Realm of Insanity raids on Twitch!

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  1. Crystilla Augur

    Frankly, I think this is stretching a bit. It's not really any different than once the first guild beats an event there's "chance" for all other guilds to learn something - if they have friends in a higher guild and that friend gives tips. Except this is visual.

    Let's just keep this where its intended to be.

    Love watching the stream even though it makes me depressed at how much of a difference there is between the top 10 and the #30-50 slots. No wonder it's so hard for the Devs to make raids nowadays.
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  2. Deillusional Augur

    We looked at the feed, yes, and found out we tanked them in the same positions etc anyhow. In fact we do something completely different towards the end of the fight to what ROI does. We won when we finally had a decent force to do it on due flags/xmas/new year etc etc, and when the lag suddently became more managable for us when liches spawned.
  3. Axxius Augur

    I looked at the feed during the 1st week, chuckled at how ROI just brute forces everything, sacrificing strategy for speed (for which they paid by wiping to Ghost since they couldn't use 'plan B' on camera), and wished good luck to the guilds who would try to do AM5 the same 'hard' way. If anything, trying to imitate ROI without having the same raid as ROI would only increase the time to beat AM5, AM4 and probably AM3 too. 'You have to be this tall' to ignore so many mechanics and burn the mobs dead before they get you. For most of even the high end guilds in EQ, ROI strats won't work.
  4. Silv Augur

    Watching someone else =/= doing it yourself. Even if your roster was identical to ROI the chances that you're going to mimic their exact strat is about 0 since we're not robots. Reading the beta posts on each event is probably more helpful for a guild so they can tailor it to their own setup... so, I doubt the video feeds had much of any effect on other guilds' success/strat.

    If you go back and look at rankings for endgame events you'll see a pattern. The top few guilds beat it within 2 weeks of each other (top 5ish), the next few within a month (top 10-15), the next batch within 2 months (20), a lull, and then the rest (20+) pour through the floodgates ~4+ months later. A bit oversimplified but that's the general pattern.

    Examples: Mayong, Ayonae Ro, Kerafyrm, Edge of Destruction- pretty much all of them since forever.

    My guess would be the feeds are more interesting to people who aren't going to see the content at all or not for a long time. Kindof how groupers were annoyed that they missed out on 90% of expansion lore because it was locked behind raids (thus the change to moving it into missions).

    I don't plan to watch them until after I've personally beat the events. I rather it be somewhat of a surprise the first go through.
  5. Vlerg Augur

    The bosses abilities, indeed.

    with how fast stuff die, you really don't get to appreciate how annoying the 2nd set of totem on arx 3 are, or how the various AEs from mages on arx 4 can kill you. ( or, if we backtrack a little bit, killing Xulous prime in 40 second, ignoring maggots/clouds).

    Don't get me wrong, more power to RoI, just sayin alot of the mid-tier guild ( or, actually, anyone that's not in the top 5 with a DPS-oriented raid) can't pull this off and hence, will experience a totally different fight than what the stream shows.

    That being said, as a wizard I think that stream is quite beneficial ; it shows how strong DPS'er can trivialize some aspect of raids. There's alot of mid-tier guild who have an almost hostile attitude toward any DPS class who actively try to step up and improve... your tank spend ages theorycrafting about wether Hagi or Hdex is better? perfect. your clerics try their hardest to improve their healing output? marvellous! your caster group suggest using black wolf early in this fight, as it's gonna be up for that one burn phase? quiet! the druid is busy... You link a parse showing an enchanter in the top 5 overall? Clearly just stirring up drama...
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  6. Phrovo1 Augur

    That's just the problem with most mid-teir guilds. They do not focus enough on dps. So what if an event could take 10 minutes instead of 20? Druids need that white wolf for healing! Cycling burns/clicking short cool down discs during parts that are little more than killing trash with a good few million hp means nothing...they need to save every single ability for the 5 minute fight near the end of the event!

    But seriously, if everyone actually tried to play their class to its max potential or just dpsing if someone else is doing their class's primary job (i.e. druids, chanters, ect in events like Vitio) the events would go much faster and there would be way less strain.
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  7. Coruth Augur

    Actually this thread and looking at the times between Event4/Event5 reminds me that another aspect of where guilds finished was Flag Management.

    The gap between places was as much an issue of how well guilds managed flags, as it was a traditional skill issue.
  8. Sancus Augur

    I can't stress how much I agree with this (though our Druids do an awesome job with BW :))
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  9. Brohg Augur

    I feel you, Vlerg. Oh boy do I.
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  10. Atvar Augur

    What's streamed is farm status raiding where strategy/dps has been optimized to make fights easier.
    The first 1-2 months of and learning to deal with the abilities you mention aren't streamed and do take a lot longer.

    It's kind of a shame that nobody streams new content raiding (for obvious reasons). That's when the truly epic battles happen, such as the first 2+ hour Triunity or PoWar win.
  11. Bigstomp Augur

    I'm just happy to see someone streaming it (one day I'll get around to watching) - It can really tweak your strategy for the better when you see someone else do it. And for those that arent' raiding and cant see the events at all, I'm sure it's awesome.
  12. Wando New Member

    Why hasn't anyone else started to stream raids? Guess plan b pet tanking isn't as cool.
  13. Iila Augur

    Sotto is streaming this week, raids start in ~15 minutes! RoI stream
  14. Fogbust Journeyman

    Watching Eq just isn't exciting. Why would anyone bother doing streams then?
    Besides ROI where it was interesting, and maybe did help dismissing some myths around them.
    But i couldn't watch this more than 1x, there is a huge difference between playing and watching others play. You would almost always rather play yourself or watch a movie instead i.e.
  15. Brohg Augur

    Might be more interesting if it were anything but a followcam. No narration or interaction makes it pret-ty dry
  16. Narye Augur

    It was interesting.

    Vent was also interesting from the point of hearing another RL ask for volunteers and then saying "you cant all sit" - I know that pain :)
  17. Sottovoce New Member

    it's the other way around. i'm usually forcing people to sit, it's just that nobody wants to do plane of war anymore (which is when i get the most volunteers to sit), mostly because it's a snorefest
  18. Rafather Augur

    That, farming for bots is and idiots keep pushing the damn event's swap mechanism.
  19. Marike Elder

    It would be cool if other guilds streamed more often. I would love to see how the open raiding guilds raid. I would also love to be able to follow a guild as they progress and cheer them on.
  20. Crystilla Augur

    I'd love to see that to, but for us lesser folks, it would be really boring for you guys to watch us do 1 event per hour LOL (loot sometimes included in that and sometimes not).
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