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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EQ Dev, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. Defjam1 Journeyman

    Unless he's using a program that does it without him being physically at the computer, and it isn't a program that they decide is banned he should be fine.

    The funnest part of this thread is seeing how many forum questers are real life eq cheats also. I have high hopes that they have found a good way to detect and ban cheaters. And no, not most players, and no not 50 percent and no not anyone using gina or gameparse have anything to worry about. It's a small enough amount of the loudest protesters trying to influence something they use and are scared to death about now. Goodness that's awesome. I think it'll be fun seeing which 6 botter suddenly is asking if anyone wants to join them, or just suddenly has less playing time than before.
  2. Khat_Nip Augur

    Do other mainstream games allow automation for this purpose?

    Edit to add: If that were something that DBG made exceptions for then I suspect there's going to be a large swath of 'disabled' players in the near future, if you catch my drift.

    Addx2: grammerpolice, huh?
  3. Grammerpolice New Member

    World of Warcraft addons allow quite a bit. Anyone who played will probably remember Healbot and when every single raid required it and kicked you out if you didnt have it
  4. Levy Journeyman

    I'm going to be really happy about your reaction to the list when it finally comes out.
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  5. Odenor New Member

    This description summarizes neatly the issue I would like to see clarified. As I read it, the first option means the player didn't press any key, the player might not even be at the keyboard, and some script decided that '2' should be pressed. This seems like clear "unattended gameplay" and is/was/will be bannable.

    Is the second option going to be banned?
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  6. Ghubuk Augur

    From quote However, The ADA has not been held to apply to video game design. unquote
  7. Ghubuk Augur

    This has always concerned me as well. At first blush, I kinda don't mind that particular broadcast program. But as I don't use any 3rd party software to box, I am not expert at all the abilities of them and I worry that even that broadcast program could end up being abused to be just like "game genie".
  8. roth Augur

    Buying a house with plat is fine. Never said otherwise.

    Buying a house on the Marketplace ... DBG says its fine, but technically, its a form of pay to win, and thus, cheating.
  9. Vargaz New Member

    From the same article:
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  10. Smokezz Augur

  11. Ghubuk Augur

    I think that DBG has been pretty good about only having things for sale that are cosmetic and don't really add to player power. As well, with now all gold accounts getting 500 dbg cash each month, it is somewhat a moot point. I realize that yes, there are items that do add a certain amount of convenience (power?) but in my mind it is rather trivial. But I do understand the argument.
  12. Vargaz New Member

    And Roth......
    "Buying a house with plat is fine. Never said otherwise.
    Buying a house on the Marketplace ... DBG says its fine, but technically, its a form of pay to win, and thus, cheating."

    Boggles the mind. Plat, Loyalty Coin or Cash, it all is derived from the same the source, owned by that source and licensed by that source. They are all the same, just 3 different methods of acquisition. We don't own it, we're just borrowing it....
  13. Jumbur Augur

    If DBG say its fine then that is the rule the game follows. You are welcome to play by your own house rules. But as far as im concerned DBG has the final word on what the rules are, they are the devs, and they are in charge of game-design after all.

    This is the real reason for this mess imho. DBG has been waaay too quiet and vague regarding thirdparty software, leaving players to second-guess and make their own conclusions based solely on rumors about who gets banned for what...:confused:

    The end result is that you think everything is ok, until you are hit unexpected with a banhammer.

    To devs: Don't assume all the players are in possesion of common sense, if you want players to understand the rules, THEN SPELL THEM OUT!!!:p
  14. xcitng Augur

    DB gives us 500 DBC every month to buy things like houses, etc.
  15. code-zero Augur

    It doesn't matter what the program is, what matters is what it does. If they specify <whatever> as illegal but someone writes an entirely new program (which is what this is all about) then it's legal until it's ruled as otherwise.
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  16. Khat_Nip Augur

    That's the thing. If they banned app x and you really liked the ability to AFK forage while you slept then it would be trivial (for programmers) to write a program that does only that one thing.
    Now you have an actual nameless program that exclusively AFK forages for you.
    "B-b-b-u-t I'm not using that banned program, I'm using something else entirely."
    That's why it's better to mention the methods that are disallowed rather than the programs.
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  17. Derresh Augur

    Fake news

    Have not seen a single "I was falsely banned" thread yet.
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  18. Qbert Augur

    It just saddens me to see so many people admit to using and/or defending the use of ANY third-party program that interacts directly with their EQ session in any way. We should not need a list of allowed/disallowed features, they should all be disallowed :( .
  19. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    This is utterly the wrong way to go about this, a list of things that are allowed is worthless completely and utterly. It would be like me saying you can drive faster than 45mph on the interstate; not mentioning that in most cases you are not allowed to drive faster than 65mph. Or that you can use your headlights during the day, but not mention that you are required to use them at night, in low light conditions, or when it is raining.

    Secondly, the refusal to simply make a list of programs which are considered cheating programs and the features in them which can result in being banned is in no way logical nor is the excuse of not wanting to draw more attention to them. What one is allowed to do doesn't matter, what they are not allowed to do and what programs they are not allowed to use are what matter; especially when it comes down to a permanent ban. Then there is the whole not wanting to draw more attention to them line of BS. You have drawn far more attention to these kind of programs over the last decade and a half by making their names forbidden than ever existed when they could be named and stated as being against the rules with their use resulting in permanent bans.

    Additionally, if this new way to detect it is so great and fool proof as it is being lauded with this ill-conceived permanent ban for "verified cheaters" then what is the problem with giving us a comprehensive and constantly updated list of programs and program features whose use can result in an account being permanently banned? The people who are stupid and use cheat programs will be banned and lose their account. The exact same as the what is coming now but with the exception that there will be fewer people to be banned, because fewer people will be using those programs due to how likely it is to be banned. Also, the list of banned/cheating programs and features can and should constantly be updated; with programs and features always being added and refined in the list when something new comes out. A pop up window as part of the launchpad as well as in the client any time the list is updated should give players more than enough time to adjust to any changes.

    Not sure how you can be cheated or anything. This was not in anyway hidden, it was even openly discussed in these very forums as part of the original announcement of the first Truebox server. The agreement doesn't cover stopping things like botting or warp-hacks or anything of the like. It instead dealt with ways with which DBG could detect the use of the those cheat programs If the people who use those cheat programs log onto the Live servers and do warp hacks and botting, they can still get caught by the myriad of other ways that are built into EQ specifically to detect those things with those players still being banned. DBG simply does not use the methods that were shared with them on non-Truebox servers.

    There wasn't in the first week after the previous patches which did similar things either. It was typically it was in the following weeks; and we typically did not get any notice about the changes until after they happened, as a result of the complaints.
  20. Jumbur Augur

    I understood that agreement to be about that boxing program, that does not offer botting, but only sending keypresses and window management. I would be ok with that on live servers where boxing was already allowed.
    However, EQmule revealed that his botting program "game genie" was included in that deal.

    Thats why I feel cheated, I don't want botting on live servers! :(

    It is possible that I misunderstood the original thread(can't find it atm) since DBG disallowed mentioning names. :confused:
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