Remove mages from the game

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Matari, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Sindaiann Augur

    Lol almost spit my coffee out
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  2. Sindaiann Augur

    I think what, 4 or 5 times last year for us (and what some call nerfs were mere changes but still).

    Someone else turn to be the pinata
  3. Sindaiann Augur

    Wait a fellow enchanter played nice with you? Say it isn't sooo!!!
  4. Warpeace Augur

    Your doing it wrong, you have to now have a pocket SK and Paly to cast Marr's on you as the SK casts Voice on your pet.

    Your classes agro no that's not it classes ability to solo no that's not it either, lets leave it as the problem is now solved ...Dev's will implement this change tomorrow. We will not discuss it further!!
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  5. Fanra

  6. Dre. Altoholic

    C-. Needs more caps, run-on sentences and misspelling. I'm just not feeling the rage here. Could use more 'text-blockyness'.
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  7. Cicelee Augur

    I know a lot of players are having fun at the expense of magicians. And I can understand that, given how many there are and the chances of an arrogant/egotistical/rude magician coming into contact with players. It does give the class a bad impression.

    Keep in mind that there are veterans of the class who have been playing for 15 years. Who have never main changed, who has seen the class go through all the highs and lows it can. Players who just want to play the class as how they have been able to do for the duration. The "good people" if you will. So when you knock down and laugh at the class, you are also laughing at them.

    I have not been able to fully test all the different scenarios with this pet aggro change. I will say I can no longer handle two mobs at once in Crypt of Sul like I used to before the change. Now for many players, they will laugh and shrug their shoulders and say "Join the club" or whatever. The thing is, the magicians class *is* a solo class first and foremost. I have an alt warrior and an alt paladin on other servers. In no way do I see them as a solo class, so I don't expect them to solo. I did not sign up for the class when I created them to solo, but I sure did pick my magician to solo.

    And I do think that is one of the big issues at hand. Everyone feels they should solo regardless of class. With the class abilities blurred between lines, and with some solo classes being able to accomplish what others cannot...there becomes envy and jealousy. And that is a shame.

    I am hopeful that more changes are made to pet aggro, especially to Remorseless Servant. I can still solo a single mob in TBM. But the couple times I purposely pulled two, my pet died and I had to gate. I will try different things to see if I can accomplish what I used to do. I am resourceful and a long time veteran of the class. But if these changes prevent my ability to solo, then they have kind of destroyed the one thing my class was good and strong at.

    And I don't think that is cool.
  8. Tevik Augur

    I was messing around on a mage alt and it didn't even take that for me. I simply hit "pet attack" with a fire pet up, and my mage got summoned to the mob. Go figure.
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  9. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Hey now. For the first time in TBM raiding I got told I was useful on Wither and Decay last night, and it was glorious.

    Solution to SK raid role issues is apparently make bosses hit for 15k to start, power up over time and demand a constant tank swap every 30-45s so running out of warriors is plausible. Don't ruin this for me I'm srsly! :(
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  10. crosh New Member

    okay i haven't played a mage much but this is how i feel about this.
    first i feel mages has always been Nerf when they get to op and i understand that but what dbg needs to understand if your ganna nerf the one thing that makes them super op and without it they're almost useless compared to what other classes can do, cause they're no longer top dps and they cant solo anymore so theres not much a point to playing them compared to other dps class that can out dps them and do other stuff as well.
    second the way dbg can fix this if they dont want mages pet able to tank is give them something else usefull that will make the class worth playing

    third is simple this is all my opinion yallll can do whatever the ********** you want!
  11. Reval Augur

  12. kookoo Augur

    I will see how it's going , I play my mage since many years and like to play caster's ,I hate to see all the ping pong agro atm. I think ( hope ) they will increase the pet agro much more than it is atm.

    if they think that's the new way they want to pet to be , it's time to just think about other things to do, I am playing since 1999 and many good memories ( and bad ) , I so hate nerfs and nerfs , they even try to find more nerfs when we got a bad expansion ( TBM ) with ton's of fixes needed.
    I will see anyway,, will still wait several weeks and see if this game still interest me after the last agro nerfs , before I hit the delete buttons on 4 TBM accounts.
  13. Matari Augur

    There was no reason for change to start with. If this is because of TLP, then whatever. Just going to kill the game fast.
  14. TibalMurphy Elder

    I'm with you kookoo, been playin forever but the last few years/xpac have taken the fun value from EQ. I 23 days I'll see if I re-new my account...chances aren't looking good but only time will tell.
  15. Sostenes Augur

    Ive had a mage for a few years, I like the class because it is a self contained group:

    Mage - nukes
    Pet - tanks
    Merc - heals

    The entire reason I created a mage was to play solo, due to my schedule I cant spend hours playing at a time or looking for a group. I cant see a reason why anyone who plays another class would have a problem with the mage class or any other class, we all choose what class we wanted to play from the beginning, dont like your current class, make another toon with a different class, end of story.

    I hate broccoli, but I'm not going to rally for people to join me on a broccoli genocide....o_O

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  16. Repthor Augur

    man stir fryed broccoli is great
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  17. Tyraxor Augur

    Or start doing something else with your life, since the good times here are obv. long over...
  18. Steampunk Augur

    Funniest thread I've read in ages. I purposely don't play mages because they make things too easy. Anybody says they can't solo with their mage needs to consider My Little Pony Online.
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  19. Matari Augur

    Another troll. If you don't have anything useful to say, then don't post.
  20. Dre. Altoholic

    I realize many people chose (insert class X) due to solo-friendliness.

    The thing is, someone's choice to play a solo-friendly class does not entitle them to soloable content. EQ is designed and balanced around group/raid play. Whatever you happen to be able to solo is happenstance.
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