Red Dragon Scales aug needs to be cursor loot

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kelefane, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Kelefane Augur

    My main gripe and concern, is that this isnt fair to guilds and the people/classes in them. A lot of guilds, mine included, are giving these augs to tanks first. In the grand scheme of things, while it makes the most sense to give these to tanks first, its not fair to everyone else (meaning the other classes) - This is suppose to be a celebration type of event/period for EverQuest. Everyone getting a piece of the pie so to speak. Past events let everyone own a piece of the pie, why is this so different? Its not really a celebration when only one class type is getting the aug. However, the way that this event was implemented forces certain guilds hands to pass this aug to classes that make the most sense (ie tanks) - It shouldnt be that way for special events such as this. A lot of guilds are treating this raid just like any other run of the mill raid and giving the item(s) to the classes that make the most sense first. Thats not a celebration, and depending on the guild and its makeup, that is a recipe for guild drama due to the temporariness of the event. I understand that its not SOEs or the devs concern, but they could at least take some of these things into consideration before they push something like this live.

    Even if I get my aug tonight, I still say that the entire implementation of this event and how the aug is received is hideous and needs to be changed.
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  2. Kurayami Augur

    Here is some of the drama that was talked about, saw this in the Message of the Day thread:

    Wonder what the mysterious item could be!
  3. CaptAmazing Augur

    The whole tanks first deal is unfair to others. Will future raids only beatable if the tanks have the aug? No. How long must the tank guarantee it won't switch guilds, take a break or even quit?

    This isn't an item that goes to tanks first, everyone second. Because it only goes to tanks and no one else, because it ends too soon.

    I get why and all. But frankly it's unfair and should be available to anyone there to try and get it. It's a limited time event.
  4. Piestro Augur

    Not every item is intended to be available for every player. Some items are rarer than others. This is something that has long been true in EverQuest and will continue to be true. Sometimes limited time events may or may not have highly desirable items. We will take the feedback (both pro and con) about items that are this desirable into account when designing future content.

    If you have an issue with how your guild awards these items then that is a personal issue you should bring to your guild leader. I myself would be very irritated if anyone in my guild but a tank got one of these, even though I'd love one. That's just me though.
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  5. Insaneox Augur

    If only the augment dropped as well. 6 kills and 2 augments likely 2 more attempts on it so grand total is very low. Being raidleader the drive to even bother on this event is near zero. One worthwhile item and its drop rate is horrible. Then get the drama of bid wars and pretty much split guild over who deserves/needs most. Tbh way this has unfolded has totally disappointed me in game I love.
  6. Kurayami Augur

    The rarity is fine of course, I don't think any of us contest that part. The chance of it not even showing up however is a real problem. All I'd like to see is 1-2 of this thing drop for sure every time, so the DKP hoarders even have something to fight over. We are 0 augs in 5 raids thus far, expect to be 0 for 9 soon at this rate.
  7. CaptAmazing Augur

    So content was made that will knowingly benefit only a few classes?
  8. Piestro Augur

    Would you like to clarify?
  9. CaptAmazing Augur

    Yeah, the augs that drop are the only thing worth getting from this Special, One Time A Year Event and you, as the public face of SOE, say that it should only be going to tank classes.
  10. Insaneox Augur

    Thanks for posting is good to see that you all are listening.

    I'm fine with having a rare item and all and the raid itself was fun blast from past. But end of the day this event with other rewards has turned so many people into angry mode. Some guilds do merit base loot others do the dkp style and can't force or encourage players to hold off for tanks.

    Easy fix for this would of been second chest option even if only one augment per. And to add in other rare loot from the chest that is equal to or greater then current events. The loot in chest are toys at best and after 6 attempts majority of it is going to twinks. I even got staff for druid today that I rarely ever play, this due to no one wanting it. Very sad to take time and even readjust schedule to open and find twink loot.

    Still love game but really think player insight should be added when designing loot on short term events. Then you will get idea what will be of value and what becomes just let down and adds strife between classes on who should or shouldn't get such and such item.
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  11. Piestro Augur

    It's the only thing interesting to you. That is not true for everyone who plays EQ. Also I clearly shared my personal opinion about who should get it in my guild. How your guild does loot is none of my business.
  12. Piestro Augur

    I'll bring the feedback to the team, although changes to this year are pretty much impossible.

    That being said please do try to keep your guildmates grounded. 1 aug isn't going to make or break their character. In game friendships are much more important than a statistically incredibly minor piece of loot. You'd have to parse for hours probably to see a provable difference between this aug and anything reasonably close.
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  13. Insaneox Augur

    Agree totally its not worth getting pissed off about and being peacekeeper is challenging at times. Thanks again.
  14. Axxius Augur

    It will be Hierophant's Crook.
  15. Elricvonclief Augur

    Thank you for responding, Piestro.

    While we disagree on how the augs are coming into the game, I think many would agree that we appreciate you responding.
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  16. Kelefane Augur

    The issue is, that many guilds havent even seen this aug yet. Its been reported in this thread. Multiple kills and no augs. Or multiple kills and only one aug.

    To be honest with you, this aug should have been a guaranteed 6-12 drops every single time.

    Thanks for replying. While I dont agree with how this aug is dropping, its appreciated that you are reading this thread.
  17. Kelefane Augur

    I am surprised that some posts havent cropped up yet saying how most of the non tanks in the guild logged off when Nagafen was called.......
  18. Piestro Augur

    I'm sure some do. I personally want to see my guild mates do better and frequently participate on events that I don't personally benefit from. The real reward is getting better as a group. Raiding isn't a single player sport.
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  19. boukk_sebilis Augur

    The aug is good to many classes, while it benefit tanks a bit more, the difference with or without isn't big enough to warrant guild giving priority to tanks, mine didn't, got 6 augs, and so far only 1 went to tank, 1 went to rng 1 to wizard 3 to clerics, didnt create any major drama but guess maybe our guild is more mature overall.
    Tank saying it should be defaulted to them is basically pure selfish greediness.
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  20. boukk_sebilis Augur

    Definitly not, garanteed ridiculous amount just devalue the item, I have no problems with them garanteeing 1 drop but 6/12 is ridiculous, might aswell make it a cursor reward if it was to be done.

    Rarity is a big part of an item desirability, for future events, if they want to change the way the chase items are handle, it should be no more than one garanteed item, with maybe 50% chance of a 2nd.