Raise Research Skill Cheaply?

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  1. Xhartor Augur

    • Research is useful for some of spells in classic.
    • Also a bunch of the level 60 Luclin drop spells can be crafted with Research in era (recommend the report camps in Seru for farming the paper).
    • In DoDh+ content research is needed for crafting the type 12 raid augs that go with culture armor (Int casters only).
    • TSS+ you can research some quested spells that aren't sold in the Bazaar
  2. Karanthal Augur

    Research is quite profitable in classic, lots of people need spells so you can usually turn a profit buying hides and selling spells and skillup in the meantime. You only need around 120 skill in classic.

    The ones that generally sell quite well:
    Enc AE mez and flux
    Mage/Necro Pets
    Wiz nukes

    It dies a bit of a death after a few weeks though once everyone has leveled up and doesn't become worthwhile again for a long time.
  3. Healiez Augur

    Unless you just want to skill it up and do it yourself, you are better off just buying the spells from the people already researching. (I know this has been said, just driving the point home).

    Research is only really profitable in the first week or two of a tlp, when that person is one of a small handful that actually spent ALL their plat pushing research. If you wait much longer then that, then there are dozens if not more researchers you are competing with.

    This is actually true for any tradeskill on a TLP, the people who farm plat and skill it up first make a premium, then a week or two later the rest of the server catches up, and "most" TS items barely go for more then the cost of materials, especially when people are just trying to "break even" as they skill up.

    Like I said though, if you just want to research your own spells more power to you, and like other said, saltpeter and crystalized sulfur will get you MORE then high enough

    Edit: It is really fun when you are one of the second wave of TS'ers and start driving prices down. I have been in that group, and the hate tells from the first wave people can get amusing, as they no longer have a deathgrip on the market.
  4. Argu Lorekeeper

    I really hate the new research system. On live servers its not as much of an issue since plat flows alot more freely on there. I mean heck you can log into live and claim 15000pp bags from the loyality merchant.

    It really has no place on TLP servers though imo. It was never designed for servers starting from classic and players who start with nothing. They should have either modified the prices of the vendor items or just went back to the original method. Be really nice for the player economy if we was able to sell all of those words, pages, runes to players instead of them just being vendor trash. Also players who don't have alot of plat can just farm the materials themselves.
  5. Tyro New Member

    I like running around killing the young and weaker goblins in Sol A. They drop FS and early pelts to make cornocopia and everfount which are useful and will get you to 66. EQ traders quick trivial list for research is helpful for learning the reagents. The fine steel pays for the reagents. You can sell in lavastorm at the druid rings or gypsy camp. Dimensional hole (lv34 6 slot 100% weight reduction) and dimensional pocket (lv6 4 slot 100% weight reduction) help to keep from being encumbered. They are sold in Ak'Anon near mage guildmaster.
  6. Thaddeus New Member

    Lets just say I haven't found a really cheap way to level researching in total it took me 216000pp to get to 206 Research on Thornblade. But in the end im pretty sure I was just unlucky did 46 combines at 199 to hit 200. This is with 244 intelligence on a DE necro
  7. OldRodKS Elder

  8. Kahna Augur

    I certainly hope you did this for your own sense of accomplishment and not because you thought there was a good reason to spend that much to get to 206. Because you only need 102 in Classic to easily make everything and in Kunark you can level off making spells, which is much cheaper than leveling from making components, especially when you have guildmates funneling you hides and paying you the cost of making the spells for them. I didn't spend a fraction of that on Aradune. I maybe spent 10k.
  9. Thaddeus New Member

    Naw I did it so we can have cheap spells for everyone day 1 of Kunark, with very low chance to fail and waste people scrolls. If I recall EoT is 211 skill and with 206 there is a VERY slim chance to fail
  10. Kahna Augur

    I dunno, I honestly found it easier to farm the spells than to farm the scrolls to make the spells, especially for the higher level spells. But YMMV
  11. Machen New Member

    In Kunark, a lot of the spells are research only. You can't just farm the spells.
  12. Kahna Augur

    Uhh no they aren't. There are no research only spells in Kunark. Some are store bought, some are dropped, and some are quest turn ins, but none are research only.
  13. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Whoa that's nuts. How did you manage to spend 216k (net??) plat raising research? What skill up path were you on because that's insanely high.
  14. Baldur Augur

    You can level your research just making spells, it's not bad in classic if you can get enough hides.

    Just always do the sub-combines for inks and quills, but not the solution, it saves you a lot of money.
  15. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Some of the sub combine costs are insane.
  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    Probably guild funds and they wanted to get there ASAP so didn't go the cheapest route.
  17. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    The launch of Kunark seems to have put some more spells on the classic vendors. I looked yesterday and both of my low level pet heals and level 19 damage shield were there. There was also an air pet, but I think I already got it in OoT. Haven't checked the bank yet to confirm.

    So one more thumbs up for only having a month of classic. I have been saving hides just in case, but didn't want to spend the money to skill up Research.
  18. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I found the downside of only having a month of classic. Everybody moved on, nobody is selling the low end spells anymore. The mage 22-24 pet spells are not available on any vendor, and the 21 Earth pet is still a level 20 NPC. The pet is already dying on nearly any double pull, and every 3+ pull, so that's not gonna be workable trying to get to 25 for the next pet.

    So Research it is for me. Once I hit level 22 and put a few more points into it I will be at 20 skill, and will do Vials of Pure Water until I feel confident enough to try some spells. I have some hides saved, and am currently killing goblins in OOT anyway, which drop the hides I need for these pet spells.

    Not going to get crazy. Will just work on it whenever I need a spell and can't find it. Was dumping most of my money into Smithing anyway, for banded for my alts and friend's character. Since that's pretty much done I can funnel the plat into this instead. There's just no way i can make it to 50 without timely pet upgrades. And the Wizard is probably missing some good spells also.
  19. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Pet upgrades for mage don't really matter. All pets at each tier are the same level and every tier has one vendor purchasable pet. Spending an extra 2 to 4 hours before a pet upgrade isn't worth thousands of Plat or ten times the effort farming mats. Also plenty of people still have skill and will make spells on commission if you really need one for some reason.
  20. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    That would be fine if the vendor purchasable one was the first of the new tier. I've been using a level 20 pet since level 17, which was great at 17, not so great at 21. Now I need to keep that same pet until level 25? That's not gonna work. As I said, the pet is already dying on nearly every pull, and I don't want to go fight low blues. I could maybe go to Lake of Ill Omen and get singles, but I've done that so many times before. I want to fight classic mobs I've missed in the past, but past level 20 most options are going to be multi-pulls.

    The thing is that so far on this server, plat has been mostly useless for me outside of tradeskills. Did Tailoring for Raw Silk, and Smithing for Banded. It only makes sense to funnel my plat into something that will help me advance my characters. There is no gear out there there is going to keep me alive on a multi-pull better than a higher level pet would. There's no point in spending money on shiny things that don't do much for me.

    I should clarify that I'm not in a static or pugging. This is a Mage/Wizard duo, so 2-4 hours is 1-2 levels at best, and that's if I have a good spot and the pet doesn't die every other pull. Your advice is probably true for most, but I tend to operate outside of the norm. I mean I started on day one and I'm 21 now. Normalcy went out the window in the first two weeks.