Red Dragon Scales aug needs to be cursor loot

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kelefane, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Kamea Augur

    You're right, but SoE properly implementing loot distribution is a key game design decision in a MMO like EQ.
  2. Ronak Augur

    It's meant to 1 to 3 group a 'raid' and then get 'rewarded' with 4 items that no one in the raid can even equip? I'm sorry but, that has nothing to do with anything remotely hardcore, and certainly is not eq heritage either.
  3. Klotar-TSM Lorekeeper

    Maybe if it's too late to make it cursor loot at this point, make it available for purchase at the T2 (since the rest of the loot is T2 quality) raid vendor *IF* you have the Naggy win flag and if you have the T2 currency?

    As for how much currency... not 168 Crystallized Fear I hope -- maybe 50 (a day's worth of T2 raids)?
  4. Axxius Augur

    IMO people's been making too much of a deal about this 1 aug. The extra 10 shield AC is not going to make or break your raids, especially with the current raid tuning. It's simply a chase item. It's nice to have, for any class. We do this as a pick-up raid for those who care about it. The loot is randomed. Tanks have won some, other classes did too. Look, mom, no drama! :)
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  5. boukk_sebilis Augur

    4 kill = 6 augs for us thus far :)
    We re soon gonna reach the 10 serverwide predicted by kelefane :)
  6. EQbud Augur

    5 wins
    0 crashes
    0 augs
    Not too late to change. Tomorrow night is patch night.
  7. Kurayami Augur

    Not sure why you are so surprised that people are still going on about this, bad design is bad design. I would even argue this is bad design if it was available year round, never seen so much worthless loot ever.

    It also isn't surprising that SKs in particular are most interested in the potential AC boost this could offer. You see, unlike Warriors/Paladins, we don't receive a "Hurray for being me" extra AC buff (Not talking about the duration jolt here).
  8. Emphant Lorekeeper

    For some reason a lot of people think that just because they can 1-3 group the raid, that everyone can. Just because they are in full t4 and the raid drops upgrades for no one, everyone be this way. A lot of guilds haven't even made t3 yet and only raid NTOV-T2, so this raid does provide upgrades for a lot of guilds. It just blows my mind that people talk about how easy the raid is, then insist that they should be getting the aug as cursor loot. So your argument is that the best aug in the game should drop as cursor loot on an easy raid?
  9. Mykaylla Augur

    You mean like Demand for Power Recourse?
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  10. AliveTank. Journeyman

    Yeah keep dreaming, they re not gonna hand out augs just because you exist, they re there , if I can get it so can you.
  11. Kurayami Augur

    Yes, I'm not referring to that, I am well aware that SKs get that and Pals get their own version of it. I was more referring to Armor of the Inquisitor and Field Armor.
  12. Mykaylla Augur

    Paladin Demand for Honor Recourse doesn't have AC, and Group Armour of the Inquisitor is actually lower AC than Demand for Power Recourse while single is about 200 more, which is why I was wondering why you made the comment.
  13. Kurayami Augur

    Ah I see, pally gets 10 % mitigation instead of the AC boost, this is what happens with assumptions I suppose. Say I'd much rather get more AC, 62 % healing boost, and 10 % mitigation though, now that you mention it :p
  14. Insaneox Augur

    So one guild getting them doesn't fix the issue but grats on good luck we have 5 kills and 2 augments. All the rest of loot is total garbage and yes raid is easy. It can be 2 to 3 grouped issue is lockout and excluding members. Most guilds restrict targets of current content from doing outside raid time. So, even if I could take my twink army and friends to do this I can't. Our guild rules are to prevent blocked lockouts of current targets. And as many have said 10 ac will not make or break any player in current game. The fact of matter is though that most that might want/ use do so out of the hardcore edge or brag rights. But even that is getting to point most don't care anymore.

    This type of reward is just another step in frustrating player base that raids. More and more cater to the groups and getting boring. But as for many of other crap things being hardcore I'm to devoted at this point. Just be nice to hear what dev/GM point of view on this subject! But guess life goes on its just game I use to love and now starting to get bored of.
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  15. Ronak Augur

    Well, is it too hard or too easy? It can't be both.
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  16. Daislet Augur

    I'm sure they've modified the loot code here

    if (Guild == HighRankingGuild) /addloot (Red Dragon Scales)
    if (Guild == MedRankingGuild) /addloot (Blight - shammy poop)

    5 raids, 0 augs.
    I'm not even in the running for an aug myself, but it's major disappointment to those people who are the real maximiser's in the guild and want to eek out every last little detail.

    Who ever suggested add it to T2 currency has the right idea. I bet the T4 guilds don't even do T2 anymore. Make it a 300 T2 currency, and I bet that those guilds would return and do T2 again (not that they'd want to :) )
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  17. Kelefane Augur

    ^Not a bad idea. It gives us something to spend that rotting currency on too.
  18. Imrahil Augur

    2/6 here in RF. I think we were #7 to finish serverwide, Pikeys were #10 or so (?) and have 6/4. I think it can safely be assumed it has nothing to do with ranking, it just is bad design relying on RNG on such a limited event - no hidden agenda.
  19. Emphant Lorekeeper

    So re-reading it, you are correct, I didn't make my point clear.

    I was trying to say that while it may be an easy pointless raid for his guild and the other top level guilds, for a lot of guilds(including mine, to be fair), we still use the gear that drops. We are still in the t1-t2 range and I'm sure we can't be the only guild not fully outfitted in t3-t4 gear. I am not the one claiming it should be cursor loot. Would I love that aug? Absolutely! But I don't expect it to just be given out...if I get it, awesome, if not, oh well.

    My argument boils down to the fact that the same people calling for it to be cursor loot are the same ones saying its an easy raid that they can three group. In other words, they are asking for the best aug in the game to be put on what is, for them, an easy raid.
  20. Nightops Augur

    I still think this should have been 1 aug and 1 cloak per kill. With our 6 raid wins, we have 0 augs and 3 cloaks from this raid. We are still a T2 raid force so the drops are finding a home on mains, but some will be headed to alts very soon.

    Every comment on the boards will get put down by someone who claims his/her guild is better and they are a better player (at least when writing posts) then you. But here is why I think the drops should be 1 per win.

    -HH time is for nostalgia. When you look back on the early years of EQ, do you remember going on naggy raids for the Hierophant's Crook or the Blight Hammer? Or do you remember going for the CoF and for the epic quest drop for your warriors and bards (paladins too)?

    -Even with the decreased lockout time, most guilds are looking at around 10 total attempts/wins for thier guild. With 1 aug per win, 10 augs per guild is certainly not enough to fill the demand. Most guilds run with more then 10 tanks per raid so even a full saturation for all tanks wouldnt be possible. With the DKP bid process system, the number of augs getting on a tank shield drops even more. With all of that taken into consideration, the aug would still be considered a -chase item- a -rare item- a -high desired item-. Its value would not change. The same applies for the MCoF.

    -Yes, the event can be won with a partial force or by boxing out half of the raid. Some of the blame of this point falls on SoE and the script. Most of the time, the event is made even easier when the empowering flames mechanic does not ramp up correctly which causes Naggy to forget he has the ability to cast the Dragonfire Burst on the tank every minute. Don't know what I'm talking about here? Then you've been fortunate to see the easy/broke mechanic during your raids.

    Oh... but the event can be done with just 1 group you say...?

    Im sure thats going to be the latest arguement against 1 drop per win (or cursor loot in other posts).

    Well... sure if that one group has the best gear and they are the best players in their class. If that one group wants to spend an hour on the fight and likely avoid several -near wipe- situations. Even the OP who said they did it with one group said they were nearly wiped when naggy died. Think how hard it must have been to get off the 4 aura clicks while tanking Naggy, dealing with the elementals (likely more then just 4), and healing for the last 4% of the event. If they didnt have any close calls for the first 96%, you cant tell me they had control the whole time for the last 4%. (repeat previous paragraph here about broke mechanic on dragonfire burst).

    Believe what you want, but either way the event can certainly be done with less, however even doubling the number of raids to 20 or even to 30 likely wouldnt fill the want from the top tier guilds who could win with a considerable smaller force. Not to mention the majority of raid forces which will only get 10 wins.