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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Plumbus, Jul 19, 2021.

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  1. Cainen Augur

    So, I'm confused at the gripe against anon and not roleplay. As far as I can tell the only difference is that anon hides the guild tag, and hides your location in the guild window.

    Lets look at those 2 "issues":

    Guild tag - This one has a work around of .guildstatus as others have said. You dont even need to target the player just be in the same zone and do /guildstatus name.

    Location in the Guild Tool - Are you trying to track guild members doing "bad things"? Are you looking to figure out where your guildies are exping? I'm confused how this can be such a big deal as its only impacting people in the same guild.

    I'm not trying to be rude or condescending, I'm genuinely curious if anon does something else I'm missing, or if I just don't understand some aspect that makes it worse then /roleplay.
  2. bardybard Augur

    Look up his post history ... that is exactly what he does
  3. Rhythar Augur

    If the best thing you can contribute to a thread is another attack against me, maybe you should just not say anything at all.
  4. Atomos Augur

    Originally I thought this was stupid, but actually, if there were people who were consistently being crummy, I guess it would be nice to always be able to see their location. I don't care about their class or guild, none of that matters, especially guild.

    You'd at least know which places to avoid XD

    Anon/role used to be used for racing/sniping targets, but those mechanics are long gone.

    Perhaps only change it to not show class, but make it so we can always see people's location. I do actually think that part would be beneficial in helping deal with cheating and such.

    If you take away people's ability to hide their class though, people will riot.
  5. Lanffear Filthy Boxer

    Rivervale Metro Police should recruit this guy to police Mischief.
  6. Machen New Member

    That wasn't an attack against you, just the unvarnished truth.
  7. Froglegs New Member

    "Killstealing" does not exist, so how can it have consequences? Please do not try to come up with new, old or long forgotten rules and force them on others.
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  8. Magician9001 Augur

    The Irony of this thread being made by an Anon OP.

    Tell us who you're in game Karen Druid of the 48th Circle we wanna know.
  9. Rauven Augur

    I wonder how many in this thread actually want anon removed because of what they say, or because they wish to use it to harass someone.

    I've advocated for reporting people for cheating, for unattended play, and for automated play. But none of that requires using a /who all to figure where someone is. You simply report it as you see it. The idea that players are wishing to be able to /who all some one in order to go to their location to scope them out is down right creepy to say the least.

    And I highly doubt we'll ever see /anon removed because of that fact. Too many of you are creepers. The amount of abuse people would receive from some of these individuals overcomes any sort of benefit any possible removal of the /anon feature.
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  10. code-zero Augur

    All that removing /anon or /role would do is drive the sales of Witness Protection Pack and the various components thereof.

    Griefing and harassment and the self righteous vigilantes who engage in that behavior are much larger problems than the majority of alleged cheating
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  11. Rezonation New Member

    A better way to word this sentence is, "The only people I ever notice with anon on..."

    Anon is used by guilds competing for open world targets. Anon is a meaningful way to hide the number of your force in a competition. Removal of an age old game mechanic is ridiculous. If you see people griefing or other things against TOS, just report them and move on.
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  12. tzeriel Lorekeeper

    What does it matter if people cheat? This company doesn’t care about stopping it. That’s the bottom line as to why it’s rampant.
  13. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    I have been followed and sexually harassed in game. It is not fun. No other info other than that players name and what he was doing was needed to file a petition. After that I went anon.

    I 3 and 6 box and use no third party programs. Alt tab and skilz so I am not a cheater using anon for that purpose.

    Why would you need to know what zone they are in to report them? Just do a /who when you go to a zone and if they show up then you can leave or whatever

    Why would you need to know what guild they are in to report them? Guilds used to police their members but not anymore

    Why would you need to know what level they are to report them? Cause they are too low or too high for that zone? Heh, who cares.

    There is one player who will not invite anyone to any TA he offers if you are anon. Makes sense in a way, perhaps he does not like a certain guild or wants to make sure your of the right level. His choice. As it is mine to be anon.

    If there is a special loot drop I announce it in chat with the zone name. Like XXX light saber rotting on Joe in Shards landing ffa.

    Perhaps if more players would mind their own business you would enjoy the game more. Stay in your own lane.
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  14. Bardy McFly Augur

    Can I get rez?
    Can I get rez?
    Can I get rez?
    Can I get rez?
    Can I get rez?

    No thanks.
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  15. Kahna Augur

    The only reason someone would want anon removed is so that they can harass and stalk people in game. They will never, and should never, remove anon or role. Far too many of you are creepy.
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  16. Dailor Augur

    It's policing* not stalking.
    I am helping*, not harassing.

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  17. Rhythar Augur

    Harassment is one of the easiest issues to solve because the evidence comes to you and because the GMs are known to do something about it. /anon doesn't make harassers go away. Petitions do. /anon only leads to more negative behavior from everyone overall, including harassment.

    If you try to hide from bad people using /anon, you're just making them someone else's problem.
  18. Catashe Augur

    Its ok just be like everyone and turn this game into petitionquest which this game has seemed to turn into for even the slightest thing lol
  19. HoodenShuklak Augur

    People that think removing /anon will remove bad behavior probably also think banning guns will solve violent crimes.
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