Regarding Third Party Cheat Programs

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  1. HULKMAN Lorekeeper


    bottom line is : DO NOT USE ANYTHING . PERIOD !!





  2. Nifty Slacker Augur

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone with an opposing opinion using caps lock. And big font.
  3. Intenso Augur

  4. Rahkzar New Member

    I wish they would just post an official "These programs are safe to use during your time playing EQ" list. It's not like there are that many programs that people are wondering about. Sure it will never be 100% all inclusive, but I'm sure they could solve 90% of the peoples questions with a few lines of text, and then they wouldn't be bringing any undue attention to the list of programs that are bannable. But at least they could clear the air for the ones that are not.
  5. Intenso Augur

    yous not bored farming gorowyn yet ;p
  6. jordune Augur

    Dear box heaters,
    Dbg already stops people who use “ said” programs from being able to log into
    Your precious true box servers.
    Think about that
    If dbg wanted to they could easily flip the switch and make every sever a “ true- box” server
    Why don’t they?
    As was stated before, dbg made agreements with those companies. So far as I know everything is fine
    So let’s assume that dbg does as you want. Flip the switch!!!
    Everquest dies that day.
    Do the math. EverQuest would lose over $4m in subs and idk how much on station cash.
    I don’t like hacks dupes or crap like that as well I can’t stand afk farming
    But if I cannot play and enjoy eq with out some turf head on phony getting all butt hurt about what I’m doing on ragefire then by all means
    Flip that switch!
    Mabby the new owners of eq will have some sense
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  7. Wizlard Augur

    A reason to throw shade at methods of non-automated boxing I'm too lazy to learn! Mediocre players rejoice!
  8. Aurmoon Augur

    I have no comments on the cheating but would like to at least discuss some misconceptions on the economics of Krono:

    In order for a Krono to come into existence, it must be purchased from Daybreak, typically at a rate that is more expensive than a monthly subscription. For every Krono that enters circulation, Daybreak is paid. This is true for both Krono that are consumed and Krono that are sitting in inventory.

    When one buys a Krono from Daybreak and trades it to another player (who then consumes it), what is effectively happening is the Krono buyer is essentially paying the Krono consumer’s subscription (to Daybreak) on behalf of the Krono consumer. They do so in exchange for in-game items or platinum. There is absolutely no “leakage” of value to Daybreak at any point along the way. This system is great for Daybreak because it allows for those with a desire to spend more RL Cash ($$) on EQ to do so from other players in the form of paying for the other players’ subscriptions. The other players are okay with it because they lack RL Cash or value it more highly than the plat accumulated by playing EQ.

    From Daybreak’s perspective, given it is a closed loop system, whatever system maximizes the number of gold accounts (either by Credit Card or by Krono) will be the most profitable. Right now, that is allowing Krono to persist and permitting multi-boxing (or eliminating FTP on TLPs). Setting aside the ethics/permissibility of 3rd party programs and focusing exclusively on the economics, if bottlers are paying subscriptions or consuming Krono, they are direct contributors to Daybreak’s revenue,

    While not a focus of this discussion, the other way that Daybreak makes money is if a player quits with active subscription time (or Krono) on the account. Krono and active subscription time have already been paid for, so Daybreak does not lose money when retiring players exit with their Krono (as the Krono has already been bought).

    Lastly, as it pertains to bot farmers, I actually think they are a positive to the economy. As a non-raider, it is pretty inexpensive to buy up a full suit of conflagrant gear, which is nearly the best available group gear. The only equipment left to obtain is Chase loot. Getting it myself is nearly impossible, the amount of killing required is insane — can kill for the entire month and get one item, which may or may not be the item I’m looking for. With bot farmers constantly killing, they are actively bringing more chase loot into existence and creating a market. Without items for sale, I would have no reason to purchase Krono (from Daybreak) as there would be few/no items for me to trade my Krono for.

    Note that this post is intended to focus entirely on the economics of the situation and not on the ethics/cheating element. Y’all have fun with that discussion....
  9. Finro-Coirnav New Member

    @EQ Devs I hate to be skeptical but I have my doubts I mean do you recognize this quote:

    "xxxxxxxx tells General:1 'www,curre...... powerlevel 1-60 plat kron accounts epic items wwww,curre
    farmers ,<xxxxxx><xxxxx><xxxxx> .... ect ect "

    stop those guys from spamming and ill be impressed and have a little faith that were making progress and you really intend to stop cheating with your OP algorithms.
  10. Vegaroth Obscura New Member

    Honestly, the fact that there are still people doing multi-boxing on truebox servers that just camp things that are valuable is why I am not playing on Agnarr or Coirnav right now. When I spent over 8 hours LFG on a Healer and the end result was that there was nowhere to go for an xp camp because they were being camped by boxes that did it for me. I realize that they are -TECHNICALLY- following the rules but it's still ruining a player experience. The whole idea behind the truebox idea is that there wouldn't be multiboxers but they just still do it and I know some of them were not using six individual machines and they were pretty open and honest about saying things like:

    "I always go to the new timelock servers to farm and make krono its the only reason i come here and do anything is so that i dont have to pay for my gametime.

    i have already saved enough to pay for all of my accounts for over a year and i am going to keep farming until i have enough for another set of accounts."

    One of them had done it so much and screwed over so many people that everyone - EVERYONE - knew his name on Agnarr because he was on phini and ragefire and every other tlp.

    Once again, not technically cheating but it's abusing a system created by dbg that's negatively impacting the gamestate.
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  11. Vegaroth Obscura New Member

    So what you're saying is that it's entirely fine for the entire economy to be ruined for real players so long as you are gaining a benefit from it? You realize that is exactly why they are wanting to crack down on it. It's making it so real players, like yourself who acquire less of an item because you are not a 24/7 bot machine can maximize your value out of it instead of just going...well i'll just buy it from a bot because now it's cheap. The very thing you stated as an advantage due to the economy of it is what is hurting real players that are farming it and you just said you don't care because you want cheap easy crap to get.
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  12. Mybag Journeyman

    I would agree with no free passes these people know what stuff is cheating and what's not so why give them a chance to figure out what ones are being watched."
    I will probably get a lot of neg replies because so many use it and cant live with out it but here we go"....
    I for one hope they focus mainly on map cheats because its out of control and I am tired of hearing about it in every guild vchat I join on TLP. I play a ranger and I have always enjoyed being able to track mobs but now its pointless with all the people using map cheats and not just in groups, even in open world guilds their track teams are made up of cheaters who can just be in the zone and afk until they get a email when a mob spawns....seriously? I get that this stuff is probably hard for DBG to monitor but what about fake spawns for these guys or whatever you can do to make it harder for them. Anyways, rant off I am glad you guys are taking steps to stop cheaters again I just hope this one is on your radar because its by far the most abused in EQ.
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  13. Ghubuk Augur

    People don't hate boxers. They hate botters. You know those people that dont know how to play unless they have 3rd party software do it for them.
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  14. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Consider the case of a player in 2001 in server wide leading guild without GINA compared to a player now with GINA as a required element of raiding. One required skill, then other looks alot like WOW with all those neato pluggins you could download for that MMO. And then, when you just examine skills needed for each era's "BEST of the BEST" group had to have an entirely different level of situational awareness whereas now big yellow letters and a voice tell you what to do and when to do it and where to move, etc, etc, etc.

    Objectively...does this not seriously alter the game?
  15. Khat_Nip Meow

    No more so than the in-game audiotrigger function. Both of them trigger an alert and it's up to the user to respond as they see fit.
    Now if GINA where able to apply an in-game action based on a trigger without user intervention then that would not be OK, but it's moot because it can't.
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  16. Sancus Augur

    2/6 members of my raid group don't use GINA. And I feel like we're pretty good raiders?
  17. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Are you absolutely dense? Did you even raid in 2001 vs. 2018? Obviously not...
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  18. Roxxlyy Augur

    I'll start a conversation with CS and dev and look into pulling something together to help illustrate a list of what is generally acceptable. Obviously, we don't want to create a list of banned/cheating programs and draw more attention to them; as it stands, programs that alter the way EQ is intended to be played in a way that gives you an unfair advantage over other players should be fairly clear cut as not allowed.
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  19. Homeless Greg New Member

  20. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Actually, that's good to hear that some purists are out there.
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