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  1. Tribbious Lorekeeper

    It would be great to have everyone looking for groups outside of the usual leveling zones again. Perhaps offer ZEM modifiers to several zones of levels. Just thinking, next TLP it would be nice to see more people visit zones that are not normally populated.
  2. Muramx Augur

    Because it's not just about exp, but loot. Even if you increased the exp to match to busy zones... People still wouldn't go to them because nothing worth while drops. Even if the exp was the same why would I go to say Skyfire over Chardok? Or Waking lands over Kael etc etc.

    Getting rid of picks and forcing people into zones with no loot while the "popular" zone are perma camped 24/7 by farmers is a terrible idea.
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  3. Jagular Journeyman

    This could work if the loot tables are just based on levels i.e FBSS could drop from a mob at level 35 in any zone, not sure it would be possible to make it so. Or make that the rare mob that pops in a zone are as in this example a frenzied ghoul
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  4. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    I do hope they do a ruleset where drops are random server wide on level appropriate monsters. Sure the dense (efficient) zones will still be more populated, but Mischief didn't have many bottlenecks, and this would go further imo.

    They also need to review ZEMs. 90% of levelling population in 5 zones or so gets boring heh.
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  5. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    They already tried reducing dungeon ZEM, it was just largely unpopular and only made leveling slower it didn't really encourage going to other zones as the other zones are unused for a variety of reasons.

    Cazic Thule needs significantly less healers to be viable. I've done CT as a route zone in a race to 50 and even though it worked, it just sucked to do.

    If picks are removed all that happens is everyone levels slower in the same zones as current. There aren't a lot of options 45-50 (especially before The Hole opens) so you would just have hundreds of players funneled into a couple of spots. Idk if you have seen Unrest picks on the launch of a server but they hit upwards of 30+, thats literally hundreds of people and classic content just can't accommodate that much without pickzones.

    Lastly, TLP servers are a nostalgia hit. Whether you like Guk/Unrest/SolB/Whatever or not, that content is what a significant number of rerollers are nostalgic for, they don't want to play in North Karana no matter if it was slightly better xp. It ain't broke, don't try to fix it.
  6. Febb Augur

    So if all camps are taken in a particular zone and there are 100 people in that zone, a large majority of the people in that zone just sit and wait for people at camps to open them up? Hmmm I remember those days, waiting and doing nothing sounds like a terrible idea.
  7. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Oops forgot to add : I am for aerver-wide random loot off level appropriate moba, but NOT for removing picks.

    Removing picks is like the longer unlocks thing: Will be an absolute unmitigated disaster
  8. Demetri - Phin New Member

    But North Ro for that sweet sweet Scute Shield from Dunedigger on the other hand.
  9. Fanra

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  10. Chuuk Augur

    Removing /pick would need a whole slew of supplementary changes needed to accommodate the craziness they would ensue.

    I'm definitely someone who would like to see Devs "encourage" the players spreading out. If removing /pick, you'd likely need to also limit server population, modify ZEMs, randomize loot, and possibly even more. I'm not sure how you make North Karana match the mob density and perfect level stratification of zones like Unrest and Guk.
  11. Kutsuu Augur

    Increasing XP or loot in underused zones, sure. Removing picks to FORCE people into underused zones? No thanks.
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  12. Buds Augur

    Grouping days have long, long since gone by. Boxing is the way most play EQ now and if you want to group, your best bet is to get into a guild with others who want to group.

    There used to be wait lists for camps lol. Lord, frenzy, hand etc in lower guk. You'd sit and wait until there was a spot open. Usually tried to get into another group there, until you could get into one of the coveted(FBSS, Yaks etc) camps. Today, that would be camped 24/7 by one or two people lol. Not sure if there are pics for old world zones on the TLPs?
  13. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    Yes almost all zones will have picks spun up if population threshold for that zone is reached.
    Remember, nostalgia can be very rose-colored at times, and we also forget

    - Camping a 2 spawn mob in a full group, with a 20 min+ respawn time
    - Missing boat, and waiting 20+ minutes for the next one
    - The NBG scam many used to get choice loot which a random level 1 alt will hawk in commons tunnel the next day
    - Camp lists (which were also abused when people let their friends and guildies in, at times)
    Sure, all the hardships (read: hours and hours of time spent not playing, really) did result in some amazing - lifelong in some cases - friendships.
    - Patch Days (when patch downtime was hours, then servers up, then down again for a hotfix, then up, then down again because hotfix broke something else, then up again): 10+ hours in the server select chat room...
    But really almost none of us , from 1999/2000/2001/2002 would play for more than a few hours on an exact replica server, especially on a TLP where the initial population is easily over 4K. (And really, no, P99 and Quarm aren't good examples in this case, as they are F2P And stop at Velious).
    Well that, and we are not young anymore like we were 24/25 years back, are we? :)
  14. Captain Video Augur

    The TLP launch cap has been exactly 4K for the last few cycles, at which point the server will queue. We've seen queues for the first few days, after that it stabilizes pretty fast.

    Quarm is still in Classic, but it will eventually go to PoP. It's based on the Al'Kabor Project source code, which is open-source. I do agree with you in principle that a lot more people say they want an exact-replica server than actually roll on one when given the chance.
  15. FranktheBank Augur

    I dont understand why people do this. They start with a solution, removing picks, and then try to make it make sense.

    Removing picks would just make leveling absolutely miserable as people WANT to go to unrest/lguk/etc. Currently, Unrest holds like... 3 groups, maybe a 4th lowbie group on yard.
    If you remove picks, then you have 500 ppl in unrest.

    ALSO their idea of ZEMs is really small. Somewhere like CT or Perma needs like 300% xp bonus to balance out the clerics. Mob density is also a huge factor in XP
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  16. Barton-Vox Fizzlethorpe Rules !!

    No No No
    been there done that
    it was not better before /picks it was worse

    Incentives to do other zones sure bring em on.
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  17. Tuco Augur

    Step 1: Add Mischief style randomized loot to hot zone names as bonus drops.
    Step 2: Create a Zone Itemdrop Modifier (ZIM)
    Step 3: Make it such that the ZIM and ZEM changes dramatically every 5 days such that most zones are at 100%, and a hot zones at each level bracket are at 200%. Rotate through each zone, but especially the ones that are historically underutilized but are still good zones
    Step 4: Make the current hotzone spawn mobs with 50% faster spawn rate
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  18. NImxat Elder

    Calling for the removal of picks is really just trolling.
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    That really wouldn't help zones who have a low named count or zero names. One of the Karanas just has just a werewolf as its hunter, there are other zones that have no name listed. When you compare that to places like Guk and Unrest with a larger number of named it isn't surprising which zone gets more players.

    Without adding more named to those zones with a low/zero name count you are not going to get the players to change their leveling path. Players don't just want exp, they want the loot to go with it.

    With all the bug fixes needed spanning across most of EQs expansions, I would expect this to be a very low priority, if it is even on the devs radar.
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  20. psybob Journeyman

    yer nutz
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