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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Recnarp, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Recnarp Augur

    Could we get a borderless window command please? If there's a command already, please share.

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  2. Black Soul Elder

    From inside the game, go into options, display tab, and on the left side about a third of the way down is a button that will say "switch to windowed mode" or "switch to full screen". It looks like you just need to switch to full screen mode
  3. Smokezz Augur

    Full screen mode isn't what he's asking for. That said, I don't think it's possible to run a program in a window, without the top border on it.
  4. Furro Elder

    In your eqclient.ini file. I can't recall exactly which setting, but it's most likely one of the following:


    Close EQ before editing your eqclient.ini, otherwise the client will most likely overwrite any changes.
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  5. Sando New Member

  6. Tearsin Rain Augur

    for the love of GOD, your windows settings make me want to weep.

    right-click your task bar and go to properties and click the 'use small icons' check box. also set the 'taskbar buttons' dropdown to 'never combine' - optionally, if you're any sort of decent human being, check the 'use auto-hide' check box.

    then click start > right-click Computer > click Advanced System Settings > click the top Settings button (under the Performance section).
    click the radio button that says 'adjust for best performance' which will uncheck everything, but then recheck 'smooth edges of screen fonts', you want that to be the only item checked.

    this will make your computer look less like the water-color vomit of a 4 year old that ate too much paste, it will greatly reduce how much clutter and wasted space is being eaten up by your windows interface.
    then, if you right-click on your desktop and select Personalize and at the bottom of the window click on the Windows Color icon, you can set the color scheme for the bar along the top of your applications to a darker color so that it blends in with EQ better and isn't so obtrusive (for example i have mine set to black on the left fading into a dark red on the right, which due to how eyes process color shifts means it's all but invisible when i'm running EQ, but the min/max/and exist buttons in the upper right are still nicely defined due to the slightly lighter color on them)

    it's very easy to make your windowed EQ experience MUCH better looking, you just need to follow those instructions to tweak the abysmally god-awful win7 default scheme.
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  7. Iila Augur

    Borderless windowed mode has been a standard option for PC games for about 10 years.

    It looks like fullscreen, but doesn't have all the associated problems when you tab out.
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  8. Tubben Elder

    I think EQ is the only game which DONT offer an Borderless Windowed Mode.
  9. Fanra Augur

    Unfortunately, the EQ client is something like 15 years old. They need to write one totally from scratch, with multi-core support, full 64 bit support (when 64 bit OS detected), modern graphics, modular components, etc.

    However, since about 2002, SOE decided to stop spending money on EQ and instead spend all our money on EQ2, and 10 other games which all failed.

    So, good luck on this.
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  10. Recnarp Augur

    I like seeing my taskbar which is why I don't like full-screen windowed mode.

    Yeah, my sub ran out and I don't want to pay for it right now.

    Nah brah, I think I'll leave it like that.
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  11. gcubed Augur

    Actually, it is possible to create a main window without the title bar. I is also possible to create windows of different shapes and you can even put holes in them if you want.

    Windows CAN be created without borders, although rather than having a true "borderless" window I would suggest borders with height/widths of one pixel.
  12. Schadenfreude Augur

    This is how I have it. The one pixel border is visible at the top and right if I stare long enough or when highlighted against the black loading screen but the bottom and left are outwith the visible area of the monitor completely. I'm 99% sure this was possible without resorting to the .ini files.
  13. Tubben Elder

    Well lavishsoft showed that there are some things possible without a complete rewrite :)
  14. Recnarp Augur

    How did you set it up that way?
    Yeah, if someone could figure it would without me having to renew my lavishsoft account that would be great.
  15. Schadenfreude Augur

    IIRC I just manually dragged the window so that it filled the screen. If for whatever reason this does not work for you I've heard good things about a free tool called Gamers Window Relocator.
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  16. Fendy Augur

    This is all you have to complain about? We've got important issues like frogs aren't guks and trees aren't animals! /satire off
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  17. BoomWalker Augur

    The only issue I experience with auto-hide is sometimes when I mouse over a hot bar (at the bottom of the screen) the taskbar will display. To address this issue..I switch the taskbar to the top of the screen (where buffs are at) to avoid the taskbar popping up and down...but it is still in auto-hide mode.

    Yes, I could move the hotbars but it is how I have played for years so it works for me and overall it reduces the distance I have to move the mouse.

    Also, I only auto-hide during raids it seems...the rest of the time there is no need for me.
  18. Molcoh New Member

    It would not require a freaking rewrite of their client!!! This feature has been out forever. It is not complicated to have the option along with bordered and full screen. When switching to windowed enable to us game text triggers it changes your Ui! There is no reason they couldn't of implemented this 20 years ago.
  19. Feradach Augur

    OK. I had a big ol reply here outlining why the 20 year comment was just ridiculous, but then decided comments like that don't even deserve a response. Instead I'll just give a hearty thumbs up for necroing a 4-month-old thread. The moderators just love to see that happen.
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  20. Edrick Augur

    I refuse to listen to anybody that doesn't have the old butt scratching ogre models turned on. What an offense to my eyes.

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