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  1. Tarvas Augur

    Hi. So just doing a check to if this looks right. I was in a tank group because my raider leader hates me, but there was a box shaman that at least hit her epic. I know its just raw numbers, but if anyone would like to comment I would appreciate it.

    Combined (50): Tihgren in 820s, Tarvas = 210.30M@292.90K in 718s

    Tarvas: 100% - 292895
    Shoots: 75.12% - 230298
    Direct Damage: 10.63% - 54935
    Proc: 9.95 % - 75266
    Slashes: 3.65% - 41529
    Kicks: 0.61% - 6773
    Damage Shield: 0.03% - 15378

    Combined (50): Tihgren in 820s

    Tarvas - 1408
    --- Auspice of the Hunter - 2
    --- Banestrike - 19
    --- Brell's Sacred Stone Balm - 1
    --- Composite Fusillade - 13
    --- Elemental Arrow - 13
    --- Focused Blizzard of Arrows - 49
    --- Focused Blizzard of Blades - 50
    --- Glyph of Arcane Secrets - 2
    --- Group Guardian of the Forest - 1
    --- Guardian of the Forest - 3
    --- Heavy Arrow - 12
    --- Howling Blades Strike - 25
    --- Imbued Ferocity - 2
    --- Jolting Axe Kicks - 40
    --- Marked Shots - 24
    --- Mass Group Buff - 1
    --- Natural Alignment - 2
    --- Nature's Fury - 31
    --- Outrider's Accuracy - 3
    --- Outrider's Synergy Strike - 93
    --- Poison of Kesh`yk - 7
    --- Pureshot Discipline - 1
    --- Received Ancient: Cry of Chaos - 1
    --- Received Apex of the Pathfinders - 2
    --- Received Apex of the Vicar - 2
    --- Received Aura of Cleansing - 11
    --- Received Auspice of the Hunter - 3
    --- Received Beacon of Life - 3
    --- Received Blessing of the Ancients II Caza - 251
    --- Received Blessing of Tunare - 1
    --- Received Blessing of Unity - 2
    --- Received Brell's Sacred Stone Balm - 1
    --- Received Bride's Side - 1
    --- Received Cascading Theft of Life - 6
    --- Received Celestial Regeneration - 5
    --- Received Commanding Voice - 1
    --- Received Composite Lifespring - 13
    --- Received Composite Roar - 13
    --- Received Consequential Light - 11
    --- Received Elixir of Transcendence - 1
    --- Received Gift of Mana (115) - 32
    --- Received Glowing Modulation Effect - 2
    --- Received Glyph Spray - 3
    --- Received Group Guardian of the Forest - 1
    --- Received Hunter's Fury - 1
    --- Received Imbued Ferocity - 2
    --- Received Issuance of Sincerity Effect - 98
    --- Received Knight's Synergy - 3
    --- Received Luminary's Synergy - 8
    --- Received Merciful Remedy - 1
    --- Received Natural Alignment - 2
    --- Received Outrider's Accuracy - 3
    --- Received Outrider's Synergy - 48
    --- Received Paragon Champion - 1
    --- Received Paragon of Spirit - 3
    --- Received Prophet's Gift of the Ruchu - 5
    --- Received Pureshot Discipline - 1
    --- Received Reckless Rejuvenation - 1
    --- Received Reckless Renewal - 2
    --- Received Reflected Resentment - 1
    --- Received Restoring Splash - 50
    --- Received Scarlet Cheetah Fang - 1
    --- Received Sheltering Thunder - 8
    --- Received Sincere Remedy - 1
    --- Received Soul Flay - 24
    --- Received Spectre of Renewal - 12
    --- Received Spire of the Pathfinders - 2
    --- Received Spiritual Remedy - 1
    --- Received Spiritual Squall - 133
    --- Received Syllable of Soothing - 10
    --- Received Templar's Synergy - 6
    --- Received Tunare's Grace - 49
    --- Received Vicious Bite of Chaos Recourse - 7
    --- Received Word of Greater Replenishment - 5
    --- Scarlet Cheetah Fang - 1
    --- Spire of the Pathfinders - 2
    --- Summer's Sleet - 156
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  3. Szilent Augur

    ya that'd be good. Bifolding one Swarm, & SCF would do a bunch in that raid event
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  4. Tarvas Augur

    They seem to be dying pretty quickly, normally before 30 seconds has passed. In those short fight situations is the Ice Burrower worth it?
  5. dubblestack Elder

    i wouldnt in that short of a time, but thats just me, mana is hard to come by these days.
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  6. Fintank Augur

    Your personal ability use seems right on point based off the volume of each. I did notice 3 things that can improve your overall performance by a chunk though.

    I would suggest using Glyph of Destruction over Glyph of Arcane Secrets. Obviously I wasn't there to see mana expenditure but based off receiving 3 Paragons and your SK seemed to be doing decent on casts providing more mana I think you could've gotten by without it. I personally have never seen much help out of Glyph of Arcane Secrets. The mana you potentially save has to equal or out-do the additional damage you're receiving from Destruction. Our class doesn't do enough spell damage to out-do the melee boost alone we receive off Destruction.

    DoT usage is an interesting take on this event in particular. Depending on how fast you guys blow up the initial spawn you should have at least 4-6 solid targets to really buff up your damage at the start of the event. Provided you're burning Scarlet on engage and have an Auspice running as well. Depending on how your raid force's MA kills mobs may factor in as well. We go from top of the ETW down, so I spam DoT from the bottom up on engage. Each mob you get a twinned Swarm on is going to be an additional 400-900k per tick per mob since you had no bard. With a bard's Aria it's even higher damage and your average goes up a TON from being very close to maxing DoT Crit due to the FE/Epic combo. Aside from the engage burn you should be Dotting any mob each time you get a Gift of Mana proc, provided Dicho is down. It has a lot more damage potential than Summer's especially if you get a mob you aren't actively killing.

    The last thing I saw was you using Focused Blizzard of Blades instead of AOE Blizzard of Blades. Again somewhat dependent on how you all do the event. If you have 2 mobs though it's automatically a boost, compounding as more are added. I assume you were using Focused because you stayed ranged the whole time. I typically have always Melee'd this event after Pureshot so the AOE Blades have always been a staple for me on it.

    Maybe helpful, maybe not but those are the things I saw. GL!
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  7. Derka Power Ranger

    Just picking stuff apart here because there are some good suggestions already.
    -Were you using a Restless Focus potion?
    -Devastating Velium VS Howling Blades will net you a slight DPS boost, probably 7k+ dmg per proc under burns.
    -I don't see Empowered Blades listed as being used.
    -What rank of Dissident do you currently have because Composite doesn't beat it til higher ranks. Dissident 5 = Composite 3 for example.
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  8. Tarvas Augur

    I am going to pick this a part later to kind of refine how it fits with what CN does, but its already led me to ask some leading questions of my RL. The one thing that I would like to explore real quick is the melee thing. I have seen it mentioned in a couple of posts already, but I would like to know under what circumstances (group make up) and weapon types that it makes sense to transition from ranged to melee. I have played around with a dummy, but it showed ranged ahead. That was a thousand TOV AAs and gear ago though. Any insight into that would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Tarvas Augur

    I am just going to do this by the numbers.

    1. Yes
    2. I'll make this switch next time and hope I don't get killed....Rashod.
    3. The melee thing: still trying to wrap my head around when this is most effective. Right now I am playing around with it in my box group. I took the "make the 2HP" as gospel for the proc. I sorta remember one post that said 2x 1hp when under empowered, but I haven't tried to incorporate it yet in my play.
    4. I missed the rush into TBL, so the newest is probably the best.

    As an aside, I had a nine month break so while I tried to keep tabs this melee thing really didn't hit home because I wasn't practicing it live. So any info on this specific piece would be most welcome. Its sorta hard for me to abandon the old be in range to do discs and proc synergy while keeping ranged going.

    This piece is interesting. Its goes back to the melee thing that I haven't figured out of course. If you care to get into specifics, I imagine the sequence going something like this:

    1. Burn main: GotF, OA, Spires, Cheetah, Pureshot.
    2. Dotting all mobs on extended.
    3. Assist MA as ranged, IF. GGotF on fade of GotF.
    4. Pureshot fades, move to melee <1HP or 2HP> Empowered.
    5. Continue <1HP or 2HP> until Pureshot is back up rolling AAs as they pop.

    Does that look about right?
  10. Fintank Augur

    Order is mostly correct, there's no reason to not hit IF at the start with the rest of your burn. GGotF depends on your group makeup, if you have a BL who hits Group Bestial it is better and doesn't functionally stack so best to check for that before following personal sequence. It seems a lot of the time BL burns mostly follow suit time wise if they're on the ball where you get Group Bestial right about the time Self Guardian fades.

    As far as 1Handers vs 2Handers on melee they're within a few thousand DPS wise. The 1handers do pull ahead very slightly during IF due to 4 procs vs 2 on the 2Hander. I've found in raid settings it's not worth it to swap between the 2 weapon sets.

    Your Melee Damage pulling ahead is dependent on how your crit rate rolls. You need to have a relatively high Heroic Dex stat to help push you through. I don't know if your magelo augs are fully up to date but that can present a problem. On top of the Heroic Dex is how you personally monitor your buff/ability crit rate. Provoked Kill Shot Proc > Auspice > Falcon Strike > Circle of Power are your mods to monitor, also befriending a Berserker to keep Cry Carnage/Havoc (TGB) on you is very helpful.

    Group makeups for melee are somewhat changing with their own annoyances. Depending on your ADPS it can change slightly. Bards are your lock in, if they're in the group you're meleeing. A shaman alone is both, if shaman epic is on you're ranging; after it's off you're melee. The same "rules" apply to Glyph of Destruction. Both effects are for crit damage, your bow is already at full crit so without other ADPS mods going you're getting more out of it than you would with melee. Rogues/Berserkers/Rangers/Monks don't make enough of a difference between Archery/Melee to be deciding factors. Beastlord ADPS alone was very close between the 2 types of combat. Enchanters/Druids both augment melee more, albeit not by a terribly large amount.

    At the end of the day it comes down to your level of personal accountability on monitoring things. You can do fantastic with just Archery. You can do a little better with Melee. Your tradeoff is merely more work. 1 is not leaps and bounds above the other, there is no "bad or good" between them. Do what you're familiar with and good at already. You can practice the things you need to do for melee while doing Archery without potentially losing your spot on the parse.
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  11. Cadira Augur

    On main burn (centered around pureshot) I figure you'd want to separate gotf and oa and stack those independently with melee since the spa 185 doesn't stack with pureshots 185 mod. I know there's minor mods that do stack with pureshot from those abilities but you'll probably net more sustained dps if you use them as their own burn so to speak.

    Edit: I think when I was parsing random stuff on ranger I determined one of the two (gotf or oa) was actually beneficial to stack cause it had a short enough cool down to almost be back up after pureshot fades. Think it was gotf but I figured you'd want to then hit oa by itself stacked on fresh epics or something after pureshot.

    Now y'all got me interested in parsing more min/max ranger stuff damnit!
  12. Derka Power Ranger

    Even though they are both SPA 185 (gotf and oa) they both do actually increase archery max hits. Just running pureshot alone you will see about a 21% nonluck crit increase for gotf and 18% for OA.

    It might have something do with pureshot doing archery and the others contribute all skills which mods every weaponskill including archery.
  13. Cadira Augur

    Think I remembered testing of pureshot and gotf together and didn't notice any change in the archery hits compared to pureshot alone. I figured there was a chance since pureshot was archery only and gotf was all but still appeared to not stack with pureshot but I can't remember my exact findings.
  14. Plumbus Lorekeeper

    Looks like Forceful Rejuvenation is missing? Extra arrow nukes during burn is pretty nice.
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  15. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    I have not seen a twinned swarm. even using bifold it only lands one time. Am I missing something? Typically i use bifold for composite fullisade. Then forced rejuvinate to get a second fullisade. If you have 3 rangers using Alliance , then its also beneficial to use forced rejuviantion after alliance to get a second roation of alliance quickly
  16. Sancus Augur

    DoT Twincasts report on a single line for twice the damage with a (Twincast) tag. Swarm twincasts with Bifold.
  17. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur