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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Qyzx, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Qyzx New Member

    So a long long time ago I had the red bone skeleton merc. Bloodbone I believe
    I killed it on an alt before I realized it was a one time /claim and not an account bound type of item.
    (Horrible thing to do to people but that is another thread)

    Is there any way to go back and repurchase older expansions or things that came with these rarer mercs or are they just gone forever?
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    That character should still have the flag for that merc. So that is one way - get the character back

    Maybe you have the 3 items needed in claims? Although when LON went down if you had not set your account up to collect your cards then they would not be in claims

    You can take a chance in the marketplace by purchasing the LON packs that have 2 random prizes in them trying to get the third item.

    Of course there is always the baz. The first two items are very common in the baz. I was lucky and was able to find that third item needed but a friend talked me out of it for too cheap. And no longer plays apparently or has me blocked.

    So I lucked out again and got another one in baz but I have not claimed all three together yet. Not sure if I want the red skelly or the krono;)

    Edit sorry I guess I mean the blue skelly merc. There is no way to get the red one any more.
  3. Flatchy Augur

    I use the red skelly merc. Cats you seem to be in the know on this. How did one aquire that in the first place? I have not had mine long to be honest. Cant think it was sitting in claims for all that time without being noticed.
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    The red one was given out ages ago - around VOA or ROF. If you had a paid or silver account you would get the red skeleton. If F2P then you got a human. Iirc it was listed simply as "Mercenary Contract" but its not the same as Mercenary Contracts in game now. Very confusing. Sorry, I don't remember if it was with one of those expansions or for a special event. But more likely a log in bonus since many accounts got them, one per account.

    So its possible you claimed it long ago and dismissed the merc but then hired it back thru Hydra.

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