Redeeming LON loot cards

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Vexdjinn, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Vexdjinn New Member

    First off not sure if this is where this should be posted .. I have 4 accts , I tried redeeming LOD loot cards on each of those accts and I keep getting "an unknown error has occurred while attempting to redeem this card" o_O Was wondering is this was happening to anyone else? This a known issue? Any help would be great! :)
  2. KC13 Augur

    I get the same error.
  3. kyong Augur

    Same error.
  4. kyong Augur

    I was able to redeem some potions but nothing else after playing around with it.
  5. Malbro Augur

    Yes, I've had the same thing happen.
  6. Kongfoo Elder

    I have this problem on one account but not the other.
  7. Viscosity New Member

    Broken for me too.
  8. Eanelder Augur

    This is happening to me as well. It seems to be limited to my most recently acquired cards though. So items that have been sitting there for years/month dont seem to be having an issue, but loot cards acquired from my most recent Free Packs are having the "an unknown error has occurred while attempting to redeem this card" issue.

    Anyone had any success /petitioning this?
  9. Miss_Jackie Augur

    I have the stand alone client installed on 2 of my laptops. On each machine, the client will crash when I'm trying to redeem cards. If I'm doing anything else in the client, it doesn't crash. The moment I try to redeem, bam, it crashes. I've even tried uninstalling, reinstalling, installing on a new computer, etc. Nothing seems to work.

    Makes me sad. =/
  10. Vexdjinn New Member

    Still getting an error when trying to redeem :confused: .. Havent petitioned .. yet
  11. Lestierse New Member

    same error here :mad:
  12. Orienn Augur

    same error for me also and it was the dragorn war mask xD
  13. Tsolaes Elder

    I can't redeem a weapon ornament or my Jade Hydra Saddle, I petitioned and no reply yet. :(
  14. Eanelder Augur

    I have made LoN trades with at least 2 folks , first one seemed fine (although Im not sure if he actually tried claiming the items or was planning on reselling) , but the second trade did have this issue and said they will be petitioning to see if they could get the item.

    I have offered to undo the trade if that doesn't work out but I dont like the idea of looking dishonest and this needs to be looked at asap. Also think they should halt the sale of LoN cards until it is.
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  15. Benito Augur

    Redeeming a new loot card is still bugged as of Monday (03/07/2016).

    Has anyone received a response from a GM?
  16. Tsolaes Elder

    I received a reply:

    This is a mass response - We have recently run a maintenance on the Legends of Norrath servers that we believe should have resolved your current issue. Please try redeeming your cards once again and if your issue persists please update this ticket in order to let us know. We appreciate your patience.


    Sean F.
    Senior Technical Support Representative
    Daybreak Game Company

    But I still cannot redeem my items! :(
  17. kyong Augur

    The fix did not work for me either. I replied to my petition that it didn't work.
  18. KC13 Augur

    Fix did not work for me either.
  19. Vexdjinn New Member

    Still cant redeem :confused:
  20. Lestierse New Member

    Fix did not work for me either. :eek:

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