Regarding Third Party Cheat Programs

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EQ Dev, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. strongbus Augur

    what your talking bout are software/hardware that let You send commands to toons that are tabbed out. But you still have to give each command each time you want it to happen. They have said in the past that programs that do that are fine. What they are talking bout are the programs that turn your alts into mercs with full programs that run your toons without any input from you. these programs can let a person setup a group and go to work and the program will play the whole group with no input from a live person.
  2. Fanra

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  3. Bubonic_VZ New Member

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  4. Nifty Slacker Augur

    So I can't use banned programs with everquest. Which programs are banned? Nobody knows.
  5. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    Im pretty sure number 10 is saying you cant interject things into packets or try to send data to the EQ servers apart from what you're legal client does. i dont think its talking about streaming or posting videos.

    That being said who's to know if OBS or any other streaming software is banned without knowing what programs have been banned... Technicaly the logitech keyboard software is 3rd party software that could be used for automation... is that banned software? we will never know, but can keep guessing
  6. Kolani Augur

    I'm guessing just unattended gameplay then? I really don't trust Daybreak to be able to identify actual hacking, at one point during Omens of War, I recall them banning a mage in our guild for enabling people to warp across Wall of Slaughter.
    A mage.
    Using Call of the Hero.
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  7. NOConcepts Exorcyst

    Good...the more that get booted the better.

    Play the game like it was intended to play and have fun with it. So many, including a few here in this thread are obviously taking this GAME far too seriously and frankly...probably need a little time away if this sort of thing is going to get your panties in a wad.

    Just play...have fun...sheesh...
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  8. Bubonic_VZ New Member

    Id say what you're talking about applies to #11, #10 talking about copyrights, uploading, or transmitting date leads me to streaming but who knows for certain
  9. Hemick Journeyman

    Frankly there are policies already in place about unattended play, but vaguely stepping up enforcement of cheating in the past has meant false positives every single time I can recall it, and it's not like EverQuest CS has ever been very good at properly escalating mistakes.

    Like others said above, *any* third party program that interacts with EverQuest is the definition I recall from the TOS, which includes anti-virus programs that not only scan every application open in memory but also disguise their processes in effectively the same ways some cheating programs do, and also would include keyboard and mouse drivers for virtually every "gaming" keyboard out there. Hell, at one point you could effectively unintentionally speed hack if Intel SpeedStep triggered at the wrong time, and that's controlled at the chipset level of your computer.

    We need some additional information on this, without a doubt.
  10. Boze TLP complaint factory

    ITT: People asking for more information while trying not to mention the specifics program(s) they're wondering about.
  11. Malcavian New Member

    If you guys really are going after folks who are cheating you really nee to look into Folks who Box like 20+ toons on TLP servers and Block other folks from Raids/content my guild was kept from raiding areas of Luclin and PoP progression due to one or two ppl on the server because we were afraid if we raided certain targets they would camp/wipe out raid areas that we would hit during the week there can be no way that is possible without 3rd party programs and that kind of bullying should not be allowed Im saying this now because i honestly didn't know you guys actually cared enough to look into it and if even though that server is into OOW now if you plan on making another TLP server later on the cycle will prob start over until this is dealt with it just makes it miserable for those of us who try to play the game the way it is intended and those who play on TLP servers are paying customers so there's also that
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  12. Mlipus New Member

    Just use eq as it is out of the box like the big majority of us noobs and no problem that way.
    But some peeps are too LAZY and want to get everything immediately.
    Play straight and no ban then.
    I never cheated in my about 19 years of play and never will.
  13. Bubonic_VZ New Member

    IMO they should revamp all zones to be request able for raid/targets and include the lockout that would be their spawn time - all the way back to original EQ. I don't play TLP but I can't even get close to a lot of old world raids mobs due to 84hr spawn timers or similar
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  14. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    @Milpus well maybe or maybe not... we dont know that... do you have a logitech mouse or keyboard? you could be in voilation without knowing it based on what is written in the rules
  15. Hemick Journeyman

    I don't care enough about posting on these forums, so I'll come out and ask about one I'm concerned about.

    Are GINA ( and other applications that scan log files to play audio triggers and display alerts on an overlay a type of application that is bannable? I know the colloquial wisdom is that it is not, but I know at one point (during the Verant years) this sort of thing was 100% bannable.
  16. doah Augur

    Brewall and goodurden maps going to get us banned:(

    The tell us where monsters spawn and zonelines are located.
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  17. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    @Hemick i guess if you dont loose your posting privileges then its Ok, and if you do then it's banned. lol one way to know... although not a good one
  18. Hemick Journeyman

    I'm fine with being a martyr for the cause, but , I'm a blind man and I won't even pretend I could see some of the text triggers I'd need to see for raids without GINA's help. /chatf 6 being the biggest text goes is still too small for me.
  19. Mlipus New Member

    I use a plain old mouse and a plain old keeyboard, no gizmo.
  20. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

    I do understand why they cant say which 3rd party programs are OK... obviously they say one is ok, then that program has an update tomorrow and its not ok.. but i wish there was something that said what general functions are ok..
    Like a damage parser that only reads the log file... or any program that only reads the log file... and then they could announce when that policy changes instead of it being a secret in flux.
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