Remove mages from the game

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  1. Repthor Augur

    not enough broccoli in this thread

  2. Dre. Altoholic

    I wasn't the one who made the changes.
    Mage pets can tank for groups. Mages do pretty good DPS. Maybe not the best at either, but there are 16 classes. We don't all get to be the best at everything.
  3. Sancus Augur

    I would really hate to be a group with a pet tank with the aggro changes. Prior to those, this would be a valid point.
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  4. Reval Augur

    Please daybreak allow mages to summon broccoli ornamentations. This is important. People play the numbers a lot and use wild generalizations to get what they want, and I know this would please 100% of the population.

    After their new primary objective is implemented, please fix mage pet aggro.
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  5. Grundged Lorekeeper

    So when this change goes live will they be giving heroic characters to replace those unfortunate people who played mages?
  6. Benzarden Augur

    Since you've been soloing since '99, what did you solo as a mage in PoP? If you say you soloed in BoT with charmed mobs, that required a fair amount of flagging and would have been months after release unless you were in an elite guild. Maybe a mage could solo Justice trash? Maybe? You certainly weren't soloing in Nightmare/Innovation or higher.
    I don't think you understand the difference between an opinion and a fact.
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  7. Matari Augur

    More comments by rude people. I never said I could solo everything. Just use the traditional back farm until max level get yourself some flags and find some killable mobs I killed elementals bot, but it wasn't with charms. Plenty of groups in there to bum a pet heal after fights.
  8. Benzarden Augur

    Yep, I'm rude because I called you on your emo b.s. As a raiding Mage main from Classic through DoDH, I can assure you there were plenty of times throughout EQ where Mages could not solo. You definitely were not soloing in BoT without charm. I'm sorry (<--see, not rude!), but you're wrong. In PoP, NPCs got a huge power increase and pets were fairly stagnated. High end trash went from doubling for 100+ in Luclin to quading for 1000+ in PoP. Things only got more difficult in GoD. In OoW, you could maybe solo a mob in Bloodfields or Noble's Causeway, if you could manage single pulls. You were definitely not even considering strolling into MPG or RSS and trying to solo. So, I apologize for being rude and correcting your revisionist history.

    Pet agro has been broken for a whole 5 days now because they didn't properly tune Companion's Provocative Demeanor. Since you've been around since '99, you know that it takes these guys a little longer than 5 days to fix things. It will get fixed and you can go back to your OP solo'ing self soon. Just relax, step away from the ledge, and eat some of Repthor's broccoli.
  9. Benzarden Augur

    We are talking about Mages. PoP was amazing for kiters, charmers, and Earthshakers. Mages did not solo well in PoP outside of BoT charming, and even that was rough solo because mobs would summon on charm breaks. Add a cleric to heal and stun on charm breaks, and it was crazy OP. Could duo the tower minis. But that's not solo'ing.
  10. Tyraxor Augur

    There's no point in suggesting reasonable thinking when it comes to Eq class nerfs ^^
    You cannot teach an old dog new tricks, if someone played a Mage for oh i dunno up to 15 years, those agro changes feel totally out of place. I can understand that.

    Eq is in no condition to implent such changes, it just doesn't matter as long as we get content like Cotf...Tds...TBM...even in it's good times the game was never fully balanced.
    It's a waste of time, waste of player nerves and does absolutely nothing for DB.
    People who still play now just want to be left alone with the things they learned to like, if you already question yourself sometimes "hey why do i *still* spend so much time with this", every nerf can push you out for good. Real easy.
  11. Benzarden Augur

    Except that it wasn't an intentional nerf. It was an untuned and untested change intended to make pets even more useful and flexible. It's been broken for 5 days. The outcry is somewhat expected. The "OMG DBG HATES MAGES" is irrational. The VAST majority of their playerbase is comprised of Mages.
  12. Reval Augur

    That's right, the vast majority of the playerbase is mages. So by your own logic in other threads, nothing else but their opinion matters. Daybreak should put all the support to mages. No other class matters. If another class even posts about class balance, or really anything related to their class, you should chime in to remind them that they don't matter, and tell them how insignificant they are in some hope of making sure only mage voices are heard, because only they matter. That sounds totally reasonable, right? Don't you want to try to forcefully shoo yourself off of this thread now? It seems only fair based on your previous assertions, lol.
  13. Matari Augur

    I call your bluff and raise. It was completely intended to remove mage walls.
  14. Leex Pewpewer

    I don't think Daybreak hates Mages or any of it's classes, I think they are just getting to the point that they don't know what to put out and so they start changing classes to make the game different, in this sense I'm pleased they wanted to give Mages something nice, I just hate they didn't do more testing before they implemented it..

    Similar with the expansion, it's really not a bad expansion, but there are just so many bugs it takes away from the experience.

    Btw as for PoP, on Luclin I had Mage friends who would solo in bot, the entry area, it wouldn't be efficient but they did it. Also, I believe if you didn't or couldn't do the flagging for BoT you still were able to zone in at iirc 61 or 62.

    Getting back to the topic..I could tell these changes were going to drive people batty, when you're hit with the nerf bat so many times consecutively I see why some would have the " sky is falling" attitude..Not that it's right, or they are going at this the correct way.

    For those who don't think Mages should be able to solo, please understand that Mages really are a solo class, since the games inception it's been this way. Hell I remember watching Mages in CB on my Warrior waaay back in the day and just being in awe.

    Understand when you add a merc to a class that has the ability to solo well it makes them even stronger..Similarly to a Warrior, Warriors couldn't solo for for a LONG time..Now you can..It may be sh!tty and it may take forever..But trust me, it's so much better now then it was back then..Trying to kill a greenie and dieing when it's at 23% is no fun.

    The class hate needs to stop..Raiders should know this more then anyone..We all work together, we all need each other..Why would you want to weaken another class?
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  15. Geri_Petrovna Augur

  16. Benzarden Augur

    With the charmed elementals, yeah sure.
    Good point.
    Mages should be able to solo well. All of the pet classes should, and do, except for the past 5 days. I'm just of the opinion that DBG still wants you to solo well. They aren't taking this away from you. They gave you Companion's Provocative Demeanor for a reason. They just messed it up. Like they have messed up so many other things in the past couple of years. Good idea. Crap execution. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.
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  17. Reval Augur

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  18. Apoc Augur

    Encs were pretty OP at soloing BoT also I remember charming and soloing the named up in the towers fun times.
  19. Makavien Augur

    There are very few that don't think a magician should be able to solo that's just a useless topic to discuss.
    I also soloed in bot charming elementals but that was long ago.

    The reason you can't get answers on your rains is because they were your most mana efficient spells while also being your highest dps. Beating that horse is also a waste of time.

    The pet aggro thing has been an issue since underfoot I am glad they are now attempting to fix it but they messed up and it will prolly take them some time to read through these comments and understand what is the best approach to fix the issue.

    All these people freaking out and adding things here like change it back to how it was on this day or I am canceling my accounts are not adding anything to the conversation they are willing to do because they want to actually fix the problem.

    Now the way to deal with this aftermath would be to come into agreeance with each other and come up with a plan to get what they wanted fixed to begin with and how to make that happen. While also keeping your ability to do what you did before the patches.

    Same with your dps ask for dps but ask for it on a different ability.

    Lets look at this comparison the mages asking for their most efficient mana costing spell to be their best dps when it also does aoe damage are like Battleblade asking for warriors best dps weapon set up to be sword and board.

    Soloing as a warrior would be a waste of your time and effort and is quite laughable that it would even be brought up we are the cornerstone of a great group and we should remain that way. If grouping or new warriors can't get groups and never replace the people quiting in this game , the game will die so while your pets are bugged go expand your social network and help some up and coming warriors or tanks in general don't forget clerics too alot of people leave them out.
  20. Mayfaire Augur

    You keep repeating "5 days" as if it isn't almost February, and we didn't have expansion released in mid-November that is still severely jacked and unfunctional. :eek:

    Based on everything we have seen and experienced in the last year in particular, I don't blame mages a bit for panicking because god only knows when they will be fixed. Hopefully soon, but who the heck really knows?
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