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  1. Thebomb Elder

    Reckless Ascension on Bristelbane is Recruiting! We raid Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
    We only raid 3 days a week (2 during farm) We have a great crew, have a lot of fun and still get the job done!
    We are looking for Clerics, Bards, Shamans and Enchanters! We always have room for exceptional players in all classes! For further information please contact Bristle.Thebomb.
  2. Thebomb Elder

    We could also use a good Necro!
  3. Thebomb Elder

    Clerics, Bards, Shamans and Enchanters we need you!!
  4. Thebomb Elder

    We are still looking for Clerics, Shamans, a ranger, a Necro and always have room for exceptional players of any class.
  5. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Just helping Bomb up sell a bit - to any prospective applicants of our classes of need at the moment we have some killer crews for you to join in RA. Our Ranger core is very experienced and features one of the best dps Rangers in EQ - and no that's not me tooting my own horn. :)

    Our Cleric crew also features veterans that are unsung heroes in how well they work with each other. If you're someone that is casual and wanting to try raiding this is a great environment to learn in for the class.

    Likewise, our Shaman crew is damn solid and also features a player that is one of the best in EQ - wins just about every parse. The true multitaskers employing those OP dots while keeping up with healing and ADPS needs.

    As a guild, members from all classes enjoy and take pride in helping their own learn the ropes. Robnie built this guild from the ground up with a bunch of group geared casuals and turned them all into solid raiders in our infancy during RoF. We still excel at creating raiders and look forward to the challenge of any new prospective project Bomb can send our way!

    Happy hunting!

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