Rangers and mercenaries?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Zsassmylia, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Zsassmylia Guest

    Just resub to good old EQ and currently waiting for the patch to complete. I decided to try a ranger because it's a class I am not familiar with and who seems to be fun.
    Since I cannot make up my mind between a drakkin or a wood elf (they both look good to me) maybe you fine players could point me to one race more then the other? I know the drakkin has a breath weapon but does any of those 2 races have a flaw? Maybe in combat animation I dunno. I prefer to choose this before the patch of over with or I know I'll pass hours tryign to make up my mind instead of playing =)
    Also, for a ranger, would I be better with a healer mercenary or a warrior one? And does this change at higher levels? It's been a while since I played and as a necro I was using the cleric merc only for buffs then suspending it hehe.
    See ya in the game! Nameless server here I come (hoping to find roleplayers).
  2. ARCHIVED-treebouncer Guest

    It looks like you roleplay, so id go wood elf, there really arent any huge racial disparities that make one better then the other (at least for rangers).
    Tank merc till 60ish, it just steamrolls everything. After that you might look at switching to a healer.
  3. ARCHIVED-Thulack Guest

    if you take up fletching as a tradeskill it will be easier to max if you choose tunare wood elf as your religon/race. Other then that Woodies just rule.... well not as good as halflings but still better then drakkin. Merc take tank til your about level 55 then get a healer merc.
  4. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Drakkin get the breath weapon, but otherwise starting stats make no difference. So just play what you like the look and feel of the best. Always use a journeyman 1 tank, all classes can use one to at least 55, most class to 65-70 for dps. After that, depending on play style and where you choose to level, switch to a healer.
  5. ARCHIVED-Geroblue Guest

    Thulack wrote:
    Getting the healer at 55 helped my solo ranger get to 56th level.
  6. ARCHIVED-Hidron Guest

    I'm kinda partial to my half-elf ranger. I tried to stay away from wood elves for 2 reasons. I hated the tree city passionately, and back in the day it seemed like everybody played wood elves. I wanted something different. I take it half elf, human & halfling are all out of the question? Of your 2 choices though, I would probably go with a wood elf, but thats mainly because I find Drakkin to be really ugly.
    If fletching was a concern, any follower of Karana would work just as well as a wood elf.
  7. ARCHIVED-Woulf Guest

    My original ranger was a Wood Elf, and my current (main) ranger is a Human. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of halfling rangers. I'm currently leveling up a baby Half-Elf ranger alt, mostly just because they are pretty rare. I'd say Human rangers are the least common, however.
  8. ARCHIVED-Hiladdar Guest

    If this is a toon you will want to play long term that you are starting today, I would recommend drakkin first, wood elf second.
    Drakkin get a breath weapon for that little extra DPS every 5 minutes. No other classes get that. Wood elves have it easy to level fletching.
  9. ARCHIVED-treebouncer Guest

    Hiladdar wrote:
    I dont even consider the breath weapon on drakkin. The only reason my drakkin used it was so i had an AE when i was Dshield plvling with my ranger.
    Otherwise i forget its there.

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