Red Dragon Scales aug needs to be cursor loot

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kelefane, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Explicit Augur

    The raid isn't working as intended though, even if the item is
  2. Kurayami Augur

    Another new post on the thread that won't die, until we see a dev reply!
  3. Imrahil Augur

    Would be sort of nice if at least 1 scale could drop every time. No offense, but a big dragon and ALL of his scales get destroyed during the fight? Doesn't sound logical to me...
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  4. Arwyn-RoV Augur

    Naggy down again. Two augs in chest. RNG favored us for once.
  5. Kurayami Augur

    No not at all, in fact, logically, you'd think everyone at the raid would get covered in red dragon scales from the slaughter!

    Either that or, a name change is in order..... Lord Nakafen, the Scaleless.
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  6. AliveTank. Journeyman

    Yeah like logic ever had anything to do with drop in EQ.

    The drop is how it is, stop complaining every time you re not guaranteed something.
  7. AliveTank. Journeyman

    This amount of whining is unreal.

    Just imagine the epic amount of it if it also had been a non instanced contested spawn like back then, lmao.

    Just got to show, you give and give more , but people will never be satisfied until they re rewarded just for showing up, this is sad.

    Good job devs, and hope there will be more chase item like this in the future, dont let the whineys stop you.
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  8. Insaneox Augur

    Only people defending the current drop method are classes that won't use or non raiders. It's stupid to have raid on limited timer with one Chase item and open chest and none in it PERIOD!
  9. Daislet Augur

    If you convert it to another slot that isn't shield, then the item you're bidding for is effectively

    Aug -
    AC 144,
    HP 360

    For tank types - it's equivalent to a 3rd ring slot. I can't see how that is insignificant.

    And CT still has no Imp to even request the raid.

    It would be interesting if the Dev's posted a "RDS" per server list after this event is done. Of course they wouldn't - because some guilds atm are CREAMING augs while others can't even request the raid.
  10. Insaneox Augur

    Not so sure about "creaming" the augment when drop rate isn't so great on it. 2 raids so far for Raging Fury and 1 Augment. We plan to do raid twice a week till done but still shot at augment isn't a sure thing. Not being able to request raid would suck. It is fun raid just loot other then augment sucks when T4 guild.
  11. Kelefane Augur

    Two raids in a row and no aug for my guild. In fact, on our kill last night, three of the drops were bags.....yes.................bags.
  12. Deillusional Augur

    we have seen zero aug drops so far.
  13. Ashigaru Augur

    Agree - needs to be cursor loot
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  14. Insaneox Augur

    Bags that wouldn't even work in my bank inventory none the less. Least they could be is 40 slot bags! But seems people making loot table don't understand game.
  15. Jaylin Augur

    3 Wins so far ( havent had the event bug out)

    7 bags
    2 cloaks
    1 glove
    1 shaman hammer
    1 shield
    1 dagger
    1 druid hammer
    1 bard drums
    0 augs

    Yeah... bags should have been switched for augs. He seems to have been using those bags to hold a whole lot of nothing!
  16. krozman Augur

    I think they should have just followed what they did in the ToFS raid b/c it was perfect. 2 really good items, achievement loot, and a rare ornamentation that everyone can enjoy. How many people complained about that? Instead the raid itemization is completely fubar and the zonewide rares (the real good loot) has created a huge stir of complaints. I'd be nice if they just learned from their own successes for once and rolled with it.
  17. Ronak Augur

    Still 0 augs for us. Grats to the lucky. RNG heritage.
  18. Nightops Augur

    Looks like our tally so far... but we have 3 cloaks to 6 bags from 3 wins.

    I was under the impression that 1 cloak would drop per win.. but I guess that too has been proven wrong.
  19. Endo Journeyman

    This. OMG the drama and entitlement.

    And yes, I am a raider and can definitely use the aug, but put it in perspective please.
  20. Endo Journeyman

    Stop exaggerating. This would only be true if you were putting it in a slot where you had NO aug at all. Most likely the tanks already have a VERY easy and trivial to get 35AC shield aug. You are only missing out on the incremental benefit of 15 AC...still a decent upgrade, but its 15AC you are being "robbed" of. Not 50.
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