Requesting an Agent of Change for Riftseekers' Sanctum

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hamshire, Oct 19, 2021.

  1. Penelo Journeyman

    Maybe so, but many of the recent replies/likes are from my Guildmates after I linked the thread and asked them to like/comment on it for visibility.

    Our guild on Aradune doesn't do open world targets. We've killed a few that we've stumbled across as we are forming/moving around, but we aren't banana-phoning for open world stuff and we most likely never will. A lot of people enjoy that, we don't. What we do enjoy is seeing/clearing all the content "in era" as much as possible.

    A good number of our members haven't played GoD or beyond and for many of them this is their first time seeing this content. Many of us would appreciate if raid content (even the easier raid content not tied to progression like Taskmistress, Primals, Qvic, etc.) has an AoC associated with it so that we can see it in the era it was intended to be run.

    Even if this happens on a 'Mischief' timeline and Aradune/Rizlona wouldn't "benefit" from it, I would still appreciate it. It would be something we would go to on off-nites or during our Sunday morning Shenanigans run where we do old content for fun/achievements and the occasional piece of loot for someone's 18th alt. We like seeing all the content, having more access to it will be enjoyable for us.
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  2. Kylo Classic Augur

    This is a win win, hopefully it's easy to implement. Be sure to like the first post if you agree.
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  3. Kopi New Member

    /sign, this would be a positive addition to the TLPs for sure. Especially those that are in smaller groups.
  4. Stymie Pendragon

    I added a like to the OP. I think it's a good idea that only stands to benefit the players.
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  5. Shilack New Member

    Liked and would support an implement
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  6. Soltara Augur

    This would be appreciated for Aradune. But at the very least should work on this for future servers.
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  7. Galactron Journeyman

    Dev's get off your butts and do this.
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  8. Machen New Member

    So realistically, it's not going to happen in the next month or so with the new live expansion about to launch. It would be great if one of the devs could put it together shortly after that though, while Rizlona and Aradune still have some time in Gates to enjoy it. Even if it doesn't make it in until the January patch, we'd have a few weeks to hit it, and I bet a lot of guilds would still run it during DoN.
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  9. Creepin Lorekeeper

    Alright @devs I set up the foundation, now all you guys gotta do is implement it.
  10. Machen New Member

    It's a running joke, not a serious request.
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  11. FranktheBank Augur

    Speak for yourself, I would love this.
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  12. ElaidaTL Augur

    Reminder to like the original post for this to gain traction!
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  14. theonepercent Augur

    Everyone in the game can do the skip but him because there isn't a strong enough lev spell to support that much weight.
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  15. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    Boom, easy.
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  16. Lubr New Member

    Liked & supported!
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  17. Flexing New Member

    If I could get an AOC for RS I would be sooooooo happy
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  18. Foo_VX New Member

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  19. Lacka Journeyman

    +1 this should be a no brainer.

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  20. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I remember asking for RSS to be instanced like 10 years ago. Still as valid a suggestion today as it was then.
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