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  1. Brogett Augur

    It may have been 40sec into the 62sec parse, rather than 49s of fighting. Often the parser will start during pulls and such. If it was 40sec into 62sec parse, and assuming he was on at the end, just not the start, then it implies 240k dps after 27sec of engagement and 171k dps for the remaining 22sec. That could fit with a 30sec disc I guess.
  2. Brogett Augur

    Having been in (and still am) a mid-tier to low-tier guild I'd say it's probably more complex than this.

    1) ADPS. It often plain SUCKS. On a burn we can say "burn from the start" and maybe we'll get say bard stuff arriving 70% in, shaman epic lands at say 50%, and on a recent fight the beastlord RF buff arrived on the next mob. lol. I kid you not!

    So not all the problems with *BURNS* are due to the dps classes. Most of my burn dps isn't from me, but from support. Conversely most of my sustained dps will be my own.

    2) Duration of fights. As duration increases, dps decreases as there is less chance for burn to play a factor. The uber guilds kill everything MUCH quicker so their dps always looks higher. Take those same players from the uber guilds and put them in Joe Average guild and they'll also look weak.

    3) Crystilla is correct. You can't fire everyone! What people forget is that 50% of players are below average. :) Think on that. Where are they? Can you just fire them for being below average? Clearly not. The game has to be balanced around the average player too, as they're the people paying the most.
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  3. Ravengloome Augur

    Actually you can fire them. Quality attracts quality, how do you think top end guilds get to be top end guilds?

    I'd rather raid with 24 people who care then 54 that dont.

    And you could probably win most if not all current content raids with those 24...
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  4. Sancus Augur

    Completely agree with your, post, but this really made me chuckle. I've actually had someone take the time to write in group that they didn't have time to hit Illusions of Grandeur (which is huge for burns on mages and is instant cast) until they were done debuffing the mob. And then we got it in the last 20% of the fight, which is actually better than it normally is.

    I know I'm talking about Mages in this case, but the general sentiment applies to other classes including beasts. Another mage in my guild and I play in basically the same way, and we're basically always within 10K (generally less) of each other on burn fights. Sometimes we both do amazingly, and sometimes our DPS is pretty crappy relative to what we normally do (We have up to 40% swings). Because both of us experience the same variation at the same time, my impression is external influences are having huge affects on DPS. To give another anecdote, my highest burn on Rolth was when I had 100% group gear/spells, because I had the best ADPS coverage I've ever had. Factors include ADPS and things like tanks dying/holding aggro and what not. The affect of this varies from class to class, but it can be pretty significant.

    Looking at the parses, they're quite comparable to my guild, minus the top 4 or 5 players (we do have a few who are very competent in the classes). Can we fire a mage with 90-ish% raid attendance because he won't use the right nukes, hurting his DPS? No, because he's worth more than having no one in his place.

    So I know I kinda reiterated what you said, but that's my take :)
  5. Sancus Augur

    I think the whole reason people join lower/mid tier guilds amounts to A) Friends B) Lack of time and/or C) The Environment, with the third including the idea that people are generally non-judgemental to an extent. Booting people would potentially remove the friends and the environment that make the dedicated players stay in that guild when compared to a higher end guild. I mean if you care and all guilds are equal, aren't you much better off apping to a more successful guild than raiding with 24?

    I have no problem trying to get people to do better, but I don't think booting them and raiding w/ 24 is a rational option.
  6. Crystilla Augur

    I believe many of those mid/lower tier guilds favor respecting each other and the server (aka culture) over progression and try to progress as far as they can without violating that first mandate. I've been guilded with some of the best players I've ever seen ... but they were total jack a%$'s and I was glad to be rid of them, as was much of the rest of the guild. When drama ensues all the time, morale sinks to new lows.
  7. Ravengloome Augur

    And that's why mid tier guilds are mid tier
  8. shiftie Augur

    With all aspects in life mileage varies

    People choose the environment that best suits them.

    I couldn't stand mid tier raiding but had many friends who enjoyed it we got along just fine.
  9. Stubar Augur

    Just so you know, that club is not exclusive to mid tier raiding. I can't tell you the amount of headaches I got from one beastlord in particular that was with RoI for quite some time...He even RF'ed a pally/healer group one time, and the MoB wasn't even undead.
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  10. Enkel Augur

    If I'm being honest, that sounds like some next level strats. I wouldn't blame him for being a visionary, just trust that beastlord, and the mage that casts mana rods for that paladin.

    5 second Edit: Don't forget QM!
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  11. Brogett Augur

    No. There will always be some guilds high end and some not. It's possible for it to be any other way.

    Players have all sorts of abilities. You cannot wave a magic wand and suddenly have all the guilds recruiting from the talented players because, well, we don't have magic wands! You can't just say people deserve to be where they are because they recruit average skilled players too, or even some below average ones.

    Like it or not, that's the NORM. Yes we know some people are highly skilled and some of those people are in the mid tier guilds too, but the average player isn't the high parsing dps monster.
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  12. Ravengloome Augur

    No i think you missed my point.

    If a guild as unit, doesn't put in the effort to play at a higher level, or recruit higher level players, they are going to be mid/low tier.

    Its a guildwide choice.

    Yes i understand not everyone can or wants to be good/great/whatever, but then thats the pay out you get. The Effort put in is usually directly proportional to what you get back.

    And for alot of people good enough is good enough. The only people it bothers are the ones that are not ok with settling for second best, but they usually move on to greener pastures anyway.
  13. Stubar Augur

    In my best nasal "nerd" voice...THIS IS (you know who*)!! CAN I GET A QM PLEASE!

    *Those that have been in vent with me know what this is all about.

    Ahhh good times!I still LOL when I think about it.
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  14. shiftie Augur

    Paladin dps is boss dps group or go home
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  15. Stubar Augur

    Only in your group tbh. LOL'ed when you wrecked the Valley parse.
  16. Apex Elder


    p.s. love you stubaby <3
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  17. Stubar Augur

    Lmao! I forgot he named his warder that.

    And I miss you baby cakes.
  18. Tarvas Augur

    Not sure about what paladins need for support to get the most out of them but I find that some guilds rarely have enough support to go around to get the max potential out of their DPS. Generally what support these guilds do have often have other priorities as they cover for roster shortfalls.
  19. Ravengloome Augur

    Pie and a /hug.
  20. Tarvas Augur

    Key Lime if you got it :D