Remove mages from the game

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Matari, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Mayfaire Augur

    1000% agreed. I read at minimum 400 words a minute, and I still don't want to read all that. lol. When I see one of those posts with 10+ paragraphs I just move right along. I figure they are the same in real life, one of those peeps who speak endlessly because they love the sound of their own voice.
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  2. Matari Augur

    What are you smoking? Mages have been able solo since beta. It's never been everywhere or anything and it's certainly not been entitlement. My question is why the sudden change? When I came back with I choose a mage so I could solo some when I cannot find a group. Now, mages are one of the the last choices for groups, have to give up my spot on raids when real dps logs in, and now I get my butt handed to me every other light blue? What is the purpose of playing one? Re roll? Why bother, DayBROKEN is running this game into ground.
  3. Silv Augur

    How is this even still a thing?
  4. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Hope you have your torch/pitchfork/rabble repellant handy chief.

    The funny thing is a lot of the Mage complaints these days are raid based - they bring very little to the table there compared to other dps. So if they're not entitled to solo effectively, why exactly should the class exist?

    May as well rock a wizard - it's easier to group and raid with and does the dps job considerably better in *all* situations?
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  5. Danille Augur

    Wrong! The class is marketed as a solo class. Nothing is mentioned about solo "friendliness"

    I do realize that you feel the gods have spoken and have told us there is no such thing as a class than can solo in EQ.

    I feel so much better.
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  6. Bigstomp Augur

    Now I'm hungry :(
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  7. Tyraxor Augur

    Thing is, most posters only agree with this (and get upset) when it affects themselves.
    Like...TBM release, the riots started.
    After a while, they get back into their old habits of just accepting it since they need Eq or whatever (and trolling those who have problems or are not part of a clique "poster x likes poster x 30 times / day).
    That's the community here in a nutshell.
  8. Matari Augur

    I don't think I am wrong one bit. Since TDS, the population has done nothing but contract. I have never seen so many raid guilds (and some group guilds) fold. Even during the WoW mass exodus it wasn't this bad. So many stupid decisions have been made over the last few years is starting to take it's toll. They want me to go play on TLP sever... Screw that, I would rather play something else.
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  9. crosh New Member

    i do not understand why people call mages he solo god or anything near it, a Necro can solo 100x better without a merc and even after the nerf they are the solo gods they can outdps anybody and truly solo without anything
    so yes mages can complain about dbg wanting to nerf mages to the ground when theres a class much better in every sense of the word
  10. anvil Elder

    Please dont delete mages. i love my mage. been playing my mage since `03.

    now my play-style is different than some since i 3 box and my wife boxes the other 3 of our group so my mage doesnt have to solo. but with these new changes my sk doesnt even have to worry about the pet trying to out aggro him. and if the sk goes down the mage pet can take over agro even if the rest of the group is close to the fight.

    now i must say that i have had to switch over to water pet since these new changes instead of the nice air pet (stuns build too much agro after all). sk hasnt gone down yet so dont know how long that rogue pet will last in a fight but will find out one day i am sure
  11. crosh New Member

    Necros can split any mob they want they have 2 FD that work amazing, they can cast 4 swarm pets spells at once that each summon 3 op pets, put 3 dots and fd and the mob is dead so why tf are mages getting the supper nerf?
  12. Dre. Altoholic

    Reality. It's some pretty good stuff.
    I never said they couldn't.
    Something seems to be missing? Perhaps a phrase like below:

    "Magicians are considered one of EverQuest's solo classes. Solo classes are given specific tools that enable them to complete current-expansion tasks without the need to group with others. Through various summoning spells, Magicians can dispatch most challenging enemies that drop valuable loot, or multiple enemies at once."
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  13. Agrippa Augur

    Dre, that quote shows only one of four paragraphs from the magician's character description in game. Did you even look at the other three?
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  14. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    I think Everyone here is forgetting the original problem. Mage pets had to much aggro from their swings (not damage) after a couple of patches ago. Why they changed the mechanics i have no clue, as a long time tank (2001) I was happy with the fact if i was closer i was tanking, if not the pet was if high enough aggro. But after they changed that mechanic the pets just had to much aggro. The new aggro aa's have gone a long way to fix this at least it works well with my box mage. Before this latest patch i had to constantly mash ALL my stuns taught and pets to keep aggro which to a tank using a merc healer really screws the pooch when the healer switches focus to the pet (plop). Give Daybreak a chance to tune it in ..or if you are going to about it, push to have them go back a couple(few) patches ago and put the old mechanics back they did work for years and years after all. ( one of those if it ain't broke? WTH did they fix it ? )
  15. Dre. Altoholic

    Two of the four, in game, two of the two from the quoted link.

    To your point (and mine) "able to adventure solo" really has no qualifiers. Everyone has a different idea in their head of what it means to them.
  16. Tyraxor Augur

    Yea, and so tlp is kinda servers are not about adventure anymore, they are a daily routine.
  17. Matari Augur

    There is no point in bashing or trying to get other classes nerfed.
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  18. Matari Augur

    I have been playing Might and Magic X Legacy and enjoying every bit of adventuring. Good luck with finding anything like that in this game.
  19. WHATEVS New Member

    I'll just be quitting and taking my money for my accounts elsewhere from DBG. Raiding is fun, grouping is fun, but having to relearn how to play a class that was fine where it was and it played nearly the way from level 1 - 105 is stupid.

    Big thanks to all the constant cry baby slackers for ruining everything - like usual.

    TBM was a fun expansion for sure, but 2 months in and it is still the broken & bugged, fluster-cluck as it started off to be (many ways around said issue, but fact remains). Clearly not enough manpower resources to keep the good ole' EQ train rolling soooo......

    You can have all my stuff if you guess my pw. GL on travels if you stay. Many of the big kids are rolling out anyways with recent changes/lack thereof. ;)

    Peace all!

  20. Matari Augur

    You still haven't answered my question - why the sudden change? I have been soloing since 99, yes, I do have the expectation that I can somewhat solo as long solo class exist. So maybe if let the smoke clear for a moment you could see that mages have become absolutely worthless in every aspect of the game, that isn't my opinion it's fact.