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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Dethbrngr, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Dethbrngr New Member

    I am used to playing a mage and setting up a mage to box using hotkeys. However, I recently delved into the world of a ranger and am currently boxing one as a ranged dps source. With that being said, my dps and setup are non existant. Other than called shot line and autofire, what would be a good set up for a couple of hotkeys to increase dps (currently I am not activating any AA)?

    If someone could post some group dps macro examples and maybe some burn ones it would be really appreciated. I would like full details......example

    /cast #, /pause ##
    /alt activate ##

    Thank you in advance for all your help with increasing my little dps bot.

    Side note...I have been hunting "The Stone Dove" for days now and keep getting the feather charm. Is there a better camp to get a different bow? I'm getting worn out camping this bird and now with double spawns turned off, it's even worse!

  2. Brohg Augur

    ranger nukes all cast in 0.5s, so all 5 lines of a social like that just cover like 10s of real casting. With the three arrow "nukes" all having different cooldown timers, too, then if they're in a button like that then those three of the /cast lines will just fail a good portion of the time. You could do just the shortest cool down arrow spell and four regular nukes, that would be a button you hit with the frequency you're familiar with from your magician, but would skip out on two of the powerful arrow spells and still not wrap in the two skill attacks.

    Social button for ranger dps… is only better than "no" button for ranger dps. There's no elegant way to get anything like real ranger play from a setup like that
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  3. moogs Augur

    Whatever you decide to do, take care to use /pause correctly on the first 4 lines of any macro you use. Pause *always* comes first.

    /pause 30, /cast 7
    /pause 25, /cast 8
    /pause 40, /doability 5
    /pause 10, /alt activate 420
    /alt activate 548
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  4. Tucoh Augur

    I have a boxed ranger, but he isn't totally integrated yet. The two pieces of advise I can give you are:
    1. I ditched using long social macros to cast spells and instead use I S Boxer to transmit key presses from my main character's EQ window to my ranger's. Then I just have a bunch of multi-casts and multi-binds that I spam. Having multiple multi-binds and a multi-cast are good because there are so many abilities you'll want to use.

    2. This thread:

    Has a lot of good information on playing a ranger, albeit as a main.
  5. wolfraptor New Member

    ive been gone for many years and trying to set my ranger back up how do u make a macro for your bow to auto fire
    and if you have any more ideals about what to do please help
    drop links
  6. Puzzling Journeyman

  7. birdsong_pawn Lorekeeper

    First, here's one bare bones hotkey to get you started. I'll use level 110 spells to illustrate this.

    Memorize the spells Foreseen Shots, Focused Arrowgale, Dissident Fusillade, and Summer's Tempest. Let's assume these are memorized in spell slots 1 through 4, respectively.

    Make a hotkey with the four lines below.

    /cast 1
    /cast 2
    /cast 3
    /cast 4

    This will cast the first of these spells that is available through cooldown. You will need to figure out a good frequency for "mashing" this hotkey.

    Secondly, you certainly want to use /autofire. You will also want to figure out a way to incorporate Jolting Wheel Kicks and Focused Gale of Blades. The more difficult task will be working in all of your damage-increasing AA abilities. As Brohg said, there's no elegant way to optimize this for a boxed ranger.

    Regarding groupable bows: At level 106, you can use a Conflagrant bow. At level 110, get the bow from the GMM mission Darkness Howls.

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