Repurposing old worn effects / focus effects/ procs / + skill ect.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dropfast, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. Dropfast Augur

    So I have a grand idea I've always wanted to see. I think this would be very popular and 10 times better than silly stuff like the overseer system...

    So basically it would be adding 3 or so item slots to the inventory window. However they would not be like normal item slots but rather similar the Ammo slot. Meaning it will add the worn effect, focus, + skill or proc to your Character but not the stats. Much the same as Diablo 3 but the EQ version.

    It could be like One weapon effect, one visable gear effect, and one non-vis gear effect or whatever. Or no restrictions at all, just 3 items of your choosing.

    This would allow us to keep using some of the cool little effects we worked our butts off for over the years. It would also repurpose many old items that the Devs spent a lot of time developing to be useful again. For example, the newest wurmslayer. I know many people would be happy to get that effect back. It's not game changing but it would be really cool. Or the Ring of revenge proc, an old weapon proc, ect.

    I can't really think of anything in the past that has been game changing enough for this to not happen. I know it would make me extremely happy as it would many others. I highly doubt it but even if it did result in an overpowered combo, they could always restrict certain items from it.
  2. bortage spammin lifetaps

    3 items of my choosing, all hammer of magic 2handers

    strikes your target dealing, up to, eighty billion damage

    I like this idea, give me my nuke procs
  3. Lubianx Augur

    This isn't the worst idea in the world but there would have to be a caveat or two.

    It would have to exclude procs. Putting procs from 2 handers for people that dual wield may be a little overpowered, as bortage mentioned. Add on top of that augs in these items and you get my drift. There are already too many procs in the game which increase lag. Also imagine in a few years time when the chase loot is no longer best in slot. Imagine stacking the type 18/19 proc augs in that and putting it in the "focus" slots.

    On the plus side, it could give the devs some room to play around with Chest focus. Currently tank ones are stagnated around extended Fort/Deflection. Putting an older chest with that focus in a "focus" slot would be nice to have with an entirely different focus for chests moving forward.

    You mentioned wurmslayer "guard" for the weapon, which is valid, but lets move to the big one, Necro Epic. This would fix a problem that has existed for a long time.

    Apart from the procs, the other downside is you are creating more work for the devs for only a few affects.

    The main ones I can come up with that would be worthwhile are (yes I know there are quite a few missing from the list)
    • Chest focus, as mentioned above
    • Belt worn affects
    • Prayer Shawl aug
    • Pet Focus ears, would save Ngreth from worrying too much about the stats on them compared to other ears.
    • Wurmslayer Guard
    • Skull of Null guard
    • Necro Epic
    • Spec or skill mod augs in gear (eg Evoc spec etc)
    • Type 3 augs (not a big issue)
    • Bard instrument focus
    • Some RoF quest weapons
    Is this enough for the devs to put in the works to do such a thing, even if it was only 1 slot (maybe the Necro Epic issue could push this to the affirmative)?