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  1. Zhutuak Augur

    Please police this zone, you should not need any player evidence to experience the non geared mages who roll anon and use third party software to pet swarm slayspells, destroyers and of course named right as they are rendering.

    They make it near impossible for any solo char to gain a black alloy medallion on their own, I personally have had three battlewizards stolen from me. This guy is there at all hours of the day, it will not be hard to figure out who, just get in there and do some damn policing already...
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  2. crag79 Augur

    You mean someone is sitting on a spawn and killing the mob as it pops? Kinda like they have the spawn timer down to the second? OMFG that has never happened before. Maybe you should do the same thing instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Mages can only do so much. And the BAM isn't the end all, be all piece of gear you are making it out to be.
  3. Zhutuak Augur

    No I mean they are specifically NOT at all the spawn points, NO los and their pets swarm the pop before it renders. Obviously there is some funny business going on, thanks for the bump.
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  4. crag79 Augur

    I give up. It's the same three conversations every TLP server from people. The problem is that people are buying the damn drops from the mages and that is why they keep at it. Don't be made at the person that knows what they are doing, be mad at the person that doesn't know what they are doing.
  5. Zhutuak Augur

    I am confused I guess, are they allowed the third party software that automates the play? I know that Phinny was not supposed to allow that, perhaps this tru box server it is perfectly ok and I missed it? I am unaware of how one might target specific npcs, send multiple pets to attack the same target at the exact same times without using special software.
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  6. Gidono

    There is no line of sight in that zone. You can /target npc_name and /pet attack and not even move. They most likely have a macro that repeats every few seconds from a programmable keyboard that cycles through targets in the zone.
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  7. Zhutuak Augur

    That is fine, it is like that everywhere provided you are in range. The problem I am seeing is this is happening instantly, battlewizard unak specifically does not even have time to buff before four or so mage water pets are tearing it down. I have engaged the wizard myself before he buffs and been swarmed by the pets.

    Meaning, how could this person know that the wizard has even spawned much less have four pets from four different mages that are camping four different spawn points there to kill the npc at the same time? How do you explain this if one person is controlling four or so accounts on four different computers?
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  8. Gidono

    I edited my post to include in how they are most likely able to pull it off. There is most likely some geometry issues in that zone where the game engine doesn't recognize the walls of that zone as actual walls that block line of sight since it is a pre kunark zone. The range of /target was increased recently as well so that doesn't help.
  9. frankie78227 Augur

    Crap like this is why my accounts are all silver now. For the life of me, I don't understand why people who don't cheat continue to pay to play on TLPs. If they ever come up with a policed TLP, of any form, I would gladly pay to play but the way things stand now I just don't see the point.
  10. Zhutuak Augur

    So, automation then. Not traditional programs that we are all aware of (I do not know which programs do what, just some of their names) but one that automates the keyboard functions. Would this not be a violation too?

    I have not personally experienced geometry issues in runnyeye, these pets I have seen use the doors. How they seem to end up at the same place at the same time is a bit of a mystery that might be as simple as the specific spot I have been trying to camp is equidistant from where the mages are parked or could have been engaged just prior so they would be coming from the same place.
  11. Zhutuak Augur

    Well, even with one account you can get others to pay for your account via kronos but I totally get where you are coming from. I would be on LJ multi boxing with the built in window mode not using any third party software if I was not now taking care of my mother. As it is now, the little time I get to play on the one account gets wasted by this non sense and is very frustrating.

    They really need to have someone checking this zone periodically, how much time would it really take? Are the mages there anon, are they parked at the known spawn points and what happens when the gm auto spawns a mob off timer? Take action as necessary.
  12. Gidono

    Macros via a programmable keyboard can be tracked if the GM is watching for it. However you have to actually get a GM first and second, have them sit there and watch the mage sending commands to the server in a set interval. This has happened on every TLP server that Daybreak has ran with mages having a monopoly in that zone. Some of these automated mages have been banned in the past so you might get lucky a GM will sit in there and watch them.
  13. Amoeba Augur

    Issue is the macros that are available in game actually allow this behavior.

    As a mage, I wholeheartedly support either removing said command from game or even limiting sending pet tonattack only line of sight.
  14. oldkracow Augur

    The problem is not the command, not the macro keyboard, not even a 3rd party program.
    The problem has always been that even if they get caught they might get banned for a few days at worst not really a big deal.
    The next problem is that it might take you 8 hours to get a Guide / GM to even respond to a ticket if they exist at all.

    Simple solution is always just DPS race the mage, mez the target, etc....
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  15. Ultrazen Augur

    You're asking the people that created the wild west, to police it. Krono has changed the game, especially when combined with the "dps race" stance from DBG.

    EQ has always been a pretty contentious game when it came to spawns, but Krono has upped the motivation for RMT'ers not diminished it.

    This problem is a direct result of DBGs policies, and one that is pretty easy to see in advance is going to happen. They also have a policy of no un-attended play, but policing that won't solve anything, as you can easily monopolize spawns via in game commands, with zero external software.

    /shrug. It's hard to believe the people that invited everyone to a gun fight, and supplied the bullets, are going to stop the shootouts.
  16. Thorondor Augur

    Want to find a TLP macroquester in Runnyeye? Charm the named that they are sending their pet to and run it up a few flights of stairs. First magician to just "know" where you are, appearing himself to dispell the charm, is your macroquester. Wouldn't be surprised to catch them using the warp command to get to you. Fraps and send to DBG for a prompt ban.
  17. Zhutuak Augur

    I am not familiar with fraps prgograms, hell it took me quite sometime to figure out where my screenshots were to report someone dispelling my charm that nothing was done about. part and parcel why my first post started with you should not need evidence from a player knowing full damn well this behavior has and is currently happening.

    I do not pay them (well use kronos) to police their game, especially when in the past nothing is ever done to my satisfaction.
  18. Zhutuak Augur

  19. Communist Puppy Augur

    You can do that in one less step and just do /pet attack npc_name, you dont actually need to target it in the firstplace.
  20. InsomniAddict Journeyman

    Yep, and /pet_attack has a much larger range then /target too. All you have to do is use the in game macros. I personally got both of my BAMs that way in a couple hours on my necro while watching a movie just hitting the macro keys every few seconds. I just sat in the middle of the zone, and when I watched my pet run off, I'd follow it.

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