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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EQ Dev, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. Someonesomewhere New Member

    Like you said though, use common sense. Programs were said they are able to used under the conditions of the ToS and user agreement. If you think it could get banned, most likely it is not a program you want to use.
  2. Kaza New Member

    Okay, So enough of the Political response, If you expect us to know what your game's classification of Cheating falls under, Give us a list of approved/unapproved programs or even focus solely on the features that are not permitted, While we all know people love to bend and break rules. being vague about your statements only leads to people using it as a defense. Provide us some kind of direction to be pointed in, as I read on the first page and happen to agree with from "Hemick" This game has gone through 3 companies and each one has given a more vague answer than the last on what is considered "Cheating" programs. I can understand the ones that give anyone Track, or Live Map feeds, or whatever, But We've had conflicting information regarding passthrough programs that allow you to control multiple instances of EQ, or months back when any program that wasn't designed or "Authorized" by Verant/Sony/Daybreak. Give us a list so we don't have to sit here and guess on if our accounts will be ripped from us because we used a program that was once authorized but no longer authorized.

    Only interested in GM/Admin response from this point forward.
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  3. Sostenes Augur

    All these "New Members" complaining, we are all adults here, most of us are 40+. We dont need to be told by DB what is legal and what isn't. We know. I have been a single toon player for several years, never got in to boxing, yet, as of about 6 months, I see a bunch of toon armies camped at several locations of EQ just farming away, not a player in site, fully automated gameplay, it affects the value of krono, tradeskill items, rare drops, etc...Just play EQ the way it is supposed to be played or get banned.

    Dont know how to playa game legally and claim ignorance after EQ has been around for almost 25 expansions, that sounds an awful lot like BS

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  4. Hellboy007 Augur

    I look at this situation like game genie. People cant stand playing games without game geine. Important question to ask is how many people use game genie?

    Why didn’t you take care of this 15+ years ago? That’s how long this has been around.

    Imagine out of the blue core guild mates up and vanish. Guilds crumble. When guilds crumble so does the game.

    If they not hurting anyone then who gives a whoot. If they paying you money or buying in game things that others are paying money for? Who gives a whoot. Just let it go so the game can still carry on the way it has for over a decade.
  5. Bubonic_VZ New Member

    I'm a "new member" because I rarely take the time to post on forums. I made this acct in 2001. As many people who are labeled "new member" have pointed out the stance on 3rd party programs by each company who has ran this game has been different and each company has given less information as to what is ok in their view
  6. Malcavian New Member

    Lol so your solution is let them continue to cheat out of fear of losing customers? bad idea BTW i hated Game genuie and Cheats back in the day it trivialized the game and made it boring if you really love a game youll play it the way it was intended to be played
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  7. Khat_Nip Meow

    You'll continue wasting your time asking for a list of programs that will get you banned and they're not going to tell you, for multiple reasons. If I were in DBG's position I wouldn't either.

    Use common sense and stop with wondering if simply reading a log file is bannable. That's the sole purpose of it being created, fcs.
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  8. Nanan00 Journeyman

    I play a toon that has some very good gear and yet I can't solo a blue con mob in Overthere, think I figured out why people box and use cheat programs to make boxing easier. Maybe fix the game balance problems to where people don't need a group or mercs to kill mobs that con even and under and you will get rid of most of the reason people cheat. Just a thought, its how the game mechanics of EQ used to work and how it works in basically all other MMO's.
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  9. intotheclouds New Member

    It seems mindless to not list the known cheat programs. Just because you do not "say or write them" them does not make them go away or stop people from using them. Proper education is more effective.

    Also, it would be helpful to list the well known applications that do not currently violate the EULA so it would be more clear what people are allowed to use.

    You should either ban ALL external software (including ones used for Audio triggers, Boxing, etc) that interacts with the EQ game play or provide list of what is allowed/or not. This would save all your paying customers the hassle of having to wonder if they are going to be banned and or having to spend hours on an useless forum trying to cryptically debate if the software they are using violates the ELUA.
  10. sinadven Journeyman

    ok this is easy if you think your cheating with the program your using just stop lol.All the people doing it know who they are.
  11. Hellboy007 Augur

    like i said its been that way for over a decade. if they blanket ban game genie users what sort of effect would this have on the game?

    sure get the auto bots and extreme hackers but have to be careful of just how many none extreme users are out there. and what effect on the overall game could nuking all of those people from the game have.
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  12. Eqfanatic17 New Member

    Im confused, Why would they say " please don't post specific cheating programs" um its called a neighborhood watch program? why wouldn't they say hey nerds, post every single cheating APP you know of any we'll investigate it?

    Ohhhhhh because they don't want us to name the ones they support? because then they'll be forced to stop them? /tinfoil hat on
  13. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    Same im a new member who started when Kunark was the new expansion... I guess you've always played it safe and never used a damage parser or a custom UI Sostenes.. Common sense you might say, making those adjustments to the gameplay is ok, but other things arent at this given time... hopefully thats correct, but actually using those things are a risk as we dont really know.

    I cant stand cheaters either and hope they ban them all but having a secret ban list is essentially just deciding to make the rules up as you go.
  14. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice


    There I said it.
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  15. Bubonic_VZ New Member

  16. woo woo Journeyman

    $180 a month I spend to play this the way I want, not counting kronos, station cash and "other fees". If they are done with me, that's fine. Gives me a reason to save my 1/4 car payment monthly.
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  17. Hellboy007 Augur

    as you can imagine game genie websites are already talking about this and combined they have more post than this thread already.

    BTW way back in the day i had a guide webpage that was fairly popular. I could monitor traffic to and from my site. and people may or may not be surprised how much of it went to a game genie site or another.
  18. Malcavian New Member

    I kinda agree with ya on the second part except it would be hard to define what is considered "acceptable cheating" and "Non Acceptable cheating" their both still cheating in some way i reiterate that not banning cheaters/hackers out of fear is a bad idea because in the end the people who end up getting the shaft so to speak are the ppl that wont cheat hack or whatever ya know
  19. charlesakinney New Member

    If DBG has new stuff to catch cheating the best way I would say to do it would be to not allow people who use them to CONNECT to the servers in the first place or be dropped soon after connecting to verify a cheating apparatus. This avoids all this terrible confrontation between DBG and the public.

    It surprises me that this is not very transparent by DBG. The mere mention of a program gets you into trouble? This is NOT any countries national security at risk here, don't treat it like that. It is a GAME from a long time ago. It is the year 2018 and just now a game is finding out some people are cheating? Sounds like resources weren't put to very good use, until now? So divulging the names of programs is terrible? I guess people will see them, look them up and use them on DBG? I thought there were new algorithms to catch their use?
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  20. Sad Panda Elder

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