Refund of Focus AAs for radically changed spells

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Ozadar, May 21, 2020.

  1. Ozadar Journeyman

    Request game wide refund all of Focus AAs for the Necro spells that were radically changed, specifically the Swift Dot spells. I doubt I will ever use them again now, since they offer the same damage output for the same cost over a significantly shorter period of time. Thus, the 1500 or so AAs I spent are now worthless. Much rather put the AAs into spells I never used, but now must since spell stacking was eliminated too.

    This should be an ongoing policy whenever spells are radically changed. It is the current policy for AA abilities when they are merged.

    Ozadar of Zek
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  2. dreadlord Augur

    Agreed on all counts
  3. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Considering the last merges that were done for ToV gave zero (or an extremely small) refunds for drastically changed lines, I wouldn't be counting on it. (The ToV changes gave big aa refunds on Beta, but that did not make Live). I'm pretty sure when asked about the lack of refunds, a dev commented that they did not want to do refunds again due to the issues with all access vs silver/ftp aa limits and the fact that folks were getting to take autogrant aas never actually purchased and reallocated to better lines for no work.

    Worthless in your opinion or not, your purchased lines still work. Every other class that has had a major change in the past still has their aa lines bought. Welcome to Everquest!

    P.S. This is phase one of the necro dot revamp … you might want to wait at least until all the lines have been changed AND the retune happens before making grand statements about usage.
  4. Vrinda Augur

    Maybe they could change the functioning of the AAs we spent so they reduce the cast time on those swift dots from 3 seconds to < 1 second. The reason for swift dots in the first place, iirc, was to let us load damage more quickly in situations where the mobs died in a hurry. Shortening the cast time could still allow us to do that.
  5. Magickon Elder

    Wait. You bought the swift focus aa before the non-swift focus aa?

    You made a completely stupid choice in your aa spending priority, and you're also obviously low on earned aa.

    This is not a cause of correlation. This is simply cause and effect.
  6. Sokki Augur

    The Mana Cost for the Swift DoT's should be significantly lower than the longer duration versions. They are still beneficial in a group scenario since most mobs will die long before the full duration one's run their course. If the mana cost isn't significantly lower, that would be what I'd ask for. I wouldn't hold your breathe on getting a refund.
  7. seber Augur

    All have say omg this lame
  8. Szilent Augur

    it's an entirely sensible choice for group-oriented necro play before this week
  9. Deux Augur

    There will be no refunds you will enjoy the crack you get when you get it and how you get it
  10. SOLARAXUS New Member

    Begging for years for a necro DoT revamp and then complaining that you might need to go actually grind AA xp on the best solo class of all time is interesting.

    In the end the DoT crit AA's effect all DoT's so its not like you don't already have AA that is benefiting the new spell changes.

    This is like being a ranger and complaining that bows in GoD wern't a big enough upgrade so all my Archery AA's should be refunded so I can focus on Melee AA......

    Just be happy they did the revamp!
  11. Antasirras New Member

    Um, no. The fast DoTs had their damage cut down by about 80% but still only last 3 ticks. Ergo, they are practically useless. They are not even worth the time they take to cast anymore, whereas they used to let you put some quick damage in on things that were dying in under 5 ticks in group scenarios. There is absolutely ZERO reason to have any AAs spent on them in their current (new) configuration.

    To use your "example", this is like a ranger having the damage of their archery attacks nerfed by 80% and haste no longer affecting their ranged attack rates but being refused a refund on the archery AAs which no longer serve any function.
  12. birdsong_pawn Augur

    I feel like the original spirit of necro swift dots has been lost. To me, swift dots were designed to let necros
    • do quick, significant damage on mobs that die quickly,
    • with long (until the next mob) recast timers, and
    • with suitable mana costs.
  13. SOLARAXUS New Member

    I do not see where it says their damage was reduced 80%. I see where it says they don't stack with itself, and how it has been matched to the long term duration version of the same element. THOSE AA's ARE STILL HELPING YOU. It's not like they removed the spell and left the AA. There is no reason to have them refunded. They didn't merge AA lines. You are a necro the best soloing class in the game. If you cannot kite yourself the AA's for the other lines then you are doing it wrong, and if you never put AA into those lines you were losing out on damage from the beginning. JUST BE HAPPY THEY DID IT, they said they might work on it this year in the Discord AMA and you got it what? 2 months later? That is fantastic. You don't see druids or shamans complaining after their DoT revamp.
  14. Zamiam Augur

    Im not a necro , but your last sentence is funny cause after the druids and shamans revamp there was a whole lot of complaining going on .. just saying
  15. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    I am not understanding why a person can not ask to reroll exp or points after a change in their characters without being trolled. They played their character the way they wanted to. They focused on certain aspects, whether or not it was the best way is besides the point. It was working for them. Then all of a sudden things changed and not for the presumably better. This also happened with other classes and they were miffed too. We were just having a discussion a few weeks ago for Shadowknights if memory serves me right.

    Other MMORPGs or MUDs at the very least, allow for a character to keep the level they have reached, while reallocating points/exp to better reorient their characters to changes or because they had reached a milestone and deemed changes were note worthy. I am not sure why it can not be done here as well or I should say why it can not be thought of as a good idea at the very least.
  16. seber Augur

    other alts or box Neco who been used swift dots for years ???
  17. Beimeith Augur

    Generally speaking most other games limit the number of points you can get (thus you cannot obtain everything) or make you choose between X, Y, or Z where choosing one prevents obtaining the others. In these systems any large changes to one necessitates giving players a "do-over" because they cannot obtain the others.

    EQ is not like this. Buying one AA doesn't prevent you from obtaining any others and there is no limit to the number of AAs you can get. You can get all of them, thus there is no reason for a refund.
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