Regarding Third Party Cheat Programs

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EQ Dev, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. Sad Panda Elder

    Baby in a corner.
  2. Malcavian New Member

    you done broke the first rule of fight club...Oh crud...
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  3. Sostenes Augur

    If I were to state "don't kill me"

    I think that is a pretty self explanatory statement.

    I don't need to or should be expected to make a LIST of all the different ways you can go about killing me....why would I tell you!

    Get a grip! STOP CHEATING! Self explanatory.

    Dont need to explain what the meaning of "IS" is...

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  4. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    Other games have been very specific on where the line is such as Albion Online where you can basicly "look but dont touch". While that specific line would not work in EQ at least everyone playing Albion knows exactly where the line is and when and if they've crossed it.

    However im guessing this debate is mostly over as the servers appear to be back online... yay
  5. tacopie New Member

    is there an eta on this?
  6. shep569 Journeyman

    So how about you End the dumb patch, get the game up and running, give us all a free day game time, and deal with cheaters on your time - NOT ours...... ive got some quest I need to do before I go to bed...... :cool:
  7. Hellboy007 Augur

    The rule was at one time. at least my interpretation. BTW as far as i know there is only one tool that this has ever applied to.. Now if you use things like workspace macro or programmable keyboards to do automation that will get your butt banned. Now i mean for killing things. stuff like tradeskills probably off the radar.

    if using game genie Then:
    Do not use warp and other serious hacks.

    Do not use tool for AFK farming

    Do not use tool period if your AFK

    Use of tool while at keyboard is ok..

    now if the tool is detecting and banning any user of gamegeine you can pretty much guarantee that will be very bad for the game as a whole.
  8. Banne Lorekeeper

    About time DB starts cracking down on all these shady players, Keep up the good work. =)
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  9. Kolani Augur

    See, that's what I was confused about. Depending on your configuration of both, you can use emcuedos and be fine and eyeessbockser and be in violation. It's all in *how* you're using it.
  10. Banne Lorekeeper

    wether you at the keyboard or not, if you use a programs that plays the game with out your control that is cheating plain and simple !!!!!
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  11. Banne Lorekeeper

    Imo there is far more players that want a legit game to play that isnt full of bots and cheaters...... Go get em DB =)
  12. Magnet New Member

    Thank You for creating and maintaining a wonderful world for us to play in, safe from harm!!!
  13. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    maybe... we'll probably never know for sure
  14. Hellboy007 Augur

    you just dont get how much gamegenie is intertwined in EQ. FYI EQ head hancho works closely with gamegenie head hancho. they worked out a deal to keep TLP trubox clean of gamegenie users. but rogue programmers circumvented those deals and caused a big change on gamegenies end.
  15. doah Augur

    Is this the gift mentioned in the patch notes by chance?

    Christmas in July!!!!
  16. Hemick Journeyman

    Problem is, it's not *just* "Game Genie" that people have been banned for in the past. Some players have been banned for things that are in widespread use now. Autofire, the predecessor to Autohotkey, used to be a bannable offense, and for all we know *may still be one* along with Razer Synapse and other keyboard/mouse macro applications.
  17. elumxe Elder

    Open letter to devs:

    Let’s step back for a second before this gets out of hand, I’m all for banning cheaters who interrupt others gameplay etc, but let’s keep in mind that MOST third party tools that exist for eq ARE “good”.

    EQ has evolved over the years and MANY new features have been added to the client after they where first added by third party tools.

    GINA style audio triggers
    More Chatfilters.
    Time stamps.
    Level of npcs in con message.
    Auto loot
    Loot filters
    Ability to see group members on map
    And well uh the actual map...
    Find npcs/group/fellowship/raid tool
    Hot buttons with macro capability
    /Useitem which takes ItemName
    Click from bags
    Switch targets by hotkey
    Windowed mode
    Mem without book open
    Load and save spellsets
    Draw path to target
    Custom ui labels (EQTypes)
    Auto skills like kick/bash
    Hide afk players/pets/merces
    Screenmode to stop rendering (F10)
    Sleep in mainloop to let the cpu breathe
    FPS limiter
    Old models on/off
    Extended target window
    No weight for money
    No fall damage in some zones
    Spellinfo - Lucy
    Iteminfo - eqresource
    Questinfo And tradeskills - eqtraders

    I can easily come up with many many more but these are just some I could think of just quickly looking at old clients over the years up til now.

    Here is a list of other features that hasn’t yet made it to the client which could very well be good candidates for future additions (which currently only exist as third party tools)

    Slotcolors - different background colors for for example quest/tradeskill/collectibles etc.

    X y z loc like /loc outputs directly on compass window. Why spam a hotkey and chat when it can just be displayed there underneith it?

    Line of sight on target window? Why spam the chat when u can’t see the target? Can just as well display a green/red indicator on target window.

    Out of range messages when casting spells? Again, it just spams chat, can just display on target window as an indicator... or even distance to target. We want to know if we are 30 feet away with our rangers...

    Open trade with target if something on cursor and clicking the targetwindow name field. (Good for raids/crowded areas)

    Click npc in find window or zone connections and not only does it draw the path, it autofollows it to the destination.(behavior an options toggle)

    Hoover mouse+ctrl tooltip that compares an item to whatever u have equipped and displays ac/hp etc, is it an upgrade? Can I wear it? Is it level restricted? Red text means it’s worse than equipped, green means it’s an upgrade.

    Again there are many many more of these as well but I think I made my point.

    Bottom line here is, saying you will ban third party tools is too broad of a spectrum and it’s better to just say you will ban people who use features you don’t want people to use, auto bot while afk? Ban them.
    Sitting on a spot picking up a groundspawn afk? Ban them.

    Ban for bad behavior, not for just displaying slotcolors in bags or a loc in the compass.

    Thanks devs, you are doing an amazing job, we all appreciate it, but please keep in mind us third party tool users/devs and fan based projects/sites etc, we just want to help making eq better for the players.

    We love to contribute and create features, we love eq, we are your biggest fans, we want eq to succeed and we sincerely believe that embracing third party tools is a better option than shutting us out if you play the long game...

    Devs: IF you know of a specific feature that you really really feel is detrimental to gameplay, open a dialog with the third party dev in question, we aren’t “evil” for the most part, and we are usually reasonable people, and we CAN disable or remove features if it’s within reason and actually within our power to do so.

    We WANT to work with you, not against you.
  18. Nifty Slacker Augur

    Terrible analogies make fantastic arguements. Good job sir, you've no doubt won countless debates without changing anyones mind just by irritating your opponent.
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  19. Eqfanatic17 New Member

    Im confused, Why would they say " please don't post specific cheating programs" um its called a neighborhood watch program? why wouldn't they say hey nerds, post every single cheating APP you know of any we'll investigate it?

    Ohhhhhh because they don't want us to name the ones they support? because then they'll be forced to stop them? /tinfoil hat on
  20. Guzzle Augur

    I applaud DBG for taking the time to do something that.... really won't matter, or will just probably whittle down their playerbase.

    I'm not excusing cheating, or saying it should be allowed by any means, but isn't the playerbase small enough? Do you really want to cannibalize your playerbase like that?

    While your intentions are pure, I hope your revenue stream can withstand a stream of chargebacks that surely will follow with haphazard banning of people with ambiguous mentions of "third party applications".

    If a list of what is considered a disallowed 3rd party app isn't made available, I find it very hard to understand how your "algorithms" will prevent you from false positives and unnecessary "permanent" bans. It has been demonstrated time and again that you do not play your own game, so I find it hard to believe you have the ability to recognize via code what is legitimate play or not.

    How will your algorithms be implemented? Recognizing gameplay patterns? Scanning peoples PC's for running applications? I'm pretty sure you've faced massive backlash ( by doing that before, and I think you're fooling yourselves if you don't think the same will happen again. I, for one, do not consent to that kind of thing.

    This ambiguous post is a pretty bad look. I suggest you put even an ounce of thought into how you communicate these changes to your customers going forward.

    Tread carefully before your cash cow fizzles out.
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