (only additive used in previous chanter auras)

    That just leaves the ink. With 6 slots left in the kit, I have tried 1-6 inks in every combination (I think) of the following "ink's of":
    Pain, Zek, Erudite, Ro, Alacrity, Prexus, Nameless, Rainbows, and Druzzil Ro.

    After none of those combinations worked, I went back through and tried again with Ink Additives of Luclin and Ro. No dice.
    Kind of stumped now. Any researchers have ideas?

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