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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Quasimojo, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Slasher Augur

    You notice I did not say the human eye can only see 30 fps ? After 30 your eyes see it as fluid motion which is why you notice a difference between 15-30 more than 30-60. Do you see 60fps sure but the further you go the more it becomes unnoticeable. There's a program out there that will run 2 split screens one at 30 fps and one at 60 you notice a difference, but try it at 60 and 100 the differences will not be as noticeable. It's why these 120hz and 240hz TVs are bs MOST people will not notice the difference especially once you get into the 100s. The ones that claim to notice it well I guess if you tell yourself you notice it enough times you start to believe it even if trained doctors tell you otherwise.
  2. Explicit Augur

    You must not play a lot of shooters, I can assure you the difference is quite real - even if you claim it's the placebo effect... in most cases higher FPS (for shooters) reduces a lot of input lag so there is always a valid reason to shoot for higher fps in that genre. I should have specified that genre specifically when I mentioned my results.

    As for EQ, not so much, I have it capped at 60.
  3. EverChanter Augur

    I don't know...I just don't see it~
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  4. Kamea Augur

    I do play shooters, and games of basically every genre.

    Input lag is a separate issue. That may be due to triple buffering if you vsync. If you have Nvidia, you can use adaptive vsync and dump triple buffering, or use EVGA precision's frame rate cap and completely ignore vsync. (Not sure what the ATI versions of those would be.) But purposefully rendering frames beyond what the display will actually show is just wasting power.

    You seem to think I was arguing that no one can tell the difference above 60 FPS, which I wasn't. I was pointing out you literally can't see frame's 61-80 when running a game at 80 FPS on a 60 monitor, as your monitor is technologically incapable of showing them.
  5. Explicit Augur

    Lag and input lag are very much linked to your FPS, while you're right about a 60hz monitor not technically displaying above 60 fps --- you have much to gain by having your game run higher than 60.

    This reduces lag and overall makes the experience feel smoother even if technically you've never reached more than 60 fps, that is where the difference I've mentioned comes in. This doesn't mean that everyone should shoot for 900 FPS, just that there is a benefit to going over 60 (though past a certain point it evens out).

    As for V-sync, never once. I can live with the occasional screen tear in order to have a smooth gaming experience
  6. silku Augur

    Give me a few minutes, I'll record what happens to me when I go into the lobby. (no where else that I've been that I notice but there.)
  7. silku Augur

    So for those of you who have never experienced it, this is the graphics lag that people keep talking about in the guild lobby. I don't get this in any other zone, even with a raid. You'll notice that I move fairly smoothly when just running without looking at the 'pile' of people, but when I turn that way my graphics slow way down and even cause me to turn so rapidly that it skips the pile entirely.

  8. EverChanter Augur

    To make sure I found a nice packed server, I went to the first page and picked the highest pop on the list (Bertox) and made another clip.

    What is your PC setup J? I just wonder why there are people who said they have similar or better PCs and get that lag.
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  9. silku Augur

    It's not the best PC, but it's not the worst either.

    Windows 7, 64bit
    Intel Celeron G540 2.5
    8 gig ram
    Geforce GTX 650 Ti

    (Working on upgrading the processor to a quad core to see if that helps. Mind you I was ONLY running EQ and ezvid capture at the time.)
  10. Tegila Augur

    off-topic: you notice the extreme difference from your server to mine? (bertox) when you went there EverChanter. The doorway in the lobby in particular yours is all clear and ours is..well..zombie apocalypse lol
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  11. EverChanter Augur

    Yea it becomes a cluster on the servers I play on just later in the day. Even with the amount in the door way and I making a Troll had very little impact. This is why I question others with similar and better setups. Either they need to get an SSD(os only) and a new hd for their programs or there's a PC issue.
  12. Tegila Augur

    well teh doorway issue isnt about lag its about them flat out blockign the doorway so yo ucant pass through lag or not.

    i do get a hiccup when i turn toward teh area wehre they all sit, but only on one computer (guess waht, t he one i didnt build..but also the one with win 7 on it not xp 64, and also the one with radeon not nvidia, with the newest generation and highest spec ram and cpu of them all, so pinpointing the source of that pc's hiccups and the absence of them on my other machines isnt that easy sadly, but its still jsut 1 hiccup while turning that general direction, not ongoing lag like some people have
  13. Ishtass Augur

    EC, care to share exactly your setup? Any ini file changes, CPU affinity settings, etc? Do you use wineq or box accounts while seeing this?
  14. EverChanter Augur


    Processor - i7 2500k Sandy Bridge (3.9 Ghz oc'd to 4.2 Ghz)
    Motherboard - GigaByte GA-Z68A
    Powersource - Thermaltake 850W
    Ram - Corsair XMS3 DDR3 (16gigs 4x4)
    Graphics Card - Nvidia GTX 660ti
    Hard Drives:
    Transcend SSD320 256gb (primary OS only)
    2 x Seagate 4 tb external HDs (one primary for games, game videos, etc.)
    3 x Seagate 500 gb internal HDs (for random crap)

    No .ini changes, all CPU cores used in affinity. Don't use wineq or anything of the like. Just load up each client per account.
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  15. Quasimojo Lorekeeper

    That's impressive, compared to what I am used to, though there are typically nearly twice as many players around on Luclin when I play. It's also only a little smoother than my game became after changing the refresh rate to 120Hz. My experience on every computer I've ever built for gaming has been similar to what is shown in siklu's clip. I'm going to look at my vsync settings as well.

    Do you get the same results with running round the GL in 1st person view?
  16. EverChanter Augur

    Don't remember the last time I played in 1st person, but I can take a video of doing it later tonight if you want to see. Also remember that's while running Fraps which tends to slow things down a bit. I can log a whole "dontlag" army onto your server during your peak hours and there won't be lag. There's been times where I've had 6 or more EQ accounts on while playing other games with no issue in any (PlanetSide 2, FFXIV beta, TESO beta, etc.)

    I really have to say that there must either be something NOT working on your PC, you have some type of issue, or you're just doing things that slow the PC down. For those that have older PCs, I understand there's lag especially if it relies on an onboard video card. Honestly, those aren't really meant for the stress that games put on it. This isn't even the most powerful PC in my house, (have one for other uses that I put over $6,000 into). Check all your hardware, update all the software, defrag and delete things if you don't have extra HD space, get an SSD and ONLY run the OS on it. The specs some have posted should have no issue running this game, or any game. There has to be an issue somewhere.
  17. Zunnoab Augur

    EverChanter I'm still seeing some frame loss in your video, just like on my machine, right? I'm using the i5 4670k and GTX 760 with a small factory overclock, which is not top of the line but is a quite formidable setup (slightly more powerful than yours), and I still get frame loss in the guild lobby. It's not unplayable and not gigantic leaps like with my older hardware but it's still there noticeably. I'm on Luclin-Stromm and tons of people congregate all over the center of the lobby. It doesn't bother me, but my frame rate definitely drops when moving around all of that.

    Also, SSD would only make a difference for loading things. Once it's in memory it's irrelevant. On a side note, I noticed no reduction in performance going from a RAM drive to a SSD (RAM drives are far faster), so the game bottlenecks somewhere other than the read speed at some point, especially for zoning (probably communication with SoE for zoning).
  18. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I'm at a loss as to why I experience lag in certain areas when my pc is a lot better than some people's here. Although I have an inclination it has more to do with other people's standards for lag being a lot more lenient than mine. If I drop 1500 dollars on a new computer and lag in a 15 year old game... I would imagine it's a pretty safe assumption there is nothing else I can do on my end.
  19. Kamea Augur

    Often times with older games like EQ, the performance gains you can't expect from X_hardware on modern games simply won't be there on older games. In fact, I bet if there was an extensive benchmarking of graphics cards in EQ, the winner would probably be surprising, and there's even a possibility it would be of an older generation. I also wouldn't be surprise that if specific AMD and Nvidia that perform similarly in modern games would perform notable different in EQ.

    Either way, if you lag (lag being < 45 FPS anywhere) with a proper PC, it's probably more so due to game settings than hardware. EQ is very particular about settings.
  20. Tegila Augur

    you can build a perfect eq machine with nothing more than a 9800, far as graphics are concerned. as for the guy with the i5 comparing to an i7..thats your big difference right there, its like an amd athlon vs a phenom. cpu speed and other cpu factors have more impact than video card after youve reached a certain minimum threshhold on the vid card. ram type size and speed also has a good impact though even with 4gb one can run tons of accts and not have lag issues.

    again i point out the hilarity in my only computer to ever have any lag being the newest highest spec and highest OS of them all. the main factors in that though are that it IS win 7 not xp 64 its radeon not nvidia, and its a dell not homemade like the rest, and i even run higher graphics on my lowest machine (i hate spell effects but that one doesnt have to "see" through them so i turn things up higher on that one to be able to see thefull effect of anything that i might not be seeing on the others, those effects being off however are out of preference not performance, and when i turn them on they dont make things worse either.

    taht said, i dont run any windows updates i dont allowANY auto updates or even update monitors to run, i dont run any AV's on any machine, i dont do the whole **** thing lol and each machien has its own sidetask i use it for, one for parsing etc one for voicechat etc and this one..the oldest lowest spec and cheapest...i run 20+ tabs on my browser, have log on all the time, and run 4-5 accts at all times on top of things like open office etc, still no lag though on any xp 64 machine ive ever built and i dont ever build machines with intel cpus either for those taht think havign the newest most expensive intel chip is going ot make any difference in eq. i also dont despite the new ability to do so, have my cpu affinity set to -1 on anything.

    why some machiens are lagging with the specs etc listed here, idk, its got to be side programs, settings, or jsut plain crappy parts. different manufacturers and different liens from the same manufacturer, have different abilities despite having same specs as others. they dont all have the same standards or quality control as one another which is why a dell with 2-3x the specs in every aspect and a fresh non-proprietary windows install will run worse tahn an old selfbuilt, if the builder knows what theyre doing who to trust and who not to when ordering parts

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