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    Are there any knowledgeable Rangers that have gone through most of the expansions able to list the bis weapons per Expansion starting with GoD? I tried looking through eqitems and such, but they tend to skew their ranking based more on items for tanking since they skew items with stun procs high, but aren't great for raids since they tend to pull more aggro. Also, ratio might not be everything since certain procs might make something better or worse. Also, not sure if straight damage augs or DD/pet procs are better for weapons. Thanks for the help.
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    Raid loot is decent if you know exactly what you are looking for per Expansion. I'm not sure if ratio is the deciding factor every expansion, if a DD/Pet Proc may make an item better than just a pure ratio weapon, or if certain stats would make something better.
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    The only case, I can think of for this, is Synercana (Spelling) in Citadel of the World Slayer. Even there, it's minimal at best (maybe 30-40s shaved off the time if enough people have pet proc weapons). One could argue for procs vs the bane immune mobs in Luclin, but if you just get the bane weaps.. you'll do more dmg anyways.

    Weapon damage has always been king over the procs. There are a few fights sprinkled throughout EQ that want special weapon damage. For the most part, these can all be ignored by rangers. Keep your bow up to date and 99.999% of damage-type fights will register bow damage. For Primary/Secondary, it's all about ratios with the highest pure damage aug possible. The only "difficult" part is weighing in how the dmg bonus is for your weapons. I'm definitely no expert there. I've read discussions back an forth about same ratio/efficiency, but higher dmg/dly in primary for the damage bonus boost... and I've heard it the other way around. That's probably the more pertinent question to be asking. Aside from that. Simple ratio search on raidloot or Allah's should be adequate enough to figure out BiS. (there should rarely be an identical match per expansion).
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    Damage bonus is straight up additional damage dealt. If you have a 42 damage, 24 delay weapon with 50 damage bonus, which has a 2 damage aug inside of it, the game will roll for damage based on a 44 Weapon Damage attack, determine if there is a critical hit, etc., and then add 50 damage to the result due to the Damage Bonus.

    One time where you might want a higher Damage weapon, that has a lower Ratio, in the main hand is if you are tanking. In that specific case, you are hoping that the additional swings caused by your Riposte skill more than make up for the lower ratio of the weapon.

    Another specific exception would/could be the Honed Wurmslayer, a weapon quested out of Frontier Mountains. This weapon has a worn effect that reduces damage you take. However, this would be a Defensive choice; Rangers are built primarily for Offense.
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    See, I am a bit confused. I heard for GoD that Blade of Natural Turmoil was MH BiS while Hammer of the Timeweaver was OH BiS in GoD for Ranger. But after looking up OH weapons on raidloot there seem to be better ratio weapons for OH. Not sure why I heard that combo. However, looking at just ratios Death's Head Mace has the second best ratio after Blade of Natural Turmoil, however it procs Rune. The next highest ratio with a damage proc is Jagged Blade of Ice with a 125 DD proc. Then when asking around someone mentioned Spiked Steel Baton because they supposedly parsed it and the 750 DD proc was better DPS. So, you can see where it's a little confusing trying to determine BiS weapons for a ranger. Because just going off ratio alone Death's Head Mace would win, However slightly less ratio and with DD proc Jagged Blade of Ice would stand out. And if a big proc makes up then Spiked Steel Baton is in the running. Anyone have any pointers what to pick?
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    Procs can be resisted

    Go with Jagged Blade of Ice and Turmoil blade. Death's head is good alternatively if you tank for groups outside of raids. The differences between Deaths head and Jagged are pretty small, so it's mainly a question of how you spend your playtime outside of raids
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    Hmm, from what I am seeing on Alla's comments it looks like Rangers use Blade of Natural Turmoil in their MH and Darkglint Blade in their OH, even though its ratio is less than Death's Head Mace (due to Rune proc aggro), and Darkglint just has mana shield proc vs a DD that Jagged Blade of Ice. And since both are Ranger only weapons should be a bit easier to acquire. Not sure why I heard that Rangers start going back to Melee in GoD once they got Natural Turmoil and Timeweaver Hammer. Seems like we rock dual elf shoes for GoD.
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    Yeh dual elf shoes is a good setup
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    I thought so too, but I've been farming and parsing on Test. Ethereal Destroyer is beating out GoD raid weapons (e.g., 26/21) in my parses... Weapon Affinity and Hdex go a long way.

    Flaming Arrows AA adds a good amount of DPS to bow damage (~30DPS) that keeps it ahead of a lot of lower-tier GoD weps early on. Melee only really passes archery in GoD once you have all the toys (Tacvi weps, augs, cleave, ferocity).
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    CoV: https://www.raidloot.com/items/165962
    ToV: https://www.raidloot.com/items/164163
    Earlier... who cares :)
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    That's odd because I heard Etheral Destroyer has a negative proc modifier on it compared to other "normal" proc weapons. So, i thought that would hamper it more.
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    It does, 85 proc rate instead of base 100. Same numbers as the "combat effects" modifier, they just add up. So it's the same as a regular weapon if you had 15 lower "cfx"
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    Yea which is why I was wondering how Ethereal Destroyer was parsing out better than GoD weapons. Doesn't seem right since it's a lot lower ratio, you are hoping that it procs, and that it isn't resisted. Which should make it worse than Blade of Natural Turmoil which not only has a lot better ratio, but also has a proc. It's no 750,but with its higher ratio, and better than magic based proc it should out preform the ethereal Destroyer or Steel Baton that has same proc. That's why most people agree straight damage Aug is better than a straight proc Aug because relying on a proc is not consistent.
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    ED winning out was from parsing, not speculation. I'll post receipts when I get a chance later.
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    still waitin, where's mah numbers
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    Totally forgot. I've also recopied since then so I don't have the Txevu wep anymore... ED vs. Timespinner is still informative though? Fresh parses for you.

    Level 65 self-buffs only (no DD proc buff so all DD damage you see is ED/Banestrike), GoD-era AAs, level 65 test dummy. 13 Hdex, 15 with Timespinner. Turned off autoskill and put a shield in offhand. Both ED and Timespinner have a +2 dmg aug in them. Short parse but melee levels out quickly enough, and parse pretty dang close.

    ED: /GU Test Sixty Five in 1160s, 230k @198 (Time Lapse = 58.2 DPS)
    Timespinner: /GU Test Sixty Five in 1056s, 215k @203 (pet came out at 23.7DPS)

    The 26/21 wep I'd parsed before which ED beat was the one from Txevu... or Qvic? with Runic, so no proc deeps.
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