Rename Vaniki to the ZERG server please

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dirkman, Apr 7, 2022.

  1. Rcbauer Augur

    Mitigation wont be on classic mobs.
  2. Gnomie Denser than most

    I wanna see a group of 40-50's get through Tipt.
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  3. Corvo Accidental Puller of Dracoliche

    I think it's an interesting opportunity and one I'm probably going to take myself.

    I'm ready to move on from Mangler clones and the expected way of play from Classic - PoP. My only hope is that the ruleset still allows smaller-to-medium guilds to thrive and tackle challenges.
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  4. Triconix Augur

    What is the obsession with level 40 zerging? It literally lasts 4 weeks and how does level 40 zerging differ than the current existing atmosphere of regular in-era level zerging?

    Imagine worrying about zerging when after just 10 weeks MOTM will fall off Velious mobs and you can easily low-man DZ split all that content and be just as well off than the clowns who wasted time bothering zerging Velious mobs in the first place. If you're smart, you're not zerging trilogy raid mobs. There are vastly superior gear routes to take.
  5. Dirkman Journeyman

    The point is, forcing 500 people to zerg a mob is not a challenge.

    Its only challenge is for the raid/guild leader who has to bring all of those 500 autistic people together and deal with them.
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  6. Hykaro Journeyman

    It is very much uncharted territory... they mentioned increases for spell hit and gear with no / lower level required. So yes, a normal level 40 with 2 yaks, skull shaped barbute, etc would get demolished, and fights would take forever. But who knows, after raiding a few weeks, how strong these "level 40" players will become.

    Props to DBG to thinking outside the box. Try it out, if you don't like it, go do something else with your time for the time being...
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  7. Triconix Augur

    That's not the point because they aren't forcing you to do anything.

    The only challenge seems to be explaining to the clearly hard of understanding, such as yourself, that zerging kunark/velious raid targets is the low IQ way of getting gear on this server. Furthermore, you're all worked up about zerging content (as if that's anything new when you see hundred+ single-guild zergers rushing OW raid mobs in every TLP already) when in less than 3 months it's not possible to just zerg content because anything worthwhile is all event-based and instanced.
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  8. MischiefTLP Augur

    I'm mostly confused on what possible future the server has, in theory with PoP Tradeskilled gear and relaxed level rec/req you can take on Cazic at Level 40 with any tactic other than perked no-delevel bind rush and then Kunark dragons and so on, with no motivation to repeat the kills because the gear is complete garbage.

    But to kill Meldrath at Level 70 you can no longer twink, you're wearing the same gear as was available to guilds in 2008 when they first killed Meldrath. Progress in the expansion is purely based on the principle that guilds in 2008 were terrible at the game, Triality decked out in Solteris gear takes 16 days from Breakneck to Meldrath with Level 80s to factor out time spent flagging and in 28 days with no apparent advantages and way less farming time than Triality a guild is supposed to down Meldrath.

    I guess the DoT revamp has happened, but what else is supposed to power up a raid of Level 70s on Vaniki to do better than trash guilds like 2008 Crimson Tempest who took 33 days from Breakneck to Meldrath with Level 80s?
  9. Merika Journeyman

    This is where half of the fun will be! DoT revamps and melee/tank power is buffed significantly with glyphs and vet aa's. Every era might not get cleared, but its going to move fast enough where if you have a good guild there will be no bad downtimes for the year and a half.
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  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If you do not know that "Power Creep" is a very real thing & that up till at least level 100 TLP guilds had a much easier time of beating events than live guilds had you are missing much of the point.

    If one productive thing comes out of this it will be that the developers get to see what the power creep allows for at various points along the EQ timeline, and provide a way to measure it in an objective way.
    That may well inform future choices about how they go about adjusting things in the earlier expansions or about future TLP ideas that may arise as a result.
  11. MischiefTLP Augur

    Right, Level 80s on TLPs are more powerful than Level 80s in 2008. Level 70s on TLPs are not more powerful than Level 80s in 2008.
  12. Kahna Augur

    CT won't be classic CT, it will be revamped CT. Good luck with that at 40.
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  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Correct, but knowing the differences will be informative in many ways, quite a few expansions felt like they lost some of their teeth on TLP compared to Live and Vaniki gives them those teeth back, and then some.

    Of course the relaxation of some level based things & spells landing on higher mobs etc are needed but I think they key thing is making stuff fun & raising the difficulty bar some is going to counter some of that power-creep for sure I think.
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  14. JustAnotherOpinion Augur

    Even though I strongly disliked Mischief's random loot, I am still very thankful that Daybreak created the server because it brought me back to Everquest. Vaniki sounds like a wild ruleset that might actually challenge EQ veterans. Maybe players, who have moved onto other games, will try Everquest again. I am actually looking forward to watching Vaniki streamers plan out their leveling and raid successions while I enjoy the "Mangler Clone."

    Daybreak should be applauded for trying something new, rather than the same exact thing running for twenty years. Maybe this server will absolutely stink, but at least they tried. If most of you hate a Mangler clone, you're going to get another Mangler clone if you stop embracing experimental change.
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  15. Triconix Augur

    My warrior is doing easy double and occasionally almost triple the dps than I was back when the expansion I was in was modern. With the loosening of level reqs on gear, I wouldn't be shocked if level 70s can be even more powerful than a level 80 from 2008.

    I'm quickly finding older forums of SoF and finding dps parses of berserkers doing like 2.5k at 80 in 2008. On a TLP right now in DoDh, berserkers are parsing 1.5k-2.k pretty consistently and this is without 2.5 aug or DPoB 2h aug.
  16. Yarteb Elder

    What he said! No one has to follow the old raid paths, and not everything can be zerged. Fate favors the original thinkers on Vaniki.
  17. Lawyer Augur

    For historical accuracy, they should have called this the Kerafyrm server. Because that's how the open world mobs are going to go down, with the rez zergfest that was the killing of Kerafyrm.
  18. Lawyer Augur

    The great thing about this server is it will help the devs understand who NOT to listen to when it comes to new server ideas.
  19. Lawyer Augur

    While I may think this server is going to lead to some really bad blood and massive issues, I can agree that it is nice for them to try something new.
  20. Lawyer Augur

    If by "original thinkers" you mean the great minds who came up with: mage armies using 3rd party software, warping, zone crashing, and redeeming claims out-of-era in the past.