Recommended levels to start J5 Merc quests?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Celestian, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Celestian Guest

    I saw a older post with a fella around level 76 mention starting the j5 upgrade chain:
    After looking at the zone isn't that a level 85 zone? or are the quests for lower level? Have to forgive me I stopped playing well before this was around so am not familiar with this. I'd like to try and upgrade my merc to j5 so he has an easier time tanking. I know the last part of the chain requires higher level (or some over geared higher level person to help) so for now was just thinking of knocking out the solo bits.
    Right now I use a j1 cleric and tank with my friends so we can work on AAs at level 72-75. I play chanter 75 and 2box a 73 mage, both have 900-1100 AAs. My friends however are still on the low end so mostly just helping them work on AAs.
    Should I wait till we're higher? What's a good recommended level? Once I get to the last part should I try and find a friendly high level dps person for the last part? Based on this thread:
    Seems you need some good dps for that last part.
  2. ARCHIVED-Reprisal Guest

    I don't believe you can even get the solo tasks for the Rathe Theme until level 80 (though you may want to try Nedsin and double check).

    It would probably be a tough zone at 80, I'm not sure the enchanter could mez everything and some of the tasks (hi2u shocktroopers) are rough to pull.

    Might want to list your server too (Your sig doesn't work for me, maybe just me!).

    Edit: Correction, sounds like Nedsin tasks at least, are available after 75.
  3. ARCHIVED-javaking99 Guest

    If you plan to do Seeds of Destruction progression, then start around 75ish. However, if you just want the T5 merc, then wait until you are 85 and just do the Tier 4 quests (you can now skip all the previous tiers, if you just want the best merc).
    Personally, I loved the quests and the lore of that expansion so I'd recommend the progression if you aren't in too much of a hurry to get to 90.
    - Zorgothx / Palawiki of the Test Server

    EDIT: You can get the Rathe Theme solo tasks at 75, but you can't get the "kill quests" from the female quest giver until 85 (according to Allah). I tested this over the weekend and my lvl 75 necro box and was blocked at "Disrupt the Siege."
  4. ARCHIVED-beryon Guest

    javaking99 wrote:
    I have a toon under 85 with a T5 merc. Pretty sure I got it under 80 too. Did you do Nedsin's tasks first?
  5. ARCHIVED-Celestian Guest

    Reprisal wrote:
    I'm on Povar, eqPlayers sig has been dorked for a few days now ;(
    So my next question is are the j5 mercs required before 85? I know my j1 tank seems to get chewed up pretty good sometimes though the cleric doesn't seem to have mana issues.
  6. ARCHIVED-beryon Guest

    Celestian wrote:
    That depends what you're doing really. There's certainly a marked difference between T1 & T5.
  7. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    You can take the J5 merc tasks at 75, not before. For a group of characters, the series is tough, possibly too tough, until most of you are 80+, and then it depends on the group composition, as you will require a puller for one task, and decent dps for another. With one or two group geared 90s in the group, the series becomes almost trivial.
    By level 75 the J1 mercs are very feeble, enough so to make the earlier progression series in SoD tough using just mercs, although adequate for gaining experience in older expansions.
  8. ARCHIVED-javaking99 Guest

    Okay, for the record.. is somebody absolutely positive that they got their J5 merc at 75? Because I JUST attempted this and was not able to get certain tasks. I ran two toons through it at the same time. My level 88 paladin was just fine, but the female quest giver refused to give my lvl 75 toon the second set of quests.
    Did I screw something up (or am I bugged)?

    -Zorgothx / Palawiki of Test
  9. ARCHIVED-CazRa Guest

    javaking99 wrote:
    It is 75, that is the level I get the J5 for all my alts, have done it many times now, maybe you just missed a task since the female won't talk unless all previous ones are done.
  10. ARCHIVED-Symbius Guest

    javaking99 wrote:
    It's 75, I've done this on quite a few alts as soon as they hit 75.

    As far as the OP's question on when to begin this, the only real answer is as soon as possible.

    It really depends on your situation. Do you have help from 85-90's? Is it just you solo?

    A full group or even 3 or 4 level 75's can probably pull off the pre-quests even though it will be very hard, but I highly doubt you could even come close to finishing the final mission.
    If you had just 1 level 90 toon, though, you'll smoke it easy.
  11. ARCHIVED-Pouncequickk Guest

    javaking99 wrote:
    Likely you missed a quest in the series.
  12. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

  13. ARCHIVED-ralikar Guest

    There is a HUGE difference in the T1-T5 mercs and I would do these ASAP unless you really are having trouble. Just ask in general if 1-2 90s would come and help you with a specific task...

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