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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Galien, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. Daedly Augur

    At 105 and below I got roughly 8% regular exp for 1 Gribbles mission. With LotD I got 16% per. Now, I could only do them fast enough to get 2 Gribbles HA per LotD, but that is 32% of a level. Which lets face it, that is a lot for the time invested. It made it much easier to catch up though, and that I liked. I would be lying if I didn't admit the exp seemed a bit excessive though.
  2. Gadreel New Member

    There is that possibility or it will just make them look else where for entertainment
  3. 22wplkj Lorekeeper

    Maybe, but it will not encourage anyone to explore other, more difficult HA's. RoS level difficulty follows wherever you go now.

    I can't chose to go to RoS and experience the exciting, difficult, raid gear level content when I think I am ready. No, RoS is coming to me in older expansions whether I like it or not.
  4. fortuneteller Augur

    If thats how they like to do play the game, thats their way, but b4 you shout out your disdain of them, you should remember that they also tribute to you, by paying for the game, so you can still play the game, the way YOU like

    I am afraid that, if the present change to HA's remain as they are, they can very likely result in that 8 months time, 1 of the 2 following Things might happen:
    1) There is will new expansion, number of zones 4, with 8 Collection sets in each zone, 2 missions, 6 raids.
    2) Due to declined number of subscribers, we have had to cancel the expansion this year, next expansion will come at july 2019.

    Oh, boy another wolf coming ...

    Personally if I were boss of DBG, I would not be afraid of closing EQ Down, if I do not make money on a game. Atm, I am afraid the ONLY reason that EQ is still in business is because it is the oldest MMO.
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  5. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Well, in my experience it is - based on difficulty of mobs.
    I also can not share your experience - i never had more than one AA gotten from RoS kills, or 2 with lesson - in RoS T2 zones, with a group of at least 3.
    The same group, in EoK, got (off big-HP mobs like scorched giants) over 2AAs per kill (hitting the 5AA per kill cap with just lesson OR capped vitality) before release, and about 40% to half of that after RoS release.
    Only the group could kill 2-3 of those high-HP-type mobs in the time it took to kill an ordinary base-pop-mob in OT, and without the added risk from the beefed-up DoTs and AEs.
    So yes: risk vs. reward, EoK (before release) was MUCH better XP and RoS is not bad, it's abysmal XP.

    We needed about 20-30s to kill such a high-HP mob, plus some time wasted for pulling (not in a giant fort for example), that gave us something above 50AAs per lesson (again, a group of 3 or 4 and not pressing things too hard, more like a relaxing lesson-use and playing it safe with longer pull-ways and not dealing with multiples unless we had to).
    In FM, pulling sarnaks in one of the forts, we had significantly increased kill-speed ofc, but also only about 70% AAXP per kill - the result over time was about the same, only we were far more busy pulling and killing, often multiples during that time.

    These days, i can call myself happy when i get that much in a whole evening of more or less constantly pulling RoS T2 mobs, since each and every kill only gives around 50 to 70% AAXP.
    (this includes high-HP mobs like the monstrous scorpion roaming around the canyon)
    And these mobs are considerably harder/more risk at 110 than giants ever were for 105, in the same (raid-level) gear.
    Yes, i call that "bad XP" - in comparison.

    With help or a good box-setup (and the same raid-level EoK Gear mentioned above), you could easily do 4HAs in one lesson, giving you 150 to 200AAs - depending on the boni available at the time.
    So if you can get 100AAs solo (as it sounds) per lesson then the distance isn't as great.
    I can't though, as a WAR, solo in RoS at all.
    (well, perhaps i can some mobs, but it's not viable so i don't even try)
    So i am giving you the above as my experience and reason why i claim RoS to be "bad XP".
  6. Aurastrider Augur

    It is for this very reason why things like Gribble are health for the game to retain the casual players. Some people might only have enough time to run a couple gribbles and then go afk and come back later to run a couple more. Using gribble as an example it has been a reliable place for people to form PUGs without spending tons of time LFG most days. Take that away and you start to lose the people that don't have more time to devote to this game than what a gribble run can provide. To some this might be boring but to those individuals that period of time might be their only sense of entertainment or enjoyment all day which is what keeps them as a paying customer and a contributor to the game. I agree it does not sound exciting to me but its not my place to judge what another person finds entertaining in this game. I would rather have something for that niche of players to do than not have that group of players around. The population of this game is aging and a lot of people have less time to commit. Some people are just happy with keeping that nearly two decade old toon they have had current in levels and AA's when they have time to do so with the hope that some day they might have more free time to devote and actually be productive in game again outside of these missions.
  7. Karthanon Augur

    I haven't played since the beginning of December of last year, but was going to come back with my limited playtime of a few hours and maybe do some more of the hated gribbles for AA, since I'm well behind (box 3 105's, 1 103 character, T5 tank merc and pet tank, T5 merc healer). I'll still try it tonight, but if it's as hoopy as people here are posting, well, I'll be due another hiatus from EQ.

    I'm attached to my toons, and haven't been 'current content' capable for a long, LONG time. I don't have the playtime to do so, tbh, and have had fun just doing HA's and going back for old content for giggles). I don't think I'll ever be current content ready either, but just love playing the game for what it is for me. I'm not suggesting the Devs should stop making raid content or only think of the filthy casuals either as I suspect that the raid game is where EQ makes most of its money due to Krono sales.

    Combine this with TLP poison (yes, I'm complaining about VT locked doors again, :p), and I end up loading EQ for nostalgia's sake, run around for 10 minutes, read some chat, and then log out. I don't want to burden other people with my limited playtime (thus the boxing) either.

    I just find it a little discouraging. With 19 years under it's belt, I'd hope EQ could cater to both raider/group interests just fine, as there's certainly more than enough content to dig through.
  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    There is this lovely old zone I've rediscovered.....its called Real Life. It has beer, wine and lots of different food....
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  9. Strumph Augur

    20 pages on this thread alone... Just roll the retune back NOW and just nerf the exp for higher or wait... just leave it ALONE!
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  10. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    But everything that zone offers comes with a price - a price i cannot pay in pp or even krono!
    And there are not enough bearded women in THAT zone for THIS dwarf!
  11. Sam Hyde Elder

    For the people saying you are about to try WoW out because of this- be warned:
    WoW is extremely toxic and unfriendly. It is nothing at all like EQ. The elitism and immaturity will be like nothing you have ever seen. If you give off the slightest scent of being new, you won't be allowed to take part in anything. Groups will leave immediately if they can clearly see you don't know how to play as a tank or healer; they expect you to know every fight and never stop moving for a moment. No one is going to say a word to you or ask if you need help. Pickup raids will literally require you to have better gear than what can drop, as well as all achievements from said raid, before inviting you. General chat is unreadable due to spam. If your team loses at PvP, the other team will laugh and say You Lose! If you win, the other team will still taunt you and say you lost. In the same way, if you beat a peer of your same class at a duel, or at a dps race, you'll likely be told your rotation or "spec" is bad/wrong. You'll be told that using your class-specific abilities is "cheating".

    I am not some anti-WoW agent trying to shill another game though, try it if you want to see how bad it is. I'll never go back.

    Now, Undo the HA changes you mother-falconing sons of birds!
  12. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Where do you get the idea that I have disdain for anyone that does what I said? I was just tossing it out there that it could be a good thing to get people out of the guild hall and exploring more than just DHHAs.
  13. Sissruukk Rogue One

  14. 22wplkj Lorekeeper

    I can second this. Many players in WoW are highly toxic. On your first dungeon finder mission expect someone to post a damage report in group chat and demand you be booted out.

    The raid finder in WoW worked like this for me: When I first stared raiding I was at the bottom of the damage report. People said OMG kick that noob out. Luckily others said Shaddup and I was allowed to stay. As I raided more and got better gear I climbed to the middle of the damage report and became one of the ones saying Shaddup.
  15. Kolani Augur

    I bet Absor retuned the HAs. :(
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  16. Sissruukk Rogue One

    I played on Moonguard. All I have to say is...P0rnshire
  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I doubt it, Absor at least has the balls to admit when he has done something wrong. Takes a big man to admit when he is wrong.
  18. Urnihixul New Member

    I suppose "current content" was poor wording. Let me rephrase:

    If the way they are going to do the old HAs is through scaling up to max player level, thereby making the "trash" HA mobs white/yellow con (and giving white/yellow con exp.. although in this case it is deferred to end of mission), then I would not expect to be able to take on 3 at a time regularly.

    I also want to reiterate that I do think, at the end of the day, even the HA that I did was overpowered. It's just that I didn't think it was the trash that was a problem, but the boss-like mobs. In the end, I didn't finish my task, and even though I got what I wanted (a named spawn, albeit the wrong one), that is not going to be satisfactory for the vast majority of players, because... well, we'd honestly like the experience chunk at the end.

    Finally, my only other data point, that I did not include in my original post, because it was already too long, was another guild member saying that she and other guildies couldn't finish Excavating an Answer (I believe) after several wipes, which surprised me [at the time, as I was only starting my HA], because she's certainly a better (raid) tank than my merc, and she had other live bodies with her. Having read some stuff here (and witnessing the smacking I got at the end of mine), I am not so surprised.
  19. xeveq New Member

    Many HAs have multiple (consecutive in several cases) packs of 3+; you can't even pre-emptively cc or otherwise lull some of them because they become hostile only after taking a certain action - npc dialogue, etc. There's even an Bixie HA that spawns 20 relatively weak moles. Is there an RoS version of a weak mob? I don't even want to find out. Pre-patch the swarm of weak moles still managed to roflstomp mercs a few times...

    If I can't expect a non-boxed player tank to not implode with 3+ HA mobs, then I can't expect to possibly complete that HA.
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  20. Gnomeland Augur

    It's obvious why they're too hard, since RoS is designed for level 110 players with a full set of EoK equipment, so when a heroic adventure scales to RoS difficulty, it becomes impossible for the average casual player who's yet to finish EoK progression. Not to mention all the individual mechanics that were only tested with respect to past expansions power level, and which ignores all the balance and power level changes since then.

    But what people should understand is that even were they to bring the difficulty down, it would not solve the problem, because it would still make it impossible for players to catch up as they usually do - out level the content. This is a long tradition of this game, which keeps the balance between casual players and dedicated players, and heroic adventures being required for progression destroy that effect. There is now no way for people to catch up because whenever they enter a heroic adventure, the instance automatically scales to their level, making any power gains they made through being higher level, irrelevant. Thus content that required a group of 6 back when it first came out, will always require a group of 6, making it impossible for anyone to power through the content later, thus preventing them from catching up, and defeating the purpose of getting higher level in the first place.
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