Ranger tanking across the eras

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  1. Strumph Augur

    I still tank everything! Rolled 4th toon in 2020 and went with bard for more DPS :)

    Ranger, ranger, bard, shaman... yeah it's rough, but it's knowing all the tricks of a ranger. Yeah it'd be easier if wife's ranger was a tank, but what fun would that be? o_O Though don't know how well things would go if I was only group geared.
  2. Muramx Elder

    Don't listen to the people saying, "rangers can't tank." Either they have never played one or played with trash ones. Are rangers' optimal tanks? not at all War, Sk and Pal will always be better than them. but geared well rangers like monks can tank group content easily enough for a long time just not built for raid stuff or trying to tank 5 mobs at the same time.

    I am on mischief right now and when I get into paw groups or even GoD stuff I /sigh because half the time my ranger can hold agro better and take the hits better than some of the trash tanks I have seen. I remember up through SoD, my guild on live had a couple rangers that would Off tank on raids and still put up pretty good DPS. There are just a lot of lazy and/or bad players and when people group with the rangers that just want to /autofire on everything and then they get hit a couple times and die because their gear sucks now rangers suck.

    Berserker's can kind of tank now because of gear, when OoW comes out they are done for. They are pure DPS and nothing else.
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