Relaxed truebox. such a great idea

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tris, Oct 3, 2023.

  1. Tris Augur

    Can you please consider opening it up earlyer on Oakwynd There is such a small minority of single box players on the server, at least in the late / early hours. There is literally no groups, only power lvlers. Everyone either buys their power lvls, wich obviously increase Krono sales, or they get the hardware to box more accounts, wich increase computer sales.
    Opening up relaxed truebox for Velious allready would be great.
  2. Trevalon Augur

    lol, at least your getting relaxed truebox.

    Mischief apparently is never going to get it. Which is ridiculous.

    Give Mischief Relaxed Truebox!!!!
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  3. Pikollo Augur

    Not sure if you're new to TLP but consider yourself lucky your server already has a set plan for relaxed. There are people that have fought for this for years for various servers. I agree with you though. IMO relaxed truebox should be a standard.

    While I understand each persons individual needs/wants for relaxed truebox are different Mischief has a huge population. You guys tell us all the time. My thoughts are if they relaxed truebox there you guys might get laggy as hell.
  4. BullCrap New Member

    Did you do this purposefully?
  5. Tris Augur

    I am not new, and i agree with you that it should be standard.
  6. KobalWR Lorekeeper

    Although I see your point about powerlevelers ruining the group game, I'm not sure relaxed truebox is the solution during the first expansions when grouping is still a thing.
    There are still groups going on and actually I never had any issue forming or finding a group since Velious started. Velketor is full of activity (including some PLers infortunately...) but it might be harder at low level.
    In my opinion, If you include relaxed truebox too early, it may ruin what's good during early TLPs: grouping with strangers and meeting new people.
  7. Vewdue Elder

    Was there any update to unlocking it on Thornblade and other TLP's? Last I remember seeing was they were going to discuss it, but I haven't seen any updates whether they decided against it or are planning on adding it since then. Thornblade would very much like Relaxed true box at the very least, seeing how we're already in SoD which is way past the current plans to remove it completely on the new servers.
  8. Xhartor Augur

    Just wait for Mischief to reach the point where everyone starts using key binds to deal with ability bloat. This is the hell that Mangler currently exists in.
  9. Pikollo Augur

    Our last response is we'd get an answer this year. Its still a waiting game but they are acknowledging it.
  10. Mybag Journeyman

    The reason for lack of single players is because of these aoe powerlevels and if the company actually did something about these RMT players, we would see normal grouping again but they're greedy and let these types of services like aoe plvlers, mass raid bot farmers and high value group bot farmers happen because it pushes krono sales and that's more important to them. Even though these players cheat and use 3rd party to do it. Also, removing truebox wouldn't fly with them because it would make it so the average player could do what the truebox bypassing players do and krono sales would go down even though account subscribers would go up, but it would be less money and the greedy company won't have that..... why do you think they won't even let 3 boxing on 1 PC happen until omens+ because they make way to much off the pre-expans
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  11. Dixa Augur

    while i personally would like a relaxed truebox as i only have two pc's right now and am not looking to add anyomre, relaxing truebox on mischief would create the same problems on FV - EVERYTHING would be camped by people boxing 6 or more characters at once.
  12. Dixa Augur

    you should teach yourself to use keybinds no matter what era of this game you play. it makes you a better player and better able to react to changing conditions than clicking everything. same with mouse vs. keyboard turning.

    the heavy reliance on macro's due to their being too many activateable aa's than can fit on your hotbars is a different matter