Reigning solo pet class - please help...

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    This is driving me batty, and consuming way too much of my brain... like obsessive thinking.Mischief server, so gearing is a bit easier.Many of you run multiple toons, some concurrently...

    I NEED the strongest pet for soloing. I'm so sick of MMOs with weak pets (EQ2, FFXIV). Both are 67 and 68 respectively. I'm going to molo and group (when available) but not box. The thing that's driving me nuts is BL vs. Mage.

    1. BLs can slow, and that's huge. Even running with some 80's last couple nights since my return, they pull, I slow we can do named and multiples. Slow is critical for hard hitting, fast hitting mobs. BLs have great heals to supplement merc healer, buffs, paragon, mana regen.Level 68BL pet hits for 100, which is okay. Gameplay is pretty easy, for now, but will get busy at 85 even with auto kick enabled.

    2. 67 Mage pet, air, with summoning book, hits for 113, stuns, tanks amazingly, but no slow. J5 merc seemed to keep him healed. Bolt spells hit... okay, great 10k hits when they crit. Can't rely on that all the time. I can summon everything my pet needs without begging and buying pet gear. The siphon line is GREAT for 5 mins of mana regen. Multiple mobs seem like they'll be a problem without slowing all the critters.

    I'm going to solo / molo and group when I re-make friends. That might take a while, but I'm generally likable unless I've had a horrible day at work. Then I just want to pull mob, kill mob and be safe.I want to love this game, make some pals, but not required all the time.

    Which would you start as a base, then level second? BL, Mage? Please be nice, this has been dragging me down for months, but really active the last few days since returning.The 85+ game is new to me on all xpacs.

    Sorry for the wall of text.
    Sadiven - Mage 67
    Cravensworth - Beastlord 68
  2. topple good idea generator

    I main a beastlord on Mischief and this expansion has been good so far. As far as your evaluation on the pets? That’s pretty spot on.

    Currently with the best raid focus, my pet hits for 260ish? But he tanks like a monster. I can molo any group named if I can get them solo. I took a named in Korofax molo with an add but there was a lot of close calls and I had to blow everything.

    The mage pet will no doubt hit way harder right now. Hell, even a shaman pet hits over 500 damage a hit at this level so the beast pet isn’t amazing dps or anything but I believe that changes in HoT with the next level pet. On Alla it says that pet hits for 600 so this improves a bunch of that’s accurate.

    As far as dps between the two? Mages are even if not right ahead of beastlord at this time but I can’t speak on how they compare later. Also I will add in that this statement that they are compatible is highly dependent on adps, the type of fight and number of pets on a target. Word on the street is mages and necros are in a tier of their own in the coming expansions but I also hear beastlord damage jumps up considerably by 90 so I can’t speak to that.

    I can say for sure though that the beast is a lot more buttons and active than the mage for similar damage output. So the question is: how sweaty do you want to be.
  3. Silver-Crow Augur

    To be honest it's like comparing apples and oranges.

    Mage pet is very tough, but no slow
    BST pet is slightly less tough, but with slow it's also fine

    It comes down really to your preferred playstyle and time.

    Mages sit back and nuke.. some melee too to squeeze out some more dps.. but it's their spells that do the damage.
    Bsts are always up front with their pet, and are extremely busy...on rotations and spamming spells/dots/abilities.

    So it's more down to what you prefer doing. I would say however, If you're boxing, definitely go mage.
    DPS wise, both can crank out great numbers, but you will need to work alot harder as a bst to achieve this.

    Finally Bsts need an awful lot of AA compared to mage, as they're a hybrid class... great if this is your main as you're never short of things to buy, but expect to have to work hard. They are an extremely fun rewarding class to play however.
  4. Dixa Augur

    the strongest pet - in a vacuum - is the mage pet. at some point they summon in with armor and most focuses. the magicians can just give them some nice weapons and move on. the magician toolkit also lends itself to that pets survivability in a passive way with ward procs, heals from their own nukes etc.

    ungeared warders are squishy. warders are also inferior to both necro and magician pets until 70's and 80's. by weaker i mean fundamentally several levels lower baseline and focused. you need to gear your warder for it to survive what a magician air pet can do with little help. bst have a few more ways to heal spam their pet, but heal spamming means you aren't doing damage, prologing that fight.

    i made a heroic 85 of both recently. played each for several hours fighting the very lethal lizardmen in feerot. the air pet was a beast. individual pulls dropped fast with little mana expended since the swarm pets are insane. i would nuke pretty hard without using burns and would not pull from the air pet who had a rage sword and a stun sword equipped. the first swarm would pull from the air pet because it's hitting for 1500 a swing but when it expires the air has the mob full time. zero survivability issues despite no slow. the healer merc used very little mana. and i think i used at most 35% or thereabouts mana when i was really spamming stuff.

    the bst on the other hand the warder was extremely squishy. you dont have defensive/offensive stances at 85 yet. it was also unable to hold threat despite my using the +threat proc on it (had to use zam to be sure i was using the right one) just auto attacking and had to use the threat drop hit who's name i forget now pretty much on cooldown. bst melee isn't exactly amazing it's less than a heroic shadowknight per hit (700-800 per hit vs a 1200-2500 hit from an sk and i'm counting the self buff to melee damage that bst gets here). the cleric merc used about 20% of it's mana per fight whereas their bar didn't move on the mage and i was also dropping bst pet heals. the bst used a lot of mana to kill things slower than the mage. the bst was able to split pull due to having two FD's, but note that 85 is the earliest you can get any FD AA's on the class. Every fight was fully slowed and debuffed. both heroic characters have the same EM V earring.

    if you are willing to take the time to feed your pet, i believe the bst and necro will both outshine the magician if you don't wish to box at all with the necro edging out because they can pet tank, root rot or snare kite when one or two of those won't work given the area you are in. But, that is quite an investment of time and money to make what a magician doesn't need. Unless you farm them yourself, crafting materials are pretty pricey on TLP's. for some, that time and money is better spent on a 2nd boxed character to support the magician with slows, mezz, single pulling and mana regen (enchanter).

    also not sure when you last played EQ2, but the necromancer pet with it's toolkit is a freaking powerhouse. FFXIV ruined summoners i agree. i miss using my titan egi to tank raids.
  5. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Mage pet is strongest, I usually roll Earth because Air stun only works on one target, while more ac/mitigation can tank multiple; and if it's a single tough mob, it's probably stun immune or too high level for the pet to stun anyway.

    And I would partner with a Shaman instead of a Beastlord as the second. a Shammy buffed Earth pet is powerful.
  6. Chopsuey Augur

    I'm loving my bst on Mischief atm. The SoD pet + EM8 focus is such a big improvement as far as solo pet tanking with merc healer. I try to keep the 18k rune on pet as much as possible and the AA buff you get from companions fortitude is real nice.
    I've done all of the SoD theme augs, minus the tosk/warrens cuz I don't want the ogre doll, almost entirely solo (was a couple of obf quests that are rough to solo).
    With that said, I have a 70 something mage I'm going to be leveling up during bonus xp. I might have more insight after that.
  7. Ishbu Augur

    Its a mage pet and its not very close to be honest.

    Once you hit SoF the pets make a drastic step up in just about every possible way. One expansion later you get mercs, you dont need slow. I had no issue soloing any named in Korafax just on my own, no merc needed even as a mage, although still recommended
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  8. Gnomie Denser than most

    I will say I was soloing Golems in Korascian Caverns at level 80 on a mage with a J5 healer merc and an earth pet. It was not hard.

    Mage pets are just that much better than other pets. They come pre-equipped with a full set of armor and the HP gear, and the difference is just tremendous. I've never had issues pulling aggro off of an earth or air pet. However, when I played a beastlord in House of Thule on Coirnav, I was constantly pulling aggro off of my warder with beastlord melee and spells.

    Right now you can get 66 ranks of Companion Fury on the mage, which turns not only your main pet, but also your swarm pets, into flurry machines.