Relaxed truebox - if you're against it... why?

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  1. Bewts Augur

    I play on Agnarr.
    Agnarr does not suffer from mass boxing anymore.
    I boxed 2 accounts using 2 laptops.
    I wanted to expand to a full group, like I had on Lockjaw.
    I’ve spent ~$1700 on hardware to expand from 2 to 6 (not done spending, minor purchases left for QoL).
    I’m also now paying 6x subscriptions.

    Purchases so far include:
    43” TV with 4 HDMI inputs + 4 input PiP
    Mount for TV + Self-Installation
    4x MiniPC, Keyboards and mice
    2x Half keyboards + multiple button mouse
    4x HDMI cables
    4x VideoPort to HDMI adapters (MiniPC did not come with HDMI output)

    Shopping list remaining:
    Mounting solution for the 4 MiniPC to open up desk space
    3x USB WiFi Adapters - 3 refurbished PC came with crappy USB vs internal NIC
    Potential CAT cable / switch from Router to upstairs office
    New potential router (The USB WiFi PC routinely drop connection)

    I mention all this because the expense to box given the 1 to 1 Truebox solution creates financial hurdles that used to cost a $75 annual subscription for software to leverage the capacity of a single modern PC.
  2. Peter_The_great Elder

    Crazy.. almost 100usd month for nothing really.. that is a car within a year, a house in 5 years.. college in 7 years.
  3. Triconx Augur

    What hunk of hunk are you buying with 6k? And what college are you going to for 8k? 8k was barely my room and board at college for a year and that was 15 years ago.
  4. Peter_The_great Elder

    6k USD is a very good first car.

    In Sweden Collage is 'free' or whole EU collage is 'free' (taxes)

    Everquest need to cut the prices by 80%
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  5. Triconx Augur

    99.5% of people who play EQ are well beyond the years of first car.

    Nothing in the world is free. EU taxes are a good 15-20% higher than US on average.

    $100 a year is a good deal with the option to play free if you farm krono
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  6. Bewts Augur

    There are much more expensive hobbies to pursue, although few are as time consuming as this one.

    As a parent of 2 kids, the hobbies one can pursue are rather constrained in the event you decide like I have to always be present for their activities.

    EQ offers a more or less pick up / put down hobby opportunity in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed.

    I mean… I can easily drop $100 a weekend just drinking beer and shooting whisky with people at the local bar on a Friday or Saturday. Do that twice a month and besides the poor faction with wife I could have hangovers and health issues. Instead, I choose EQ for 6 subs a month (now that the initial investment is sunk).

    To each their own though… and FWIW a new truck in the US starts at like $38 and easily gets to over $75k with the “options”. So $1200 a year would cover 1-1.5 months of a vehicle payment ;)
  7. Tallos New Member

    You all need to argue this from an environmental perspective. If they allow this they can claim that their TLP servers are environmentally friendly because less equipment will be running! Think of the carbon footprint reductions!!
  8. Faydra Augur

    Let's be honest, no one likes having to boot up multiple machines. If it helps draw less energy and is more environmentally friendly, then its a win for everyone.
  9. Stune Augur

    Wish College was free in North America, we would have less issues with trade skills getting employed. University on the other hand should not be free.
  10. psybob New Member

    I have No issues with 3 per ISP , but that's all anyone would need. Boxes take away from the game. Boxers don't feel the need to group , when you got boxers Perma camping loot just for Krono F that , Greedy 'terds !
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  11. manglered Lorekeeper

    instead of worrying about what others are doing its much easier to plan your own gameplay with other like minded individuals ... if you don't like boxing than simply find other players with similar goals in game ... problem solved. so many people seem to think they have a right to tell others how to play. i personally don't care one way or the other how people spend there time in norrath.
  12. Ecko Elder

    Boxers played/still play on Rizlona, people running armies to sell raid loots etc. played on Aradune (and probably played on Rizlona, and every other TLP/Live to make those sweet, sweet krono)

    There is a difference.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You are correct, some boxers did play on Rizolna but the point was that you had boxers playing on Aradune (the no box server) even though there was a boxing server available. Just because you make a server for boxing doesn't mean that the box free server is actually going to be free of boxers.
  14. Delacroix Journeyman

    I am against all boxing. I think boxing eliminates the best part of the game which is socializing and achieving with friends. That having been said, if you are going to have boxing, you should make it easy for everyone so we are all on the same level.

    I would much prefer to pay more money and have better customer service tracking and eliminating boxers. But since that is never going to happen, they probably should make it easier for people to box.
  15. Burdi Augur

    WTB Vintage Aston Martin DB 9 for 1200 USD
  16. FranktheBank Augur

    First off, Aradune was not a no box server, it was just a truebox server with an added [dumb] restriction of 3 characters, enforced by the honor system.

    Second, please stop with the same bad argument. This is exactly that same as your failed "people will complain" arc from last thread. You are literally the definition of letting "perfect be the enemy of good".

    Did any boxers that wouldn't have otherwise played, choose to play because Rizlona was an option? Did Aradune end up with less boxers than a normal TLP, because there was Rizlona as an option?

    You and I do not have the answers to these questions. I can guess the answer to the first one, based on some anecdotal evidence, but we don't know for sure. So again, because you and I are both ignorant of the truth, stop trying to pass off your opinions and personal issues as facts.
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  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You might want to check the rules again because you have them wrong

    The rules clearly state that you are limited to boxing 2 characters and list out punishments for boxing 3 or more.

    Just because they make a server just for boxers doesn't mean that they will all go to that server as was shown by these servers.
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  18. Captain Video Augur

    Practice what you preach, meaning get your facts right. Aradune's official limit is two characters, not three, and has been since its launch. Enforcement was not by the honor system, there were several waves of suspensions. I will grant you that enforcement has been essentially abandoned since TSS unlocked there. The handful of surviving guilds on Aradune are all made up primarily of multi-boxers; very few are left who wanted to play according to the two-box rule.

    You may think some rules are dumb, but if you roll on the server then you agree to play by them. Anything else is simply cheating.
  19. Cheet Elder

    One of those surviving guilds top dps literally 3 boxed from day one. Multiple reports with screenshots and video.

    He must have figured out a way around it or he works for DBG.
  20. Triconx Augur

    You proved yourself wrong there, genius. You initially said it was the no box server. At least his only incorrect statement was a possible typo between 2 and 3. You were just plain wrong. /golfclap