Ranger head shot has ruined the class

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Frisko, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Frisko New Member

    So now ranger head shot has become completely useless. You have nerfed it to the point of not being a useful aa by any means
    This does not stop the 5 box crews from selling aoe power levels all this does is stop us from being able to pl our own characters. One by one we keep getting nerfed to which seems like a forced position to make the company more money. So many nerfs have ruined classes this one made an entire ability useless. I won’t be playing on progression anymore I’ll just keep playing for free on live. This is by far one of the biggest jokes in years. Lowering the dmg or head shot was sufficient this is complete nonsense. Thanks for ruining my play btw I have been maintaining 4 accounts for over 20 years not a great move . Really hoping we see a fix. You want a true progression server do one where we have skills that matter and we can use our vet aa. If this headshot issue doesn’t get fixed I won’t spend another dime. 2 head shots In 20 mobs with max dex and a destroyer bow is unacceptable
  2. Fintank Augur

    TLP complaints should go to the TLP forum. Rangers are awesome on live.
  3. Kolani Augur

    Also, which TLP are you on? Depending on which, Bow of the Destroyer could be a huge mistake if there are bows with heroic dex involved. You want to stack as much hdex as possible to improve your headshot rate, even at the expense of delay.
  4. Belexes Augur

    Correction Fin...rangers are awesome everywhere!
  5. roth Augur

    Headshot is a toy. It is a trick, one that we can perform with one of our tools provided the circumstances are right.

    Main expansions I remember hearing/reading about people making “good” use of it, for leveling or for AAing, were PoP, DoD, SoD, UF, HoT, VOA, EoK. EoK is still in use today, as the Headshotting in there is pretty good. 7 out of 23 expansions that it has existed .... technically 6, because Headshotting in FM did not really become a thing until ROS was current, not EoK.

    If Headshot is all you can find for the Ranger class to do, then you need to get out and learn just what the Ranger class is capable of. Headshot is fine for getting your AA’s, and even some light leveling, but when it comes to actually doing current content, it has never been very useful.
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  6. Dracco New Member

    Headshot is Awesome...Rangers is Awesome...Everything is...erm NVM.
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  7. Belexes Augur

    Yeah, I can headshoot in OT, but it isn't that useful there moloing as it isn't that efficient use of time spent.

    If headshooting is all you use a ranger for, you are only scratching the surface of what a well played ranger can do. It is pretty boring and I only use it to level alts or farm AA for me and my alts. I would rather be in a good group where my other tools and abilities are needed.
  8. haaaalp Lorekeeper

    Love hearing TLP ez mode people and complain. Can I have your gear?
  9. Moldar Augur

    I suck at playing a Ranger. Can you guys give me a hand? K thanks
  10. Brohg Augur

    Honestly I expected a rant from the OP over how Headshot even existing has been very poor overall for the ranger class and should be wholly deleted.
  11. Frisko New Member

    I have been playing since 1998 on rallos zek and Every nerf has limited play in huge ways. I play on all the servers so server doesn’t matter. This is a larger issue with most people agreeing. Also tlp is currently the life blood of this game so denouncing it is attacking your own interest.
  12. Frisko New Member

    Sounds like you don’t actually play th game. All of the game is ez mode I come from rallos zek since 1998. My wizard is still ranked 173 out of the world. None of this changes the fact that they ruined rangers head shot. This has been happening for years. They limit character abilities to force profit margins up. Perhaps listen to the masses instead of having one limited view
  13. Frisko New Member

    Not sure you understand the statement. I have been playing since 1998 I know all of the uses of all of the classes and I don’t like nerfing on most levels of any class. Sure the head shot is less of an issue once you get hail of arrows and so on however it is a hated nerf my most of the player base which is rare. If you don’t play ranger perhaps that’s the problem.
  14. Frisko New Member

    Fortunately I have been playing since 1998 and can post issues that effect the game globally. Thanks for the useless opinion
  15. Frisko New Member

    You don’t seem to comprehend that the masses disagree. I have been playing since 1998 have continued to keep 4 accounts alive since that time. My view is one that most share. We do not like needless nerds designed to increase profits. I can guarantee I play the game more efficiently then someone who holds such an ego driven view of their personal play. Have a good one bud
  16. Frisko New Member

    You want to hype up nerfing of the game feel free to make a post talking about how you enjoy the nerfing process that has been happening for years to limit play. If not move along because you are either employees or don’t play ranger. Not a single ranger in game on live or tlp has said this was a good change. Move along shills
  17. Cicelee Augur

    I think the biggest question I have after reading this thread is...

    How long has the OP been playing Everquest? What year did this journey start?

    I cannot seem to find that answer anywhere...
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  18. roth Augur

    Now where did I comment on any nerfs?

    I simply pointed out that the Ranger class is capable of being far more than just a headshot archer bot. If you disagree with that point, if you think that “the masses” disagree with that point, then all I can say to that is take your blinders off.
  19. Tarvas Augur

    I PLed all my boxes with my ranger and have even after every "nerf." I just did a wizard and two mages recently. Whats the problem?
  20. haaaalp Lorekeeper

    Did OP mention he has played since 1998? Oh, he did, like four times. Cool story bro. Live with how it is or leave. I heard WoW is fun!

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