Rank Top 5 Classes in DPS

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Xurn, Jun 17, 2022.

  1. Windance Augur

    Monks exploding heart 'aka' five point palm touch should be like the rogues assassinate.
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  2. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I believe I read (or perhaps dreamt) that this was the original intent of FPP. It was scaled back as it would have made Monks DPS leaders.

    I would love to see this change implemented as a passive ability to bring it in line with Assassinate and Decapitate.
  3. uberkingkong Augur

    I'm surprised I'm the only one who thinks Rangers should be #1 in dps.
    Especially raids.
    Rogues are a bit overpowered in dps, I'm thinking they should be toned down to Wizards. Just good at burst but when it comes to fights over 10 minutes, 1. Ranger 2. Zerker 3. Necro 4. Monk 5. Mage

    I'm fine if they make it so wizards and rogues do insane bursts but in long fights, raid fights, they shouldn't be top 5.
    Wizards were designed to nuke the crap outta something then teleport away, rogues were the same, backstab the crap outta something then SoS away. They weren't designed to stick around a whole 10+ minute raid fight and be top 5 let alone top 3.
  4. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    Rangers were designed to be a hybrid tank/puller/cc, not dps, so they need to be down near the bottom of the list. Or... we could leave our odd personal 1999 bias out of modern raid dps consideration.
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  5. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    /nods in EQ Modernist
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  6. Iven Antonius Bayle

    1. Cleric
    2. Enchanter
    3. Paladin
    4. Druid
    5. Warrior
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  7. Bigstomp Augur

    Agreed. Clerics should be #1 in dps.
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  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I think you meant to type

    1. Shaman
    2. Cleric
    3. Warrior
    4. Bard
    5. Paladin
  9. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    It would be a huge boost for every raid guild.
  10. Nennius Curmudgeon

    But wouldn't that make clerics even less likely to want to be in a group with the rest of us?
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  11. Iven Antonius Bayle

    No, I did not.

    But maybe you meant to type:
    1. Troll
    2. Mammoth
    3. Guktan
    4. Kobold
    5. A skeleton
  12. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    You’d find out real quick which guilds have disciplined tank/priest crews.

    Imagine the poor druids trying to keep the wars and 2h paladins up on unslowed mobs while they pingpong agro, all fighting for that sweet riposte dps boost.
  13. Bigstomp Augur

    I group with clerics or cleric for groups often. It's not a cleric issue.
  14. zleski Augur

    They're fine the way they are. Some class will always be on top and someone else will be jealous and seek to change the balance.

    Focus on performance between those of the same class, not an absolute rankings without any context or texture.
  15. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Groups are dead anyway. Think about mercenary clerics.... Tank, healer, DPS with uber aggro at once. Even wizards could make use of them.
  16. Tropi Elder

    Shm already put up a good parse on most raid targets and still slow debuff and heal their groups and the raid. at least any shm that is trying is now that we have dot slots
  17. Tucoh Augur

    I don't know why you think rangers, who have an immense amount of utility, should be #1 dps. I thought you were joking and you might still be.
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  18. Highwizard Journeyman

    rouge, wizard, zerker fighting each-other for top 1-3, the original wizard description that kizant quoted is my reasoning for wizard being in top 3. Followed by pet classes like necros and mages who have great utility but do great dps. Bard/druid/chanter in the next group and hybrids last due to having utility and dps potential. With a caveat that any well played class can parse better than a higher dps poorly played class or subpar player. Tanks and healers not included in this list.
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  19. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    The "original xxxxx description" for class description is irrelevant. Unless you think paladins should be #1 dps against undead all the time again.

    Pure dps classes should be higher than dps classes that provide ADPS to other dps classes.

    Then dps classes that do ADPS should be next.

    Then shaman/druid/enchanter.

    Then probably tanks.

    Then clerics.
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  20. kizant Augur

    It's not the only thing that matters but it's perfectly relevant. And while the descriptions have changed over time, the wizard version has always been damage/dps focused. Plus it's the reason people chose the class. Nothing wrong with asking for the class to live up to official advertisements.

    In addition to the original version. The 2002 version said:
    The last/current version said:

    Paladins may have ended up with strong DPS against undead during some expansions but it's not something often implied by their class description.

    The original version had nothing:
    The 2002 version had nothing:
    Last/current version that goes back over 12 years had nothing.
    In 2003 for maybe 5 years at most? Paladins were the greatest force against undead.
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