Reckless Ascension (Bristlebane)

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  1. Meckwell New Member

    Reckless Ascension is recruiting! Our doors to recruits have been closed for a while, but with summer fast approaching, we have room for a few new members. We could really use a couple zerkers and maybe a beastlord, mage, wizard or paladin.

    What we offer:

    High end raiding (ranked #2 game-wide in the most current expansion Terror or Luclin)
    Organized and structured alt raids for when all main raid force content cleared
    A loot council loot distribution meaning high end performers get rewarded
    A flexible guild structure, we want you be you, our Discord server is lively on raid nights and we love to have a good time (no rules or nonsense, we are all adults)

    What you bring:

    A commitment to raiding three nights a week, Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday from 7:30pm eastern till 11pm eastern
    Dedication to have your character up to date with current AAs (including heroics), augs and quest items
    Experience in the raid game, either current or from the past
    Ability to work as a team and take direction from one of the best raid leaders in all of EQ.

    You can find more information about us here:

    If you are interested in joining, hit up Bristle.Meckwell in game for more details!

    See you on Norrath.
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  2. Meckwell New Member

    Could still use a high end beastlord, we got a melee group who need you in their lives right now!

    Our summer raid schedule is now in effect, Sunday's we clear T2 and T3 followed by a casual and relaxed alt infused and optional T1 clear on Tuesday. Now is a great time to join in on the fun and get to know us before we get hardcore again when Beta launches.
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  3. Peter_The_great Elder

    If I return to EQ I might join you if I may.
  4. Meckwell New Member

    Ya, sorry for the quick bump, but with the recent changes on test opening up more buff slots on mobs, we could use a necro...or two...or three.

    We got buff slots, you got dots...let's make sweet music together. Bard, druid and chanter provided at no cost!
  5. Anjie New Member

    Bump this up again! Come raid with us! Necro's, maybe a mage or two... :)
  6. Meckwell New Member

    The response to this post was overwhelming, thanks for everyone who reached out. We are fielding a full 54 each night, but, with summer coming, we could use, one mage, one necro, one beastlord and one bard, if the first post in this thread sounds appealing, hit me up.
  7. Anjie New Member

    Bump again!!! Looking for some awesome Druids!!
  8. Meckwell New Member

  9. Meckwell New Member

    Been a few months since we have bumped this post, but, as we explore beta, we could use a few more bodies, also, please check out our new website and application tool at

    See you in game.