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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Soulbanshee, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    I am stumped on this one. I can't be sure at this point, but I think I remember having some of the swatch recipes already when I started grinding 300+. Maybe it's possible they shifted recipes around at one point and my character is showing a data anomaly. I suppose I will open a support ticket and see if they are able to take a look at my character data.
  2. Aanuvane Augur

    The one thing that jumped to my mind is did something happen maybe when they expanded containers? I learned mine in a prayer writing kit and can also see them in the spell research table in PoK. Any chance you were using a different kit when you learned them?
  3. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    I cannot recall recently or before that, but I believe I was using the spell research table this month. I'm really thinking I learned it pre-revamp and somewhere along the way recipe IDs got re-arranged or they popped new spell research items which created new recipes, like shimmering nihilite was taken out and theres now (Legacy) jewelcrafting recipes.
  4. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    (Previous post)
    These recipes do not match the spell names:
    33053 Talisman of Alacrity - Makes Spell: Talisman of Celerity
    15870 Spell: Horde of Hornets Rk. II - Makes Spell: Hornet Swarm Rk. II

    Are "Tome of" supposed to be prefixed by skill, or are skills separate?
    14951 Skill: Tome of Thief's Eyes

    In blacksmithing, it looks like most of the (Large/Small) Ornate Platinum Chain recipes are auto or scribed except for Gloves, Coif, and Mail which appear in output file.
    32093 Ornate Platinum Chain Gloves
    32094 Small Ornate Platinum Gloves
    32095 Large Ornate Platinum Chain Gloves
    32099 Ornate Platinum Chain Coif
    32101 Large Ornate Platinum Chain Coif
    32105 Ornate Platinum Chain Mail
    32106 Small Ornate Platinum Mail
    32107 Large Ornate Platinum Chain Mail

    These should be named (Magical) (Legacy) to be consistent with the shimmering of the same type. Non-magical fall in the ID block after these.
    65813 Silver Nihilite Ring (Legacy)
    65815 Electrum Nihilite Earring (Legacy)
    65817 Gold Nihilite Earring (Legacy)
    65819 Platinum Nihilite Pendant (Legacy)
    65821 Velium Nihilite Pendant (Legacy)
    Item names may need to be looked at for consistency.
    Unfired Idol (Cazic Thule) - Missing Hyphen
    Unfired Idol (Tribunal) - Missing "The"
    Two different level tomes with the same name, intended or unable to be corrected at this point?
    55270 Tome of Last Breath Rk. II (Lv 75)
    57432 Tome of Last Breath Rk. II (Lv 90)
    These misspelled Selyrah too.
    20627 Mounted Brownscaled Seylrah Head
    20628 Mounted Stonescaled Seylrah Head
    20630 Mounted Flamescaled Seylrah Head
  5. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    17338 Lifefsoothing Potion - extra f
    37226 Elaborate Charm of Mental Diversity (Leather0
    65822 Velium Shimmering Pendant (Magical) (Legacy) - Two spaces between (Magical) and (Legacy)
  6. Aanuvane Augur

    10956Mass Enchant Temporite
    12946Mass Enchant Temporite < I think this might actually be Mass Enchant Cosgrite

    I can only tell the difference in the prayer writing kit by clicking on the recipe and seeing which one includes Cosgrite Powder.
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Added up to here to my list. I do have a higher priority project, so it will almost definitely NOT make the march patch.
  8. Aanuvane Augur

    I have confirmed that 12946 Mass Enchant Temporite should be Mass Enchant Cosgrite by learning one of them on another character that didn't have them both memorized already.
  9. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    I had those in my original post that's on the first page.
  10. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the work Ngreth. Few more things to inquire about.

    Add to JC recipes that count - Imbued Blk Sapphire Slvr Necklace
    This recipe I believe was fixed after 350 skills were implemented and was not added as a recipe that counts. All the other items in this block count.

    The fish name that makes these items is Razorgill, unless Razorfin was the intention
    Recipe ID 11908 Taelosian Honey Wheat Crunch Razorfin
    Recipe ID 11909 Mountain Honey Wheat Crunch Razorfin
    Recipe ID 11910 Ranthock Honey Wheat Crunch Razorfin
    Item ID 40991 Taelosian Honey Wheat Crunch Razorfin
    Item ID 40992 Mountain Honey Wheat Crunch Razorfin
    Item ID 40993 Ranthock Honey Wheat Crunch Razorfin

    Add Cut to both recipe and item name
    Recipe ID 77123 Half-Moon Alaris Gemstone
    Item ID 64547 Half-Moon Alaris Gemstone

    The standard naming would be Violet Hero's Forge Wizard Hat Ornament to follow all other available items
    Recipe ID 15339 Violet Wizard Hat Ornament
    Item ID 85436 Violet Wizard Hat Ornament

    The standard naming on all other spells contains a colon after Illusion
    Recipe ID 33077 Spell: Illusion Froglok
    Item ID 21648 Spell: Illusion Froglok
    Item ID Spell: Illusion Guktan
    Item ID Spell: Illusion Polka Dot Bunny

    Recipes standard naming would be Song to follow Bard songs
    Recipe ID 32874 Spell: Tuyen's Chant of the Plague
    Recipe ID 32975 Spell: Tuyen's Chant of Ice
    Recipe ID 32976 Spell: Tuyen's Chant of Venom
    Recipe ID 33065 Spell: Tuyen's Chant of Fire

    Missing a space in Thicket Stalker
    Recipe ID 48671 Spell: Strength of the Thicketstalker Rk. II

    Misspelled Daybreak
    Recipe ID 48654 Spell: Aurora of Dayreak Rk. II

    Recipe convention seems to tend to be singular even when outputs multiple items
    Recipe ID 5118 Ethernere Arrows
    Recipe ID 5127 Charged Ethernere Arrows
    Recipe ID 33802 Wolf Canine Beads
    Recipe ID 33803 Snake Fang Beads
    Item ID 81683 Ethernere Arrow
    Item ID 81685 Charged Ethernere Arrow
    Item ID 88146 Wolf Canine Bead
    Item ID 88147 Snake Fang Bead

    This is the opposite, Alliance Sword is a single item but its quest item so there may have been a necessity to make it plural
    Recipe ID 4969 Alliance Sword
    Item ID 81107 Alliance Swords

    Item name is missing Cut
    Item ID 76942 Half-Moon Energized Gemstone

    Item name is missing space in Pottery Wheel
    Item ID 81304 Portable Potterywheel

    Either recipe name would remove "A" or item name would get "A", but this one seems would be largely inconsequential either way
    Recipe ID 32317 A pulsing blue vial
    Recipe ID 40546 A Vial of Prismatic Dye
    Recipe ID 42015 A Bottle of Iced White Wine
    Recipe ID 42017 A Bottle of Ice Brewed Ale
    Recipe ID 42019 A Bottle of Darkened Orcish Spirits
    Recipe ID 42021 A Bottle of Double Brewed Orcish Stout
    Recipe ID 42023 A Bottle of Desert Dry Ale
    Recipe ID 42025 A Bottle of Double Brewed Double Dry Stout
    Recipe ID 42027 A Bottle of Darkened Fungus Wine
    Recipe ID 42029 A Bottle of Distilled Swamproot Pondwater
    Recipe ID 42031 A Bottle of Aged Bloodwine
    Recipe ID 42033 A Bottle of Ancient Deathbrewed Wine
    Recipe ID 67432 A Bottle of Worm Wine
    Recipe ID 67433 A Bottle of Aldo's Bitter Ale
    Recipe ID 67434 A Bottle of Extra Dry Ale
    Recipe ID 67435 A Bottle of Bee Beer
    Recipe ID 67436 A Bottle of Stonewood Ale
    Recipe ID 67437 A Bottle of Bloodroot Wine
    Recipe ID 67438 A Bottle of Aldo's Dead Frog Wine
    Item ID 28590 Pulsing Blue Vial
    Item ID 32557 Vial of Prismatic Dye
    Item ID 51147 Bottle of Iced White Wine
    Item ID 51149 Bottle of Ice Brewed Ale
    Item ID 51151 Bottle of Darkened Orcish Spirits
    Item ID 51153 Bottle of Double Brewed Orcish Stout
    Iten ID 51155 Bottle of Desert Dry Ale
    Item ID 51157 Bottle of Double Brewed Double Dry Stout
    Item ID 51159 Bottle of Darkened Fungus Wine
    Item ID 51161 Bottle of Distilled Swamproot Pondwater
    Item ID 51163 Bottle of Aged Bloodwine
    Item ID 51165 Bottle of Ancient Deathbrewed Wine
    Item ID 75804 Bottle of Worm Wine
    Item ID 75805 Bottle of Aldo's Bitter Ale
    Item ID 75806 Bottle of Extra Dry Ale
    Item ID 75807 Bottle of Bee Beer
    Item ID 75808 Bottle of Stonewood Ale
    Item ID 62822 Bottle of Bloodroot Wine
    Item ID 75809 Bottle of Aldo's Dead Frog Wine

    Quest items whose recipe name does not match the item name
    Recipe ID 15241 Clasp of the Shawl
    Recipe ID 15227 Uncut Gem of Reason
    Recipe ID 15228 Uncut Gem of Will
    Recipe ID 15229 Uncut Gem of Passion
    Recipe ID 15230 Uncut Gem of Substance
    Recipe ID 15231 Uncut Gem of Instinct
    Recipe ID 15232 Uncut Gem of Vitality
    Recipe ID 15233 Uncut Gem of Chaos
    Item ID 47969 Clasp of the Elements
    Item ID 47955 Raw Gem of Reason
    Item ID 47956 Raw Gem of Will
    Item ID 47957 Raw Gem of Passion
    Item ID 47958 Raw Gem of Substance
    Item ID 47959 Raw Gem of Instinct
    Item ID 47960 Raw Gem of Vitality
    Item ID 47961 Raw Gem of Chaos
  11. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    This is a pretty extensive typo on plural item names, but search for `s (backtick plural) only works on EQTC, if you are able to do a case sensitive search it would reduce false positives where a backtick might be a NPC name like in Rune of Ap`Sagor, largest impact would be searching inventory or bazaar
    Item ID 19982 Dain`s Choice Porter
    Item ID 22868 Dinoli`s Golden Heffeweizen
    Item ID 22858 Hintol`s Fishbringer Bait
    Item ID 22857 Hintol`s Fishing Pole
    Item ID 22865 Lardalon`s Double Porter
    Item ID 15688 Spell: Aanya`s Animation
    Item ID 19383 Spell: Aanya`s Quickening
    Item ID 19315 Spell: Atol`s Spectral Shackles
    Item ID 19382 Spell: Boltran`s Agacerie
    Item ID 15687 Spell: Boltran`s Animation
    Item ID 19351 Spell: Bristlebane`s Bundle
    Item ID 15619 Spell: Dyn`s Dizzying Draught
    Item ID 19364 Spell: Dyzil`s Deafening Decoy
    Item ID 15681 Spell: Juli`s Animation
    Item ID 19323 Spell: Jyll`s Static Pulse
    Item ID 19340 Spell: Jyll`s Wave of Heat
    Item ID 19333 Spell: Jyll`s Zephyr of Ice
    Item ID 15682 Spell: Kilan`s Animation
    Item ID 15690 Spell: Kintaz`s Animation
    Item ID 19388 Spell: Largarn`s Lamentation
    Item ID 15612 Spell: Markar`s Clash
    Item ID 19331 Spell: Markar`s Discord
    Item ID 15685 Spell: Sagar`s Animation
    Item ID 15683 Spell: Shalee`s Animation
    Item ID 15684 Spell: Sisna`s Animation
    Item ID 19285 Spell: Tigir`s Insects
    Item ID 19317 Spell: Tishan`s Discord
    Item ID 19429 Spell: Tishan`s Relocation
    Item ID 19246 Spell: Tunare`s Request
    Item ID 19265 Spell: Turgur`s Insects
    Item ID 15686 Spell: Uleen`s Animation
    Item ID 15689 Spell: Yegoreff`s Animation
    Item ID 19389 Spell: Zumaik`s Animation
    Item ID 9721 Xanthe`s Earring of Nature
  12. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    Non-quest items that the recipe name does not match the item name
    Recipe ID 67063 Magnetic Balls
    Recipe ID 33810 Pouch of Ore Dust
    Item ID 72053 Magnetized Ball
    Item ID 88175 Pouch of Goldfire Ore Dust

    Not sure the reasoning on this one
    Recipe ID 4939 Vyledorinajirnak the Ornamentation
    Item ID 127162 Vyledorinajirnak Ornamentation
  13. Tegila Augur

    Unmentioned: inconsistent spelling of Trilion Cut, and Trillion Cut depending on the recipe. Mostly, old recipes for jewelcraft use one spelling while new items/ recipes for pottery and jewelcraft use another. You have to search for trilion and trillion to find all recipes in jewelcraft that use the cut.
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  14. Yinla Augur

    I just sort for Tril
  15. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    Missed the second recipe for Vial of Prismatic Dye
    Recipe ID 40545 A Vial of Prismatic Dye
  16. Soulbanshee Lorekeeper

    This one missing backtick for Teir`Dal
    Recipe ID 245 Blackened Teir'Dal
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  17. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I created another ticket for myself. Like before, this is not top priority, but it is in my list.
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