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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Imukai, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Imukai Augur

    It's common in business to provide a RCA* to your clients whenever there is downtime of their paid services. If not the true RCA, at least a statement with some fluff that the RC has been A and steps are actively being taken to remedy the situation.

    Mangler has gone down 13 times in the previous 23 days by someone's accounting. I know this week alone it has happened quite a bit.

    I am fairly certain there is a capacity issue with everyone sheltering in place, or there is a process hanging that causes the cluster to need a reboot.

    Universal chat going down is the first sign that a crash is imminent, about 15 minutes before it actually happens. The zone you are in can still be active - mobs can die and loot can be attained.

    A few minutes later, visitors to Server Select will see the server is Down, and then Locked. A few minutes later anyone still in world will be disconnected - presumably when the cluster is rebooted. When the server comes back up there is likely a rollback of the previous 20 minutes.

    Please, suits at Darkpaw - or the stockholders of same - encourage communication of the RCA before this turns into more of a PR nightmare for your 20th Anniversary server -- and please fix it before Aradune is released.

    *RCA = Root Cause Analysis for those outside of tech or sales or support.
  2. Imukai Augur

    24 times.. having just crashed for the 2nd time tonight.
  3. Coletricklw Journeyman

    Yep, down yet again. How can we not get any dev response on this?
  4. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Show me on the doll where you were promised 100% uptime......
  5. jeskola Augur

    If you want, you can fight for your 2 cents an hour a sub costs. You are probably owed around 40 cents!
  6. That0neguy Augur

    It's common when you have a commercial contract in place that most of the times stipulates you must provide a RCA when asked.

    And outside of a very few, very public, very large outages e.g. netflix and centurylink 911, you as a regular consumer of a service are never provided a RCA.

    It sucks when your server goes down and it should be addressed. However there are how many other servers and what 4 other games available for your subscription? Mangler could be down for a month and would not be considered a breach of SLA even if you had one with them based on the entire service you pay for. 1 server out of 50 going down would more be considered a degradation of service which is usually exempt from any SLA anyway.
  7. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The amount of crashes for mangler should be disconcerting to staff however. Agnarr was popular and never had this. Selo was high pop earlier and never saw that, but mangler it's very normal every 2 or 3 days or so. Its peculiar but hopefully for players looking forward it doesn't carry over.

    The good news is for vendor diving it's a damn gold mine.
  8. Angered Augur

    good thing were getting all these mangler clones in a few months! if you increase the exp by 500%(x5) i might roll on mangler i kinda need to buff ppl starting to lose my sanity with no sports even though i never really had any?
  9. globeadue Journeyman

    We as paying players do deserve some legitimate status of whats going on and what is being done to remedy it. It isn't a one time thing and it just feels like it's worse now, back to back crashes last night within an hour. I gather there is a reason not to give us any details on the issue, but transparency here is getting important. After the second crash last night, i stayed logged off and went and played other games. This can and will drive players away from the game, esp when the die hards are complaining about it.

    Additionally, most every other game I've played, gives out compensation for downtime due to outages, I even play several games that give out maintenance compensation. Some games go overboard and give out good compensation like gear/crafting mats others its just minor stuff like exp pots, boost pots etc. Just something. Exp pots seem like the simplest answer or maybe stat potion packs or something, anything, make it easier for me to recover the lost exp from the rollbacks.

    With that said, players need to stop being screwed by the DZ lockout after crash as a first remedy:

    On server crash - any DZ's open at time of crash need to remove the replay timer record from the players who have that DZ's lockout.. The way it is now, the server crashes, players with active dz's loose their instance but keep the replay timer. I have seen countless raid nights ruined by this mechanic.
    Or more simply, on server up, an DZ replay timer, with a timestamp within 6.5 hours of server down is cleared from all players. (6 hour dz life span, 30 minute wiggle room). Outside of back to back crashes like last night, a middle of prime time server crash when every guild has a dz up to raid in is not screwed and can resume the raid after a crash.
  10. Ailwin New Member

    I agree something needs to be done. So far the past week we've seen increased frequency of server crashes. Sure increased rare spawn rate and decreased replay timers is great but that doesn't solve the problem of servers crashing almost daily if not multiple times a day.
  11. siodan New Member

    Another day, another crash. Our guild literally was finishing our first Plane of Earth raid. I would also like to know why this is happening.
  12. Pumpernickel Lorekeeper

    RCA is pointless if it's delivered to hands who are in no position to make actual change. Assuming they did give you an RCA then what?
  13. mark Augur

    blame the hackers and cheaters.
  14. Imukai Augur

    And it's down again. Still no reason.

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