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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by CaptAmazing, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. CaptAmazing Augur

    Was reading over the new Test Patch thread and seen people mention really high burn and sustained numbers. I thought I've tried every combination and group and my numbers dont get that high.

    Knowing people like to keep their secrets and all, its a long shot. But could you uber Rangers give us the optimal line up for very high parsing burns?
  2. sojero One hit wonder

    Guess we would have to ask first what your #'s are to see where you are in relation to others. I will see if i can get some of our rangers to give me their strat and post it for you.
  3. Zarakii Augur

    serverwide.outrider : outrider

    join ranger serverwide and ask someone i dont think anyones going to give a full line up on the forums (nerf hammer scares us all)
  4. Reval Augur

    If some ranger starts posting their burn you should post a picture of smokey the bear looking derisively at them.
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  5. AB-Muvien Elder

    A part of a longer post that is a work in progress. Stuff I wrote for my fellow guild rangers and others who are interested.

    Several people have recently asked me for updates on how to keep that high sustained dps and how to max our burn dps.

    This one is mostly a small update to burn dps and a few other things.

    I’ve copied my last post and will reuse some of it and other parts will be left out.

    “First and foremost, and this hurts my heart. Drop your bow....Ok that was abit harsh, but really theres only a few places today where a bow is an acceptable form of DPS, more on that later.”

    This still goes. The bow is not a great dps tool anymore. Its ok when you have those clusters of darkblue con mobs where you can headshot but thats about it.

    Casters say “If you’re not casting you’re doing it wrong” Same goes for rangers, well that and you can add “If you’re not discing, casting, using your aa’s , meleeing or headshotting, you’re doing it wrong”

    Lets start with the burn.

    My two hotkeys OMG and BURN fire of these discs, abilities and items in the order shown below.

    OMG hotkey is the focus point of my burn. Its often used alone.

    /pause 3, /alt act 1462 :Third Spire
    /pause 3, /alt act 723 :Scouts Mastery of the Elements
    /pause 3, /alt act 872 :Outriders attack
    /pause 3, /alt act 184 :Guardian of the Forest

    The BURN hotkey I use for that little bit of extra oompf.

    /pause 3, /alt act 7019 :Glyph of the Cataclysm
    /pause 3, /alt act 2235 :Imbued ferocity
    /pause 7, /useitem 32 0 :Clickie BP
    /useitem 32 1 :Epic 2.0

    Besides these two you have the choice between Empowered Blades and Copsestalker to make the most of your burn. Depending on fight length ofcourse. 30sec of empowered blades isnt much, but often its enough.

    Besides these you will want to throw in Auspice, Elemental- Volatile and or Glacial Arrow and if you’re expecting somekind of rampage or or light AoE’s then click your blood drinkers coating aswell as reflexsive bladespurs and posibly Convergence of Spirits. These combined with guardian of the forest will usually be plenty to heal through most fluffy stuff.

    Weaponchoice for empowered blades and Bosquestalker/copsestalker is still the faster the better ...To an extend that is. Im now using CoTF raid piercer in mainhand + 510DD disease proc aug and Efretti Standard in offhand + 600DD ice proc.

    Packhunt, vicious rabits, flying circus monkeys and holy hand grenades don’t deserve a place on your hotkeybars and your time is better used dropping another summers nuke.

    Things to notice about AA and buff stacking stacking.

    Scouts Mastery of the Elements and Scouts mastery of Fire/ice are on two seperate timers and you can have either of these running about 60% of the time.

    Elements increase base fire+ice by 1200
    Fire/Ice increases Fire/ice+magic by 1050

    Elemental arrow adds 15% damage to Fire+Ice for 18sec
    Volatile and Glacial arrow adds 15% damage to fire and Ice for 18sec
    Just like Scouts Mastery of * These are on 2 seperat timers and you can keep these on most mobs. I know some rangers have them built into a mashkeys aswell.

    Just like Guardian of the Forest+Outriders Attack is a match made in heaven then Group Guardian of the Forest+Outriders acuracy stack absolutely terible. I generally use Outriders Acc. Whenever nothing else is up.

    Never ever use empwored blades+bosquestalker/copsestalker together.

    Ive replaced Spiders Bite poison with Ancient Hedgewizard brew as they dont stack and caster DPS seems to be the better choice. EDIT: I havent tested the new proc stacking yet though...Hmm. Anyone?

    Devastating Swords, Roaring Weapons and Jolting Swords dont stack either. Chose whichever fits the situation.

    Do you have a strong agro tank that can take the heat? Use Devasting Swords for more dps. Are you tanking? Use Roaring Weapons. Are you expecting a weaker agro tank then use Jolting Weapons and nuke abit more instead.

    Ive changed my spell setup to a more ...streamlined version where I can better control my manausage and my dps.

    Now my spellsetup looks like this
    1: Blusterbolt
    2: Flusterbolt
    3: Vinelash Cascade
    4: Anticipated Shots
    5: Focused arrowrain
    6: Wildfire boon
    7: Summers Cyclone
    8: Selfbuff
    9: Selfbuff
    10: Shout of the Copstalker
    11: Desperate Dousing
    12: Cloudfont

    I have my ½ key bound as a mashkey. This means under options -> Keys -> Spellcasting I got spellgem 6 and 7 bound to a single key.

    Ive made changes to my mashkey. Arrow nukes no longer have a place in my mashkey. They are only used on bluecon humanoid mobs for headshot or if Im bowing.
    Mashkey nr 2 is bound to alt+½ and triggers spellgems 4,5,6 and 7. Its used when bowing.

    I have 2 hotkeys named JOLT and HATE. These 2 keys are identical in setup except on jolting/enranging kick.

    Jolt looks like this

    /disc Jolting Cut kicks Rk. III
    /alt act 15073 :Banestrike
    /doability 2 :Regular kick
    /disc Focused Storm of Blades Rk. III
    /alt act 337 :Ferocious kick

    Hate is the same except /disc Jolting Cut kicks Rk. III is replaced by Enraging Cut kicks Rk. III

    I have these 2 hotkeys on slot 1 and 2 in a hotbar. Slot 1 is also linked to my mashkey. So depending on circumstance I move the desired hotbutton to slot 1 and it interacts as a part of my mashkey setup. Slot 1 and 2 are also linked to keys 1 and 2 so I can use whichever is needed in a pinch. Fx taking over tanking and need to generate agro instead of jolting.

    Gina or Gamtexttriggers. I personally use gina and it has become an essential part of my playstyle. Alot of things are built around gina triggers.

    • Bulwark of the Brownigs - You are shielded from all attacks!
    • Damageshield DoT - You begin casting swarm of {s}
    • Regular Dots - You begin casting {s} swarm
    • Empowered blades - You begin casting Empowered Blades
    • Guardian and Group guardian - The power of the forest surges through your muscles.
    • Inspirered by the hunt - You have slain {S} - If this one is not running then you click your epic instead.
    • Outriders Acuracy - You fill yourself with Outrider's Accuracy.
    • Outriders Attack - You are filled with precision of purpose
    • RO’s burning cloak down - The flames die down
    • Scouts Mastery of the Elements - You begin casting Scout's Mastery of the Elements
    • Scouts Mastery of Fire - You attune yourself to the element of fire.
    • Scouts Mastery of Ice - You attune yourself to the element of ice.
    • Sheltering Thunder - You protect yourself with thundering blades
    • Auspice - Your instincts are sharpened by the auspice of the hunter
    • Grasp of Sylvan Spirits(AA Root) - begin casting grasp of sylvan spirits
    • Vinelash(AoE Root) - You begin casting vinelash
    • Weaponshield - Your weapons begin to spin
    • Copsestalker - Your weapons crackle with natural energy
    • Pureshot - Your bow crackle with natural energy
    Besides these I have the mandatory ones for other classes adps like IOG, Shaman epics, Bard epics, Fierce Eye etc. Besides understanding your own discs you also need to know how bards, enchanters, shamans, beastlords, zerkers etc aid you with adps.

    Check with your bard if you’re getting the right focus etc etc. Give it abit of effort and be interested in maxing out is where you will gain ground.
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  6. RangerGuy Elder

  7. Zarakii Augur

  8. Zarakii Augur

    He done did it anyway
  9. Brohg Augur

    This sticks out to me. During Copsestalker/Empowered with the 10dly offhander going I understand, but not at all while meleeing?
  10. Reval Augur

    This isn't CaliforniaQuest! What have you done!

    You only need the /pauses on lines that have a discipline or other ability, like kicking or items. Try taking all pauses out of a hotkey that is just aa's and see how it works for you. I've never had it fail, but if I try a discipline without a /pause 3 or so on that line, the next line will usually fail me.
  11. AB-Muvien Elder

    I'll test it out. Old habit I think. Thanks :)

    The output difference between arrownukes and summers over time is so miniscule that Ive had parses swing both ways over time. The arrow can nukes land for more damage but summers is much more consistant. Besides this, only having Boon+summers makes it easier to control my mana. Generally I use Jolting swords and just nuke more with summers.
  12. Reval Augur

    Your spelling on Bulwark of the Brownies is a bit off..

    Oh no, I noticed it too late for you to be able to edit it =/.
  13. AB-Muvien Elder

    I see that. Luckyli its just the text of the trigger and not the search string :)
  14. AB-Muvien Elder

    Tested a couple times now. Seems to work. Will look forward to testing it on monday for next raid, to see how it copes in a lag situation.
  15. Tyrolias Journeyman

    At first I was like, 'your what!?' - then realized it was missing the 's' and you merely neglected the space bar lol

    Interesting write-up, thanks. If I may ask, what kind of #s have you been getting on Vitio burns? I realize things changed about 3-4 weeks ago after they lowered AC, but just curious what kind of results you typically achieve with your routine. Avg duration / dps?
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  16. Brohg Augur

    Yes missing the s. Clearly AB-Muvien meant mansausage. Please keep up.
  17. AB-Muvien Elder

    Ofcourse! We all want our manasausage to last longer, don't we?

    Parse numbers. Parse numbers and statistics ...

    We kill Vitio semi slow, generally anything between 150-300 seconds depending on our turnout for the night.If I get a descent supported melee group with a good sync and we do him in a couple minutes without too many run away emotes, I can push 160k+ If I get a caster group with just enchanter support I'll do around 120k.

    If our guild had a bit more consistant DPS/support and we could get Vitio down to under 100sec Im sure I could do 200k on him.

    Arx1 I usually sustain anything from 40-70k depending on which type of support group I had, if any.
  18. Tyrolias Journeyman

    thanks for ur response.

    about all i can surmise from years of parsing is that this game is wonky. RNG creates deltas that are sometimes mind-bogglingly wide. the first vitio raid after the ac nerf, I put up nearly 180k - since then? 150k has been my best attempt. no run away emotes and all things being relatively equal (ps: all bards are NOT created equal). i guess it also depends not just on the mere duration of the fight, but where one is in his/her routine & dmg cycle at the precise time of mob death.

    anyway, good on you muvien. ur routine is a bit different than mine, but that's a beautiful thing. for it is personal technique, effort, experimentation, nuance and other factors all pertaining to the individual at the controls that distinguishes consistent top performers from their under-achieving peers.

    ps: with the changes coming, i expect us to be pushing through 200k with ease very soon ;)
  19. AB-Muvien Elder

    Yeah I tried to hint the connection between parsing and statics because ....Well, you know :) Those numbers are a .

    I absolutely suspect pushing 200k in TDC soon too and are looking forward to the new patch. I dont think Im as ...pessimistic about it as many others seem to be :)
  20. Zarakii Augur

    Thats because rangers burns didnt get touched =P monks main burn now became there worst lol but hey its all about sustained anyway

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