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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Galien, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    If this is the new precedent, then old raids need to scale to level also. Think about that for a moment. Alienating your entire customer base. Good for business, yes?

    Or you can simply undo these poorly-conceived HA scaling changes.
  2. Sinimyn New Member

    For the love of God can you please fix the HA's, or as others posted, set it back to the way it was until you Dev's find a better way to PROPERLY scale the mobs. CoTF/TBM should not be as difficult as RoS regardless of level, they are older expansions and standards should be set as such. It doesn't matter if you solo, molo, box or have an actual group for HA's, these are way too hard either way for the age of the expansions.

    I don't want easy mode. EQ is supposed to be challenging and death comes with the territory a lot of times, but seriously, the revamped HA's are just plain ridiculous the way they are currently.
  3. Niskin Augur

    We can't ignore Gribbles, but we also can't make this only about them. I've already run them once, and only once, so I have those achievements already. I'm worried about everything else, but I understand why some are worried about them, both for and against.

    When I did run the 3 Gribbles, it was because a raid-geared Monk in my guild invited me along. It was before the recent change, but not long before. They were not hard, and we completed all 3, starting Lesson at the end of the first one. Finished with 3 minutes to spare on Lesson, just the two of us running them. That was with one named fight. Total experience gained was around a yellow and a half at 106 in 30 minutes, and it got me 107. This is similar to the exp I get from running one daily-bonused HA with Lesson. Technically it would be better to do that daily and then try to squeeze in a Gribble or two before Lesson ends, but I digress.

    Now, could I get that kind of exp rate elsewhere? Probably not, even with a full group--preferably with some headshotting Rangers--and constant pulls. But Gribbles have a lockout, where as the open world does not, so this is not a fair comparison. The real question is, can you cycle a select set of HA's and always have something to run, and beat the exp rate of EoK or RoS? I don't know which other HA's are easy, other than Marla's, but you'd want stuff that's all near Gribbles so you can quickly go to the next one. This might depend on your group, a powerful one could kill stuff so fast they run up against lockouts, favoring the open world. A weaker one might not kill fast enough on harder content and would end up slower there than in the HA's.

    I'm not trying to answer this question myself, I'm asking it. Are HA's really out of line with the exp gains available elsewhere? As I pointed out, this will vary some by group make up. What is true for people in raid gear may be different for people in group gear.

    We still don't know for sure the entire reasoning behind this change, we're just debating our own speculation. But if we are going to speculate, we should at least try to establish some understanding of how these things compare.
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  4. Gana Augur

    I fully agree that were the roles reversed, it would have been removed instantly. That negatively impacts the game as well, but we will not really get into that.

    As I said before, I don't think this is a "screw up" by management, but rather I believe they "fixed" a mechanism that they want to use going forward. It was already in game (as pointed out by Roxxley earlier), but it wasn't as brutally impacting as this is. Now that the mechanism is fixed, it just needs to be tuned (or toned down). I can empathize with their plight (if my beliefs are correct) in that they don't want to remove the "fix" (code change) while they tinker with the settings (data change). Code changes require the system to come down while data changes can usually be done on the fly.

    I am effectively crippled in progression with this change because I play primarily on Fippy (maybe I need to go back to VoA as someone said earlier), but as a developer, I believe in the process. I don't agree with leaving it in production, but I am not the project manager. There may be a reason (something tied to the changes or unintended consequences of removing the code) that prevents them from removing it. I wish I had some further insight as to the problem (hell, maybe they could use us as a sounding board), but from what we have been told, I think just reverting the code is not the solution/direction they want to go for the health of the game. I am hopeful they will give more detail once they decide on the direction.
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  5. wingz-83 Augur

    Yea it's not like the developers have access to a beta server or a test server to try these out on first before moving it to production & see how it works there.
    I'm sure that would be ridiculous.

    Although looking the situation over again based on dev comments. It seems like this is what they were intending all along and basically fine with it.

    See Prathun's post here:
  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    This is such a sensible and even-tempered response I almost feel like I've overreacted. But then I remembered I am a customer and not a developer. This change impacts how I use the product. Do you think for one moment that people would be understanding if Netflix load times went up because they suddenly started requiring the entire video file be downloaded before you can start watching? That change is as asinine and pointless as the change to HA scaling. It's something the company wanted to do, but ultimately hurts their customer satisfaction.

    This was an untested change, clearly. This change is largely unpopular, clearly.

    It's nice that you're hopeful that they will provide more detail once they decide on a direction. The point I think most of are trying to make is that this change was unwanted, unexpected, and overdone.
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  7. Fohpo Augur

    There's a huge number of analogies that can be made, but the point remains the same. They implemented a change in their business practice, customer feedback has been resoundingly against said changes. Smart business move would have been to change (or hopefully revert) the mistake, and they've made it plainly obvious that there is no desire to make this a priority. It's been roughly two weeks and there has been very little response on the part of the development team on the topic.
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  8. Gana Augur

    I am as against this as anyone, but I am trying to invite dialogue, not incite a riot. Because we do not know the depth of the change and the repercussions of removing them (I am assuming it is a code change), our initial reaction is to remove them. I, along with you, would have preferred they pull that out and test their tweaks on the dev server. That hasn't happened, so en lieu of feedback, I am trying to hypothesize why they would leave it in. My only logical explanation is that it is a critical and integral piece of HA (and possibly more moving forward) and that the "tweak" is a mere inconvenience (data change). The discussion is probably about how much they tone it back ("It goes to ELEVEN!") and whether or not to adjust the rewards (either xp or loot rewards to scale).

    I can assure you that I would much rather sit down to a discussion of opposing opinions with someone who treated me with respect and tried to understand my point of view over the rabid drivel I have read in some of these threads. Perhaps if we made this a more civil conversation, the devs would feel more comfortable talking about the changes and the options on the table. I would definitely like this to be more of a sounding board conversation.

    I apologize if my tone is one that does not convey my disappointment in the decisions made. I am very disappointed. I am stuck (on Fippy) with no recourse to advance thru HAs or progression through Caverns of Endless Song (I hate that zone), so I am relegated to playing alts. So, don't mistake my calm demeanor for contentment.
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  9. Karthos Augur

    The devs counter argument is that the same thing was done in TBM etc. The truth is it was a dumb idea then as well. We just sucked it up and didn't complain about it much because the scaling wasn't as severe.
  10. Gana Augur

    I said as much here (although, it was Prathun, not Roxx):

    As to whether it is a dumb idea, only time will tell as we don't know if there is further reason or application behind the change other than "to scale with the player". If the sole purpose was so the content maintains the difficulty as you level, then yes, I will agree that it is not a good mechanic. But for now, I will withhold that judgement and stick with "the implementation is poor."
  11. Fohpo Augur

    It isn't the same thing though, that's the stupid part. There's tons of anecdotal evidence to suggest it is harsher now than it was back in TBM. There are way too many factors to consider before making a general statement like that, in making that statement - they are essentially blowing off player feedback.
  12. eqgamer Augur

    You know the old saying “a little communication goes a long way”? That would fit this scenario well, dbg.
  13. Kegwell Augur

    Stop buying expansions. Use Kronos to fund tlp. Don’t buy from store. You can play and boycott
  14. Mordeen Lorekeeper

    Your optimism and faith in Daybroke far far exceeds mine. I have seen them stonewall horrid decisions too many times! :(
  15. Gnomeland Augur

    It's been two weeks since the change was made. There's a limit to patience. Yes, it takes time to discuss and plan changes, but two weeks in game development is a lot of time.
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  16. Whulfgar Augur


    Conspiracy time ! !

    29 people have in this thread said "I've cancelled"

    29 people who have cancelled, won't stop posting ..

    29 people all claim to have multiple characters, (yet refuse to admit who they are for us / anyone to verify how many characters they have in reality)

    12 of them who "cancelled" = not "new member" status ..

    6 of them = "Augurs" ..

    If their claims can be believed .. this leads to a couple conclusions.

    1). Those 6 "augurs" who have claimed multiple accounts prolly own all 29 accounts.

    2). Those 6 "augurs" who have claimed multiple accounts prolly own all 29 accounts who have claimed to have cancelled, (yet refuse to stop posting) also make the claim that they represent "ALL" casual players across the game ..

    3). Those 6 augurs who own all 29 accounts who have cancelled, yet refuse to go away after cancelation of said accounts .. have never said how many of those "boxes" they own, were ever subbed to begin with ..

    Curious ..

    VERY .. curious ..
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  17. enclee Augur

    Well here you go, I decided to cancel my renewal and just stick to silver until I see what happens or get the urge to play more. You can look me up on FV Asheira, Elanil, and Llunari. I mostly do old content since I missed so much the last 6 years, while being active duty. I always come back to the game, it’s just becoming longer breaks and shorter subscriptions.

    Anyone that’s on FV hit me up, I need more friends.
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  18. Mordeen Lorekeeper

    Whulfgar's post doesn't apply to me, since I never said I'd cancel. I'm just dropping to silver myself. One day left on one account, less than two weeks on the other. The conspiracy theory does stretch logic to the breaking point though. lol I started playing in 2007, I just don't post unless it's something that hugely affects me.
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  19. Nennius Augur

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  20. Kaenneth Augur

    So what's gonna happen when Progression servers hit COTF?
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