Real Estate Items Missing-Be Wary!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Randragon, May 16, 2017.

  1. Randragon Augur

    During a recent Server Transfer I had all my items sent to me and was on my cursor when I got to my new server. I placed the items in plots and it looked like it was okay . I zoned into my homes and zone back out and that's when things started to get wonky.

    Certain items starting disappearing from my plots and my plot inventory.

    I lost all my trophies and other things like weapons, trade skill items etc to this bug.

    I wasn't the only one I know who had this issue. I petitioned and I was told to have some patience and they are looking into it.

    I just wanted to post this and let others know to be wary of your housing stuff. if you transfer then remove your trophies from your house first and place them on you . Just in case you get to where you are going and you get caught out like I did.

    I am still waiting for some type of solution to this problem. I just know that all my trophies, both quested and trade skilled better be retrievable.
  2. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Type "/outputfile inventory or /outputfile realestate then go look in your eq directory and see if they are listed in there (it will tell you where they are), might be in parcels too.
  3. Siny Augur

    Unfortunaely that wont help. It is however a useful precaution for toons that havent yet been hit.

    I use housing far more extensively than most, and even more whilst I was doing Artisan. I had the contents and items placed within 5 houses, disappear (the items placed in the yard were fine). I did post to the bugs thread at the time, suggesting ppl check their houses but I think most rarely go to their houses other than to initially place their trophies.

    The losses occured on April 9th, between me syncing my wiz with magelo in the morning and the first raid trigger later that day. It was a day when lag on AB was really bad.

    DB took some time investigating and from my experience, I think that you will find, that after this patch they will send you another email asking you to check if your items have returned (the housing problem and anchors very likely linked). They had me check after several patches and finally sent me an email on the 29th saying that it seemed unlikely that they could recover the items and asked me for a list of the exact names of the items and that they would verify and replace what they could.

    They were super quick at responding to my first priority list which was trophies and and I was able place them very quickly during raids whilst I was dead.

    I didnt bother requesting everything back-I treated it as spring cleaning and some wasnt worth the time (one of the houses held baking items and by that time I had managed to refarm the stuff needed to finish anyway). The rest of the items were returned within a few days of me giving them the list for each house and I have to say that I'm very happy with the GM for returning all my precious memories so promptly.

    Now that I have finished Artisan, I've used the rest of befouled up making lots of bags and now any new items are kept on alts until Im sure that the housing crisis is over. I am only retrieveing ocassional items and once retrieved, they dont go back.

    I have put and used a hotkey on each toon now for /outputfile as another source of information, should I have any more losses and need to compile further lists.

    Other sources of info to help you determine items for the list:

    Magelo -once you notice a loss, DONT SYNC. Magelo stores details not only of your inventory but also of your houses (and indeed was very useful for locating TS items during Artisan).

    Layouts -housing layouts get saved within xml files within the userdata folder. When you saved the layout of your house before the transfer, it will have recorded the position of all your placed items. For anyone like me whose had houses for some time, ignore the 1k files and look at the larger ones. Its a bit of a faff but if you look through these files, you should be able to work out the items you had.
  4. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    "Unfortunaely that wont help. It is however a useful precaution for toons that havent yet been hit."

    Why not? It would give him a current list of where everything is that was moved over with him so if its not on that list then it didn't make the move. But if it did and is tucked away somewhere then it would show where.
  5. Bigfan Augur

    Happened to me x5, been almost 3 weeks now that they are "working" on it.
  6. Randragon Augur

    Okay, so they did restore most of my placed items. Including my trophies (thank God!).

    But I am missing a whole slew of other items like TS Stuff, Ornamental Suits of Armor etc etc that I placed in Storage.

    I sent them the completed Achievement screenshots onto my ticket. But I can't remember everything I had. Whats funny is when I placed my stuff, it was there. After zoning in and out of my house and leaving the zone the items disappeared. Poof.....Gone!

    I sent them copies of my layouts from the day before that shows only placed items for some reason.

    I also sent them the xml auto save files from the next day when I placed the items in the new plots. I don't hold out much hope in helping me it seems.