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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Hawrlee Quinn, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    That is certainly one, but is it the only one? i am not so sure.
    I would guess there are ways to "help" (it's a group mission after all) and avoid even that.
    What, for example, about a "core group" (say, a boxed team) were selling loot and takes a TL just prior of the kill, with dots running?
    Of course, a fabricated scenario (but i guess not an impossible one, especially by a "pro cheater" ), and not implying that "everyone" who has no kill message for the 1st step were doing something like that.
    But is it possible? And if yes, would that box group "deserve" a suspension (or even a ban) too, despite failing your ONE criterion?
    Is that one criterion then enough to determine who's "earned" a suspension/ban or isn't it rather just one of more, even if perhaps the most telling one?

    All i am saying is that i have to trust them with their conditions to be narrow enough.
    And i am also sure that nothing is truly 100% failsafe, no matter how hard one tries.
    Which would certainly make a case for a few in the case of a perma-ban - but on a 7day suspension...
    It's not worth it much imo.

    See, i have done the mission too before it got removed and received no suspension.
    So i/my group must've done something different (i.e. more "as intended" ) as others that claim to be innocent but were suspended.
    What that might have been i cannot explain of course.
    But something must be different for one player to find himself suspended while i am not.

    I would - in german - consider a 7day suspension in this case to be "ein Schuss vor den Bug".
    And to perhaps reconsider one's way of doing some things or the company one keeps in the future (mitgefangen, mitgehangen).
    As a customer i too would at least expect an explantion of HOW they think i should have cheated to receive a suspension.
    As someone who's working in a similar field though, i am can understand that they do not want to give out details.
    That is a problem for us and sadly in accordance with their TOS.
    If i were affected by a suspension/ban AND rich+bored enough, i might consider sending a lawyer in to make them release their "proof" so i could properly defend against the charge as we deserve it - not just as customers, but as citizens of civilized countries.
    In reality though, i would probably leave it at the thought, because whatever i do, the case would be a thing of he past long before any action i could take would yield any result.
  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Hey, bratty!
    I think you chose your name well in a true Freudian way!
  3. Asmadesu New Member

    Without going as far as comparing this to , punishing folks for things they haven't done and not listening at all to pleas isn't exactly how anyone should act to keep customers.

    I've been banned for 7 days for no reason, so I opened a ticket and sent all logs I have of that mission. At one point I was dead while someone else in group opened chest and didn't get lockout, but didn't even notice and wouldn't have done mission again if I had. Was that what triggered their check? I don't know.
    Then after 20 hours one of the support guys answers that I would have been banned for exploiting "Here of Over There?" -- if you don't know, that's the first quest in the earring line. When I first got it the recipes weren't in game yet, so I *gasp* left the task before I was done and immediately got it again, because I was in a position unable to complete it. There's no chest or anything to exploit, I didn't get any reward the first time. I didn't petition to get them to teach me the recipe, instead I spent my own time to do the task again, and that's how they thank me?
    Well, I told them that 60 hours ago and still haven't gotten an answer.

    I don't care about folks who really exploited the mission, but there's obviously been more than one false positive in there and they'd better admit it.
    Making mistakes is fine (and being from AB we have been very tolerant about that regarding lag and server troubles), but at this point even if they don't reply before the 7 days are up I won't log back in unless they admit to being wrong and apologize.
    I'm not even asking for a compentation, it's a matter of principle.
  4. Pfaffe Journeyman

    To Igniz

    You either missing or deliberately twisting my point.

    This is about oppression and it's always the same pattern.

    1. disguise opinions that don't suite you (in case of Daybreak editing or deleting posts that they don't like)
    2. arbitrariness (in case of Daybreak suspending people for no reason)
    3. carelessnes (in case of Daybreak giving no answers to paragraph 2)
    4. harsh punishment if you are asking too loud (banning people = Nubo for example)

    And people like you that support that kind of behaviour always make any kind of bullism work.
  5. Igniz Augur

    1) It's called forum moderation - as the forum operator, it's DBGs duty to remove unsuitable content, like insults, hatespeech and so on, resulting in suspensions in the forums as well
    2) The reason was "Our system detected you were cheating", it's as simple as this
    3) DBG announces in their TOS and on their ban-removal help-page that they won't discuss the exact details of the infraction made.
    4) No bans are given out carelessly by DBG, as far as I am informed, Nubo wasn't banned for "asking too loudly" but for getting insulting (see paragraph 1)

    I am not "deliberately twisting" your point, it's just your point isn't valid. You should, on occassion, take the time to actually READ the rules you accept every time you click on "Play".
  6. turlo Journeyman

    I realized this at work tonight. That is another discrepancy with the data the GM is referencing. I double checked the log files where the conversation took place, and I did not make a typo there.
  7. Aaragonnnnn New Member


    in my oppinion DBG just banned people too fast. I had always lockout on my 2 chars i did fell foilage with and i always got the 125 credits. I did 10+ missions in a couple of days and recieved a 7 day bann.

    For what exactly? I do not know and most likely will not be told.

    Playing like i always do since years and get a ban is strange...

    Or did i play all te years in a way that is not allowed?

    No answer to my petition yet. Well 3rd day out of 7 non wanted break...
  8. Derd Augur

    10 plus missions would entail over 60 hours of lockouts not including the 3 minutes or so it takes even a slow group to do the task. So your couple days has to be wrong or at least a few times your group dropped the task before looting.
  9. Derd Augur

    I'm going to guess 100 percent of the ones caught also had done this in the past. I had no idea you could cheat the game this way, so naturally had no possibility of getting suspended. I'm going to assume ton's of droga cheaters just got the ban also, since they just moved onto cheating in the new expansion.
  10. Asmadesu New Member

    I have not ever exploited this as far as I'm aware, I had never realized this was possible, and even if I had would most certainly not have used it.

    Reading another post on this forum I realize I also have kicked task shortly after grabbing it to get another player to join because this locks on request -- I didn't even zone in the first time.
    Coupled with the "no-lockout-on-being-death-while-chest-is-opened" bug that makes it two times I "cheated" so hurray I'm a repeat offender just for that mission, for two things I still don't consider cheating?
    If you include Here or Over There? that the support guy told me I exploited, which I left after the no-recipe-in-game-at-ros-launch bug, you could even say I cheated three times! I'm sure I deserved more than seven days for that!

    . . . I'm sorry, but, at this point, all I can say is: meh.
  11. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    This at least, by itself, is no reason for a/the suspension.
    Dropping tasks that lock on request is usus.
    And, for example, done by me/my groups too several times who hasn't/haven't been suspended.
  12. gubman New Member

    Getting banned for exploiting *here of over there* wich has no chest, a lore reward and above all was bugged for first few day and not finishable is a good joke in itself (i admit i am still chuckling :D).

    Sadly it shows the code they used to ban peeps was quite screwy and that guys answering petitions have 0 clue of what they talking about at all. Daring to give such pathetic excuse for a 7 day ban...seriously just admit you got it wrong for at least (tm) few people and find a way to solve it asap its ridiculous and certainly dont improve your compagny reputation.

    I am all for banning cheaters (hell 7 days is way to short in my eyes, make them back to lvl 1 and no AAs and maybe peeps will stop testing the limits all the time) but throwing fists and screwing up decent players because you had to rush decisions after whoever had a tantrum is really not a good way to handle things (anywhere anytime).

    I really hope whoever is behind all this has at least the decency to apologize to the few false positive players who got screwed badly. Show some dignity and surprise us for once, would be a change from the usual *lets stay silent and hope they forget about it* treatment we get all the time.
  13. Wolfz New Member

    Untill people are serious about not returning to game cause we all know this suspension is they will keep doing like this allow stuff for years then suspend people and notice it was mostly raiding guilds if not just only raiding guilds cause clearly Daybroke dosnt have t2 ready yet so they decided suspending all those people and finally calling something that has been ok for years now an EXPLOIT.... if all of us that got suspended never returned to EQ they would realize all the money they just lost and how stupid they are
  14. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    A misconception i think, simply because you probably have "your eye on them" more or their visibility - especially on the boards - is higher.

    That's an awful string of "logic" there, and based on false assumptions to boot!
    While some bottleneck quest being "broken" supposedly because the rest was not ready isn't unheard of, i do not see any (group-based) quest or zone that were inaccessible or broken.
    Taking something offline that is being exploited - one cannot blame them for doing that.

    Let me guess:
    You, new member, were suspended too?