Rampage GDKP Raids (Aradune)

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  1. Raevael New Member

    Rampage open GDKP raids! (Aradune)

    <Rampage World Tour> is hosting open raids, for the fun of open raids, on Fridays and/or Saturdays, 7pm CET/1pm EST!

    All who are 60 are welcome to come. You can even 2box if you'd like!

    All drops will be bid through a bidbot for plat. What happens to that plat, you ask? Good question! It gets split among the raiders based on hourly logs taken! So even if you don't get any fun loot for you or your alts, you get paid!

    Come, join us! Have some fun! Make some plat! No drama, no stress, just fun downing the big bads of the night!

    Check the full rules on the Rampage GDKP Discord!


    -Nerys, The Golden Druid of Rampage

    *edit* our permanent discord link had a rule that was booting people who weren't assigned roles in X amount of time. We have now fixed that and this is a new link. Apologies if you were booted, it was accidental, and it's been fixed now. :)
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  2. Krim New Member

    Just fyi, Sat 1pm is same time I run them. You may have have better luck on Fridays
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  3. FranktheBank Augur

    I had success on Selo running an optional raid scene, called FreeKP, the same time as Krim and I would imagine Aradune is more populated than Selo was at the time. You should be fine.
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  4. THISISHEKK Journeyman

    No you didn't frank you liar
  5. Raevael New Member

    We did a full NToV clear including Vulak on Saturday, it went pretty well.
  6. Raevael New Member

    The next round of Aradune GDKP raiding by Rampage is scheduled!

    Next raid: Friday March 5th, 7pm CET (1pm EST)
    Targets: CT, Kael, Tunare
    Gathering point: AoC in Ferrott
    Raidleader: Nuggie
    GDKP Officer: Lalenya
  7. Raevael New Member

    We are still doing these, I'm just trying to not spam it up too much!

    Next Target; NToV, including Vulak
    Gathering Point: AoC in WW
    7PM CET / 1PM EST raid start
    Raid Leader: Nuggie
    GDKP Loot Officer: Lalenya.

    What do our splits look like? Our last 6 payouts for full raid attendance per player:
    18, 030pp
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  8. Rawting New Member

    What were the in house splits?

    Edit: I am not being condescending, most GDKP take a cut, I am wondering for full transparency what this is.
  9. AethDW Elder

    There isn't one.
  10. Rawting New Member

    So it is tracked in a spreadsheet to show the incoming pp paid and outgoing splits? Most GDKP groups have a discord that had a public spreadsheet that shows this data.
  11. AraduneWizard Journeyman

    They do have a discord that show what is bid and paid. It's in the first post.

    It is lower than other GDKP's on this server though per player as they don't accept Krono. Only Plat is taken for currency.
  12. Raevael New Member

    Yep. We accept plat and payout plat.

    We use a bidbot in the discord. Everyone can see the winning bid, everything is fully transparent. People can grab a calculator and add it up each raid if they wanted.

    We alternate, one raid day is NToV. The next is PoF/Kael/Tunare. Friday then Saturday.

    We are working on our plans for when PoP launches.
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  13. Raevael New Member

    It won't be long now until Luclin targets get the GDKP treatment...